McVeigh & The Missing Link

What a price that would be: The Third Man

Author of book on OKC bombing says Muslim arrested in Massachusetts was with Tim McVeigh before the attack

“His age, his name, the picture, the mug shot, that’s him.”

And Pamela Geller has this: “Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that our government was warned that Islamic terrorists were planning attacks on American federal buildings around the time of the Oklahoma City bombing. The Clinton administration even stepped up security around such buildings.”

What will Islamic supremacist whiners like Keith Ellison do if their favorite non-Muslim terrorist, Tim McVeigh, turns out to have working in league with Islamic jihadists? Ignore it and keep lying, I would expect.

“Author links man arrested in Quincy to the subject of her book on Oklahoma City bombing,” from The Patriot Ledger, March 10 via JW:

QUINCY — The author of a book on the Oklahoma City bombing says a homeless man arrested in Quincy on Wednesday is the same man identified by several witnesses to the bombing as having been with Timothy McVeigh before the deadly attack.But an FBI spokesman, Greg Comcowich, said a man named Hussain Al-Hussaini was “thoroughly investigated” and “found to not have any role whatsoever in the attack on the Murrah Federal Building in 1995.”

Comcowich did confirm that a man named Hussain Al-Hussaini had been seen with McVeigh prior to the bombing.

Quincy Police on Thursday spoke with the author and notified the FBI of the arrest of Al-Hussaini for slashing a man’s face with a beer bottle.

Capt. John Dougan said the man arrested in Quincy on Wednesday has the same name as a man featured prominently in the 2004 book “The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing.”

Both Dougan and the author of the Oklahoma City book said the man arrested in Quincy also has a tattoo on his arm that matches the description of one on the arm of the man in the book.

“His age, his name, the picture, the mug shot, that’s him,” the author of “The Third Terrorist,” Jayna Davis, told The Patriot Ledger in a telephone interview.

Davis said she saw the Al-Hussaini she wrote about during depositions for a libel suit he brought against her.

Davis said the Al-Hussaini she wrote about is a former Iraqi solider who was seen with McVeigh in the weeks before Oklahoma City and on April 19, 1995, the day of the bombing, which killed 168 people.

McVeigh was executed for his role in the bombing. The Al-Hussaini seen with him was never charged.

The Al-Hussaini arrested by the Quincy police is 45 years old and is being held on $500 bail on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He is also being held for a probation violation….


From Jayna Davis’ website:

“The most incriminating testimony centers around former Iraqi soldier, Hussain Al-Hussaini, whom witnesses place in the company of bomber Timothy McVeigh prior to the blast, seated in the passenger seat of the Ryder truck the morning of April 19, exiting that truck at ground zero, and speeding away from the bomb site in the only getaway vehicle targeted by the FBI in an all-points-bulletin for Middle Eastern suspects. Al-Hussaini has been unable to establish his whereabouts for the critical hours of that fateful morning, and more glaringly, the Justice Department has declined to officially exonerate him of suspicion.

Deconstructing the murky past of the accused paves a trail of clues leading from the plains of Oklahoma to the sands of Iraq. Hussain Al-Hussaini, a self-professed insurrectionist, told the press that he had been imprisoned for publicly criticizing the Butcher of Baghdad. But Al-Hussaini’s woeful tale of “persecution” under the tyrannical reign of ousted Iraqi despot, Saddam Hussein, does not stand up to scrutiny.

Was the Iraqi expatriate a dissident or disciple? After copious examination of Al-Hussaini’s immigration records and his emblematic military tattoos, defense analysts have reached a disquieting determination: the man, whom witnesses named as the infamous third terrorist, was not a rank-and-file infantryman. Colonel Patrick Lang, a Middle East expert who formerly served as the chief of human intelligence for the Defense Intelligence Agency, believes Hussain Al-Hussaini would have been counted among Saddam’s elite fighting forces.

“Our conclusion would be that this guy (Al-Hussaini) had been a member of either the Special Troops Division of the Iraqi Military Intelligence or the Adnan Division of the Republican Guard,” Colonel Lang firmly asserted. The ex-military intelligence chief postulated that Al-Hussaini’s purported history as a political dissenter was “complete nonsense,” but the story, in his opinion, served as a clever means to facilitate infiltration into the United States as a false defector and Iraqi intelligence agent. “This guy is clearly not a refugee … none of that fits with his tattoo.”

“I have compared this (Jayna Davis’ investigation) to all human intelligence I have looked at, and in comparing that to classified material, this is not just one witness. This is not just two witnesses. You’re talking about twenty-three people,” stated Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst and deputy director of counterterrorism for the U.S. Department of State. In March 2002, Johnson succinctly summarized the enormity of evidence implicating the Middle East before a nationwide audience.

“You’re talking about at least ten people that put Tim McVeigh with Hussain Al-Hussaini before the Oklahoma City bombing. Two people who identify Hussain Al-Hussaini (with McVeigh) in a bar on April 15. Three people who identify Hussaini Al-Hussaini running from the federal building early in the morning of April 19 at 5:30 A.M. as he is practicing timing himself. You have two witnesses that put Tim McVeigh with Hussain Al-Hussaini in the Ryder truck. You have one witness inside the Murrah Building who sees Hussain Al-Hussaini getting out of the truck… .and he is seen driving away from the building,” Johnson declared on the Fox News Channel, “My concern is that this angle was never pursued, and to this day, the FBI has refused to exonerate this man. They have refused to go out and check out his alibis.”

Dozens of witnesses firmly implicate Hussain Al-Hussaini and a cabal of Iraqi soldiers colluding with the convicted bombers during the months, weeks, days and final moments leading up to detonation. The heart-wrenching truth behind April 19 would be forever memorialized by a small cadre of average Oklahomans – unsuspecting bystanders who unwittingly witnessed the most critical stages of an Islamic terrorist plot to murder more Americans in a single explosion, than the total number of U.S. soldiers who died on the battlefields of the Persian Gulf War.

Lan astaslem
لن استسلم‎

An FBI spokesman in Boston, Greg Comcowich, said Thursday night that a man named Hussain Al-Hussaini was “thoroughly investigated” in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing and “was found to not have any role whatsoever in the attack on the Murrah Federal Building in 1995… The investigation was closed and the FBI has no further interest in that individual,” he said.

The FBI has no interest. Chew on that.

This is the same FBI that fired John O’Neill for daring to bring up uncomfortable evidence that a fellow named Osama bin Laden planned to attack the World Trade Center with airplanes.

O’Neill then took a job as the Director of Security of the Port Authority of NY/NJ, and perished in the basement of the WTC after Moslems slammed jetliners into the two buildings.

Such courage is not welcome in the FBI, which after dropping the ball on 9/11 went on to launch an affirmative action program to bring Moslems on board as Special Agents. The stumblebum organization was able to get that job done, at least.

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  1. About time this story came out. There were murmurs about this at the time but the murmurers were shut down, some were even called racist to even suggest that it could be the work of a peaceful religion, minding their own business, and running from dictatorian regeims.

    This is still their story, and the wimpy, do gooders are still peddeling this out dated notion.

  2. These bastards hit a kindergarten. And now, ten years later the dust has still not settled on World Trade Centre. 9/11.

    They will never build a mosque on the graves of our people. If it were your family, any of us, would we allow it. No way!

  3. Come to think of it, this was about the time too, of the great Iranian Hollywood Invasion. The end of the Peacock Throne, the Death of the Shar, and Farah Diba, his much younger wife, came to America with the kids and entourage to be protected forever.

    The joke here is, the Shar and his old man, were every bit as violent and corrupt as what you see in Iran today. Same people, no values. The Peacock Throne people killed millions of their people in the 1920’s and 30’s, just like other monachs do today in the Muslim world.

    Now that Islam owns Hollywood, we never see movies made against the horrors of Islam. Or, very rarely is is mentioned on film. However, Iranian, and other Muslim film makers do wonderful work on these cruel people. Namely, “A Girl named Osama”. Great movie about female persecution in Afghanistan today. Osama is a girl, 12 years old, dressed as a boy, to get an education. She is sprung when she has her first menstruation. She was tied up, and held in mid air, and you can guess what happened. They are animals!!! And we are in their supporting them. Another, by an Iranian director, “Soyara”, wonderful story about the hanging of a young woman, because her hubbie wanted to marry someone else, and he would not have to return her dowry if he had her hung. Make that murdered.

    Can you imagine what an uproar it would cause if mainstream Hollywood made movies like this. Yet, Muslim directors can. Food for Thought.

    1. Catherine, please don’t go overboard here:

      “the Shar and his old man, were every bit as violent and corrupt as what you see in Iran today. Same people, no values. The Peacock Throne people killed millions of their people in the 1920’s and 30’s, just like other monachs do today in the Muslim world.”

      Not at all. The shah was a benevolent dictator with a distinctly western outlook. Of course he defended his regime from the headbangers in the mosques, because he knew what they were all about. But Iran was a livable and prosperous place under the Pahlevis, the minorities were protected, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians were doing very well under the shah.

      There is just no comparison….

  4. catherine I would never, ever, call muslims ‘animals’ because animals are actually higher on the evolution scale than these monsters.

  5. Thank you for that piece Sheik. As a lover of dogs I found it rather hard to read the abuse but even as a child my Mum informed me of the barbarity of Islam so nothing shocks me in regards to what they do.

  6. Ironside

    Cruelty to animals is part of the Muslim psyche. Halal slaughter is but one manifestation of this. But they are particularly cruel to dogs. For dogs in a Muslim country , it must surely be hell. It is part of the nature of a dog to be faithful to his master, to be friendly with humans is part of a dog’s very DNA. To a dog, all humans being hostile and hating him, must be very confusing.

    I remember seeing photos in Iraq of an emaciated dog creeping towards a US soldier. His fear was there because of a lifetime of cruelty from humans (Muslims), but if he had smelled a Muslim he would go nowhere near. Or of stray a dog in Iraq who had been befriended and shown kindness by soldiers, then willingly protecting the soldiers from attack.

    The ex-president of Pakistan, Musharaf, actually like dogs, and kept a couple as pets. If any man likes dogs, then he cannot be all that bad. In fact Musharaf was probably the best leader Pakistan ever had..

  7. So far Muslims living in the West have only got around to not accepting dogs in the taxis they drive, despite it being against the law.

    Where will it stop? Will Muslims start slitting the throats of dogs? Will England become the country where dogs need an armed police escort to go for a walk with their owner?

  8. Sheikh

    The Shah was far too benevolent for the likes of a Muslim country. Education in Western countries with full scholarships +_generous pocket money, plus all the perks. The shah was hoping that Iran would eventually become a modern country, and even go back to its historic roots ( it may yet happen).

    A Muslim leader though must know how to keep his subjects in check, and it is by force. Muslims respect force, the more forceful a leader the more they respect him. Syria’s Assad, Irans’ Khomeini, and Iraq’s Saddam Hussain being good examples.

  9. July 7, 2011, – 4:13 pm

    What’s the FBI Hiding? Agency Claims it “Lost” Videotape of OK City Bombing

    By Debbie Schlussel

    More famous incompetence from Famous But Incompetent a/k/a the FBI. Can you believe the FBI accidentally “lost” videotapes of the Oklahoma City bombing, one of the largest terrorist attacks on U.S. soil? I don’t believe it either. And neither does attorney Jesse Trentadue. But that’s what the feds are claiming. Funny how the FBI never loses evidence . . . unless it’s convenient (as they did in the Sami Al-Arian trial). And anytime they are Forever Buttkissing Islam, per usual.

    Trentadue has done a great deal of investigation–good, old-fashioned digging–to show that others, likely Islamic terrorists, were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, betraying the false claim of organized Muslims, who constantly cite the attack as an example of massive non-Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil. As I’ve repeatedly noted, Jayna Davis–an Oklahoma City television reporter at the time of the bombing–uncovered FBI reports, etc., confirming that a Muslim man, Hussain Al-Hussaini, who worked for Saddam Hussein was seen with bombing perpetrator Timothy McVeigh when he rented the van used in the attack. Al-Hussaini was also seen with McVeigh repeatedly surrounding the time of the explosion. That much the FBI admits, but won’t give a plausible explanation regarding the agency’s claim he had nothing to do with the attacks.

    As I’ve been noting for some time, more and more information has come out about John Doe #2 in the Oklahoma City bombing and alleged Muslim involvement in the attacks, including an FBI memo discussing it. Now Trentadue has uncovered something else. Using the Freedom of Information Act, he sought the FBI videotape of the actual bombing. And the FBI claims it “can’t find” the tapes. They are “lost.” Read the rest of this entry »

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