Double deuced

Obama’s foreign policy

Seems to be to lie to everyone

Here he is to France in January:

We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.

And to Australia today:

We have no stronger ally than Australia

Goose Watch:

– Who’d have guessed that lying to voters, imposing a useless tax on everything, and going in hock to the Greens wouldn’t be a winner for Labor? Strange…  Listen here.

Science explained:   Tax on breathing better than carbon

THE Federal Government has announced it will introduce a tax on breathing out after scientific studies found humans were emitting carbon and destroying the planet.

Prime Minister Julia Gizzard said it was hoped the tax would discourage excessive breathing out and persuade people to adopt more sustainable respiratory habits.

“At this stage we don’t intend to tax breathing in, but we may ultimately have to adopt a user-pays approach to oxygen to help save forests and anything else that produces air,” she said.

Wow, that’s great. We can still exhale for free….

Bet you didn’t know:

US Taxpayer-Funded Foreign Aid Received by 150/192 Countries in the World!

Thanks US taxpayers- but most of them still hate you anyway.

There’s more…..

Dipstick (thanks to Moonbattery)

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  1. I dont believe it.
    I googled it, found lots of supposedly different newssites, but they all had the same page.

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