Libya: Let Allah Sort it Out!


Let allah Sort It Out: US Should Stay Out of Libya

I despise Qaddafi as much as anyone, since he bombed Marines at a German disco and initiated the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie Scotland (an operation which was taken over by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command).  And I’ve attacked him ad nauseam on this site and elsewhere over the decades. But if you think he’s worse than the extremists who will surely replace him, you’re a moron and simply know absolutely zero about the Middle East and the Islamic world.  In every single place–including Iraq–where we’ve gotten involved and urged “democratic elections” and the toppling of dictators, it’s been a disaster.  Every single place:  Iran, Gaza, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq.  And if you like those, you’ll love a post-Qaddafi Libya.  That’s why the CAIR Action Network and HAMAS folks love it.  Why can’t we take that giant hint?      Read the rest of this entry »

Gaddafi’s  Obsession:  “-the West wants-  to take control of Libya and to steal their oil,”

Are you surprised that he sounds so much like OBL?

Gaddafi says Western powers want to control Libyan oil; fighting shuts down major oil refinery as tanks close in on rebel stronghold city Zawiyah; Pentagon says US is considering military options on Libya. (JP)

The Libyan people will take up arms against Western powers if they seek to enforce a no-fly zone in their country’s airspace, Muammar Gaddafi said in an interview with Turkish state-run television.

“If they take such a decision it will be useful for Libya, because the Libyan people will see the truth, that what they want is to take control of Libya and to steal their oil,” Gaddafi said in the interview by broadcast by TRT news channel on Wednesday.

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“Then the Libyan people will take up arms against them,” Gaddafi said. The interviewwas conducted in Arabic and aired with Turkish subtitles.

Heavy fighting has forced a shutdown of one of Libya’s biggest refineries in the flashpoint town of Zawiyah 50 km (30 miles) west of Tripoli, a refinery official said on Wednesday.

“Heavy weapons have been fired nearby and we can’t run the refinery under these conditions,” the official told Reuters.

Meanwhile, the tanks of pro-Gaddafi forces were closing in on the rebel-held main square of the  Zawiyah, a rebel fighter said.

The fighter, named Ibrahim, said forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were in control of the main road and the suburbs of Zawiyah.

Rebel forces still controlled the square and the enemy was about 1,500 metres (yards) away, he said.

Ibrahim said there were army snipers on top of most of the buildings, shooting whoever dared to leave their homes.

He said half the city was destroyed by air attacks.

“There are many dead people and they can’t even bury them. Zawiyah is deserted. There’s nobody on the streets. No animals, not even birds in the sky,” he said.

Rebels had killed a high-ranking cousin of Gaddafi in fighting earlier in the week, and “that’s why he bombed the city. They wanted to retrieve the body and they did,” Ibrahim said.

He said about 60 rebel fighters had gone to attack an army base on Tuesday about 20 kms (12 miles) from Zawiyah.

“None of them has returned and we don’t know if they’re dead or alive. We haven’t heard from them,” he said.

Also on Wednesday, the Pentagon said the US is still looking at a full range of military options on Libya, a day before NATO defense ministers gather for a meeting likely to expand on Western nations’ deliberations about a no-fly zone.

Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters that US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, who concluded a visit to Afghanistan on Wednesday, was expected to discuss Libya with counterparts from other NATO nations during the regular ministerial meeting beginning on Thursday.

“We are preparing, as we’ve made clear for days and days now, a range of military options for the president, including a no-fly zone and each of those options will also spell out the potential consequences of each course of action,” Morrell said.

4 thoughts on “Libya: Let Allah Sort it Out!”

  1. “Let allah Sort It Out: US Should Stay Out of Libya”,

    Totally agree, the West caused enough trouble in the Balkans and screwed up Kosovo.

    Let the Quranimals sort it out for themselves. Besides if the rebels get to Wackydaq they’ll make a headchopping vid of him.

  2. I think that the US should not worry about putting troops on the ground to go after Muammar Gaddafi because after his military is neutralized, the rebels will gain more confidence and be able to take him out themselves. Also, the blood of his assasination will not be on our hands even if it is a just cause. It would be much better if his own people did it. I do not believe in arming them with our weapons, but arming them with seized weapons would be ok. That includes tanks and other military vehicles recovered from Muammar Gaddafi’s military.

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