Muslim chief demands Germany tackles 'Islamophobia', or else…..


Nobody does victimhood better, while Mazek  demands Germany’s submission….

Germany’s main Muslim organization announced Saturday it is to boycott planned talks with the government over its refusal to address the key concerns of Muslims, including the problem of Islamophobia, the daily Neuen Osnabruecker Zeitung reported.

The Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims Aiman Mazyek said the government-sponsored Islam Conference, scheduled to be held in Berlin on March 29, had to encompass a greater part of Germany’s Muslim civic society.

He also urged the conference to press ahead with the formation of two working groups which would dwell on aspects like granting official recognition to Islam as a religious community in Germany and serious tackling Islamophobia. (…)

(In other words: shut down any criticism of Islam with so-called hate speech laws and give Islam a status above all other religions, last step implement sharia for all…..)

Related from Islam in Europe:

German Muslim leaders have repeatedly voiced deep concern over mounting Islamophobia in their country.

Although the German government has acknowledged Islamophobia has become a serious problem, it has yet to really address the issue.

Mosques in Germany have been the target of firebombings in recent months amid growing Islamophobia in the country.

Berlin mosques have been the scene of at least seven arson attacks since June 2010, among them Iranian Islamic Culture Center.

The Sehitlik Mosque, Berlin’s biggest mosque, has been firebombed four times over the past months.

There are around 4.3 million Muslims in Germany of which 2.5 million are Turks.

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  1. Criticizing the Islam Critics Gates of Vienna

    What it is actually about never surfaces. It is about Germany. A Germany that ought also to be recognizable as German in the future. It is not just about constitutional law and gender equality, but about the identity of a nation which regards itself as ethnically and culturally worth preserving as a community. This is equally true for Islam-critical movements all over Europe…

    It is not Islam alone that makes Europe brittle, but boundless liberalism.

    This excellent editorial article by Carlo Clemens takes a hard look at the most prominent anti-jihad groups in Europe. It was originally published in a conservative German youth magazine, and later republished at Politically Incorrect. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

    A few days ago, Carlo Clemens — 2009 winner of the Young Authors Contest of Young Freedom — wrote a comprehensive article for the conservative youth magazine, (BlueNarcissus), on the discussion initiated by Patrick Bahners on Islam-critical “Panic Makers.” The content is a critique of Bahners as well as of the Islam criticism scene.

    Islamization, Criticism of Islam, and Criticism of Criticism of Islam

    by Carlo Clemens

    Given the times we live in, the features editor of he Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Patrick Bahners could have really stirred things up with a ground-breaking discussion on the subject of the future. In his influential position he has an audience. Nevertheless, his most recent polemic, “The Alarmists: the German Fear of Islam” (C. H. Beck) will lead to no new insights. The reason for this is not just the dismissal of entire ways of looking at the compound subject: Immigration, Identity and Future. Bahners does not really get to the root of the substantive “Fear of Islam.” Perhaps because the “Alarmists” themselves do not know what they stand for.

    Do “Alarmists” Nurture Baseless Fears?

    At the very beginning, Bahners establishes that critique of Islam should be distinguished from modern criticism of Islam. The latter deals with a “political movement.” It considers Islam to be a political system which threatens the West: “This criticism of Islam interprets the social problems of integrating immigrants as indicators of a political danger.” Such attitudes, he says, have long been socially acceptable. Ultimately, the Islam critics represent a threat to Western liberalism, because tolerance of Islam is challenged.

    And so, “alarmists” like Necla Kelek, Alice Schwarzer, Henryk M. Broder or Ralph Giordano feed those anxieties which are expressed in extremely negative polls. Bahners cites a poll of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, according to which 58.4% of Germans approve substantially restricting Muslims’ religious practices. In the context of a Europe-wide poll by the University of Münster, TNS Emnid (one of the largest German opinion research companies) reported last year that Germans regard Islam skeptically. 34% of West German and only 26% of East Germans regard Islam positively, Detlef Pollack, leader of the study: “If there were a terror attack in Germany, as is feared nowadays, that would be dramatic for the Muslims. The majority of the population would see its negative opinion confirmed.”

    On the Average in Germany, Islam is Unpopular

    In neighboring countries, the results were considerably more positive. For one thing, compared to the French, the Danes or the Dutch, the Germans had far less contact with Muslims. This, according to the study, led to the negative evaluation. The second reason was the long delay of an open debate. The cartoon conflict in Denmark, the riots in French banlieues, or the murder of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands created public schisms. And right-populist parties which were established in these countries brought the subject onto the agenda again and again. But the ball started rolling [in Germany] in 2010 with the Sarrazin debate.

    According to Bahners, Thilo Sarrazin (SPD), former board member of the Federal Bank and ex-finance representative from Berlin, belongs to these “alarmists.” His book, Germany Is Abolishing Itself, sold over a million copies and ignited a heated a debate about the mistakes of present-day integration and social policy. Sarrazin was allowed to answer Bahners. His review criticizes the comparisons Bahners makes between Islam criticism and the anti-Semitism of the 19th century. Sarrazin’s basic disagreement is with the differentiated evaluation of assimilation.

    Sarrazin respects it as desirable and as a goal of integration. Bahners and his supporters, to the contrary, consider it to be false and morally reprehensible. Bestseller Sarrazin: “If Turkish President Erdogan should ever need a ghostwriter, Patrick Bahners would be perfectly cast for the part.” In 2008, Erdogan gave a speech before 20,000 enthusiastic compatriots in the Cologne arena, in which he said assimilation was a “crime against humanity.”

    Assimilation as a “Crime against Humanity”

    Read more »

  2. Who cares if these muslim idiots boycott – it is simply more evidence than they are unwilling to integrate and that they want an undeserved superior position in our societies.

  3. Swedish church tackles islamophobia
    – Hiring islamologue and imam Othman Al Tawalbeh to work for “church diversity”

    – I will now divide my service between working in the church and working with the student organization Ibn Rushd. My mission among youths will be to try to give a true picture of islam which will rest on conversations about peace, openness and increased understanding between people.

  4. Its wrong to think this is islamaphobia. fact is in last 1400 yrs without any checks islam has destroyed 20 great cultures. Killed 280 millions converted 1 billions hindus ,and christians and bhudist to islam and now these converts who were peace loving souls are now killers of their own race and hate their roots. 58 countries where no one other then muslim can live out of reach by billions. Most muslims are poor breed unwanted children and live in madrasass to learn hate and killing These facts are disturbing and Its time islam should retract and change their own countries before they invade new lands of europe and america to bread islamic terror.
    Time to deport all muslim to make nation of europe and america safe .
    Muslims can’t live with others. They don’t want to change and asking us to change for them.

  5. And this Othman Al Tawalbeh knows everything about how to use taqiyya and kitman.

    Believe what he is saying ?

    NO !

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