ME Updates: Gaddafi's got Allah on his side… calls Allies "Barbarians" after Airstrikes…

“We have Allah with us, you have the devil on your side,”   (source)

Strike hits Gaddafi compound in Tripoli

Building in military centre is destroyed as coalition forces target facilities used by Libyan leader across Tripoli. Fresh strikes rock Libyan capital

So much for “freedom & democracy”

Egypt votes for Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt approves constitutional changes

Won’t save his ass: Yemen president fires cabinet

Syria protesters torch buildings One person killed as demonstrations in the southern city of Daraa continue for a third straight day

Bahrain opposition ‘eases demands’ Anti-government coalition appears to retreat from demanding the king’s ouster as they call for the release of prisoners.

Katty Kay: Obama Doesn’t Want Media To Report Bahrain Rebellion

Despite our air attacks in Libya this weekend, most Middle East experts view the growing rebellion in Bahrain as being far more important to America.

Yet according to the BBC’s Katty Kay, who was a guest on the syndicated “Chris Matthews Show,” the Obama administration doesn’t want the press reporting what’s going on there… Read More

Egypt is cooked. Stick a fork in it:

“The main problem here is the next parliament will write the next Constitution. So then the fanatics and the Muslim Brotherhood will govern us for decades” (Democracy & freedom under sharia, anyone?)

“Thanks for all your help. Now, get out of our way. “

Egypt: “Hundreds of Islamists” hurl stones and shoes at ElBaradei as he attempts to vote in referendum


Egypt: Voters approve constitutional changes that favor Muslim Brotherhood

The last Christians try to resist, before its all over:

Egypt: Christians vote no on constitutional amendments: “these amendments serve the Brotherhood’s ideology”

“It is widely assumed that quick elections would give an advantage to the well-established Muslim Brotherhood.” I tried to tell you.