Military strikes begin against Libya

The beneficiary will be the pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist forces in Libya and elsewhere. “Military action launched against Libya,” from CBS, March 19 (thanks to Jihad Watch)

The Circle Is Complete… Obama Not Only Embraces Bush Policies But Is Copying His Speeches Too

Talk about bitter clinging…   (GWP)
Hussein Obama has not only embraced his predecessor’s policies on Gitmo, Iraq, Afghanistan, expanded military trials, Af-Pak strikes…
But, now he’s stealing lines from the former president’s speeches.

“One Day I’ll Be Just Like George W. Bush”

The moment he tells us that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ I’m going to commit seppuku……

FOX Nation reported, via GWP

The Obumbler still has friends in old familiar places:

“To My Dear Obama, Our Son” Gaddafi Says in Letter Defending Attacks

Libyan tyrant Colonel Muammar Gaddafi praised Barack Obama in February and acknowledged his Muslim descent.

It was not the first time he said that Obama was Muslim. YNet News

Latest News:

PARIS (AP) — President Nicolas Sarkozy says France has already taken action against Libya.

Sounds like the Obumbler is not only a day late, but also a few dollars short:

Obama and the missing trillions:

CBO: Obama understates deficits by $2.3 trillion

But anyhow, what’s the difference? Millions? Billions? Trillions?

Remember: this was the guy who was supposed to pay the mortgage and put gas in my car….”

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  1. What impact will this action have upon the flood of economic migrants from North Africa using the pretext of seeking political asylum to gain entry to European nations? Unfortunately, this ongoing unrest in Libya and elsewhere will serve only to worsen the problem of Muslim immigration to Europe. The latest wave of immigrants is already on its way. Thousands have arrived in Lampedusa but, ominously, a Moroccan ferry carrying between 1,500 and 1,800 Muslim migrants from Tripoli is sailing about the Mediterranean looking for a place in Europe to disgorge its human cargo. It was turned away from Malta and Lampedusa, but where will it head next? It’d be apt if they tried to land at Anzio. Video footage of the ship and commentary can be found here:

  2. Any muslim countries have free medical,education,legal aid,public housing or Centrelink??

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