Iranian Megalomania: Soon all Middle East oil will be cut off to the West

Iranian official: Soon all Middle East oil will be cut off to the West

They seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that we can cut off the supply lines too. Without food, aid and medicine from the West the failed Islamic states around the world would turn to dust in a matter of weeks, not months:

“Seventy percent of the world’s fossil fuel reserve is under the feet of the soldiers of the Supreme Leadership and soon oil and gas fields belonging to Muslims, which is now in the hands of America will fall into the hands of the people; that will be the time when all those overlords will have sanctions put on them.”

Some interesting pics on this weird website here

“BREAKING: Iranian Official Admits Aiding Hezbollah, Says All Middle East Oil Will Be Cut Off To the West,” from The PJ Tatler, March 7 (Read it all.)

Saudi Islamic Scholar Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif agrees with him:

“The Day Is Coming When Islam Will Rule the World Again,” from MEMRITV,

Its not that Islam ever did (rule the world) but these people are driven by delusions, pipe-dreams of a world that never was,  and a hatred of reason.

“Islamic leadership is coming whether people like it or not”

Iran’s mullah’s, women’s rights champions:

Stone away: Iran joins UN’s global body on the status of women

“Iran’s presence will be a real affront to women, but it will also show how the UN is back to business-as-usual despite the great fanfare this week surrounding the action it took on Libya.” Yep.

The mullah’s are on a power trip:

Iranian MP: West “forced to surrender to the power of Islam and the awakening of the nations”

Heidari also said that “standings for the revival of Islamic values is amongst the most noteworthy causes of the present uprisings.” Here again we see an Islamic leader saying that these uprisings that everyone in the Western mainstream media knows are secular and democratic and have no Islamic supremacist character at all are actually expressions of a resurgent political Islam. Heidari must be some kind of Islamophobe.

“MP: West Has No Option but to Surrender to People’s Demands,” from the Fars News Agency, March 7 (thanks to JW):

More good news:

Zimbabwe to Supply Iran With Uranium

Now that social justice has replaced neo-colonialism in Zimbabwe, the former Breadbasket of Africa is one of the worst basket cases on the planet, featuring racist oppression, fallow confiscated farms, starvation, and essentially worthless currency. The drawbacks of having a moonbat like Oxford-educated socialist Robert Mugabe in charge don’t end there — the whole world could be affected, as Mugabe steps up to provide Iran with uranium for its nuclear weapons program:

Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, Zimbabwe’s foreign minister, said the sanctions — which prohibit member states from providing Iran with raw materials that it could use to make a nuclear weapon — were unfair and hypocritical.

He said that Zimbabwe, which is also the subject of sanctions over human rights abuses perpetrated by President Robert Mugabe’s supporters, would benefit economically from the agreement.

A leaked intelligence report suggests Iran will be awarded with exclusive access to Zimbabwe’s uranium in return for providing the country with fuel.

Those sanctions work wonders, don’t they? No wonder moonbats prefer them to the credible threat of force.

Applied social justice in Zimbabwe. (Thanks to Moonbattery)

8 thoughts on “Iranian Megalomania: Soon all Middle East oil will be cut off to the West”

  1. @cornell

    your message is a new one on me – please write me here, me as an English novice, all there is to know about Canadian oil.

    we’re getting rid of halal in all our food by dint of a concerted effort, and so be it, we will starve out the enemy.

  2. What a wonderful opportunity for change. Our people will never change unless they are forced to make change. It can be a change for the better to seek other fuels – after all we can run cars on water. It will upset the like of Royal Dutch Shell and California Texas Oil, and hopefully cut down on the air traffic we rely on and the biggest polluters of our skies.

    Perhaps this will all help the land to cure itself in places around the world where people cannot feed themselves because oil companies have allowed leaking oil pipes to kill the land and the people cannot feed themselves.

    There are a lot of plusses attached to this in the long term – not to mention the bringing down of Islam by wrecking their lives as they are doing to us. Be brave, do it people! It will take time, and we wont need a carbon tax – this is all a con and we all know it. Stop the Oil, and our problem is solved. We can still have our cars, boats and planes. We can all have a healthier, happier life. What we need is courage and resolve. It can be done.

  3. Islam is a religion of war where the victor takes all the spoils, and forces the religion/ideology of Islam on the defeated.

    I think this is quite a sensible way of doing things, and was the general method that followed conquest. The victor has won because of his superior organisation and skill, and is thus justified in claiming that the defeated submit to a superior system, as they will profit in doing so.

    Now if only we could adopt the same attitude to life and war. I don’t think it will take more then a week for the West (or even a small part of it) to totally defeat Islamic forces, all of them in any combination.

    The trouble is that we have forgotten what war is all about, while Muslims follow the traditional attitude to war.

  4. That’s ok what you say DP111, but the vanquished in war, mainly the raped women and the starving children, look remarkably like the little baby in the above picture, with the vultures waiting , just waiting to feed on the last peices of a society. Sickening.

  5. @catherine gleeson:
    True, and it makes me want to cry, but you by supporting these people you are only prolonging the misery of their slaves.
    It used to be like that in the west, disease infested rat-holes where women, children and men were staved & beaten. Suffragettes and other fighters fought from within. The English did not liberate France in July 1789, nor the Americans help the English women get the (limited) vote in 1918. As with all true revolutions, they must come from within – the slaves must want to be free. Help from outside can only be useful if it strengthens the oppressed – not if it makes the situation worse.
    Let us change our economy to non-oil burning (we can keep up our plastics industry with slack) – let us harness the sun – and stop aiding the proliferation of the prions!

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