Jihad in Frankfurt, 'allahu akbar'


The uncle says Arid is a pious Muslim whose grandfather was a religious leader at a mosque in the village of Zhabar, near Mitrovica, Kosovo.

“Motive unclear”

Now watch  the ‘authorities’ and learned analysts scratch their heads over this one. What actually would constitute a terrorist attack? Would the murderer have to announce that he was about to carry out a terrorist attack before he started shooting? Would he have to be carrying an al-Qaeda membership card?

Frankfurt Airport shooter shouted “Allahu akbar,” then murdered two U.S. airmen

Of course, we knew that the “Islamist slogans” that Arif Uka shouted were “Allahu akbar,” but here is direct confirmation. Note that the New York Times never identifies Uka as a Muslim, much less an Islamic jihadist, and translates his shout to “God is great,” thus further obscuring the jihadist nature of this attack. “Shooting at Germany Airport Kills 2 U.S. Airmen,” by Judy Dempsey and Elisabeth Bumiller for the New York Times, March 2:

Frankfurt Airport Jihadist  ID’d as Kosovar Muslim; U.S. Rep calls it terrorist attack

The latest on the Frankfurt Airport attack has the shooter identified as Arif Uka, a name that shows him to be a Kosovar Muslim. (Arif, عارف, means “learned” or “authority” in Arabic.) “2 US airmen killed, 2 injured in Germany shooting,” from the Associated Press, March 2 (thanks to JW):

German tabloid BILD reports:

“the offender shouted Islamist slogans during the attack on the bus.”

No doubt he shouted “Islam Is A Religion of Peace!” and “Islam Teaches Tolerance!” and “Islam Respects the People of the Book!”

WTF? Why is he in ‘custody?’ Haven’t these humanitarian loons got orders to shoot to kill?

The suspected gunman, who is in custody, is 21-year-old Kosovar who lives in Frankfurt, according to a city police spokesman. Arif Uka was arrested in a terminal building, local police said. All four casualties were American airmen based in the UK, a US air force spokeswoman said. (Source)

Frankfurt Airport attack “fits in the category of ‘armed jihadist assault’ similar to what…al-Awlaki called for”

Could the Frankfurt Airport attack have been committed by a jihadist following the call of al-Awlaki?

“Gunman Targets U.S. Soldiers At Frankfurt Airport,” from Stratfor Global Intelligence, March 2:

[…] The attack fits in the category of “armed jihadist assault” similar to what American-born Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki called for in mid-2010 in jihadist Internet chat rooms. Al-Awlaki had been tied to U.S. Maj. Nidal Hasan, who was charged with the November 2009 Fort Hood shooting.The attack in Frankfurt appears to have been a soft-target attack. Soft targets are vulnerable to attack due to the absence of adequate security or standoff distance.Areas at airports outside the security check-in points are such targets. STRATFOR has for some time predicted that militants would seek out such targets, especially considering their fixation on airplanes. The recent bombing at Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, for example, targeted the international arrivals area where families, friends and drivers awaited travelers emerging from the terminal. Such areas are difficult to secure because doing so would require essentially cordoning off the entire airport.

If reports of the attacker’s ethnicity are true, this would not be the first time ethnic Albanians have joined international jihad. A number of Albanian individuals were part of the Fort Dix plot in the United States in 2007. U.S. authorities broke up a militant cell in North Carolina that involved an individual of ethnic Albanian origin. In 2009, a U.S. citizen of Albanian descent from Brooklyn, New York, tried to go to Pakistan for militant training….

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  1. Europe wants to let in more of these koranimals. Read the comments of this German? politician.
    Meanwhile Green party co-leader Cem Özdemir told daily Rheinische Post that the EU must distribute the number of refugees fairly across member states.
    “The north can’t leave the south alone on this,” he said.


    1. Cem Özdemir is a Turkish agit prop and an infil-traitor.

      We have been keeping an eye on him ever since this blog started up, and he has proven himself on the side of the global jihad every time a jihadist farted.

      He needs to be stripped of citizenship and deported back to Turkey.

  2. A message to the muslim scum – you murdered another two innocent people yesterday – and for that you are now living on borrowed time.

  3. Allahu akbar, does NOT mean “God is great.” In Arabic, “God” = Allah and “great” = kabeer.
    Allahu means “My/Our God” and akbar means “greater.”

    Allahu akbar, therefore, means “My/Our God is greater [than yours].” When a Muslim gunman shouts this, he is being very clear about his motive: jihad, the holy struggle to defend Islam by killing infidels. So apart from confirming that this Terrorist Act was Mohammedan in nature it also exposes the reality of Islam because if THEIR god is greatest then there must be perforce other ‘lesser’ Gods. Which reveals Islams Polytheistic roots it also reveals the confrontational and supremacist nature of Islam. Needless to say the Mohammedans are very happy that the moronic moonbats and the Islamophile, antisemitic Lame Stream EneMedia continue to mistranslate it as “God is Great” as this also gives them the opportunity to say that their God allah is the same as your God which is patently and clearly insane. The Mohammedan God is an evil , self contradictory, illogical, violent,misogynistic, vengeful , antisemitic, Arab supremacist God (its all in the Koran) totally unlike the Christian and Jewish God.

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