Philippino Muslims Praise Gaddafi for 'Crucial Diplomatic and Military Support'

That the enemedia never reported it doesn’t seem to concern anyone, least of all our clueless politicians.  If it wasn’t for  Gaddafi’s support for the jihad in the Philippines thousands of lives could have been saved.

But  that only means there might have been less jihad. In the final analysis, we all know that the jihad is permanent and relentless, until the world is Islamic:

Here on WoJ we’ve been onto this from DAY ONE.

Philippino Jihad: “hearts and minds” are hard to find…

The 12,000-strong MILF praised Gaddafi for giving it crucial diplomatic and military support when it began its armed campaign to set up a separate Islamic state in the southern Philippines in the 1970s.

“He was the first Muslim leader who boldly declared that he is helping the Moros (Filipino Muslims) in their resistance against… the Manila government,” the statement said, adding he gave food, money and supplies.

“He also provided the money for the purchase of Belgian firearms and ammunition supplied (to the Muslim rebels)… in 1972.”   (Ahram Online)

More than 150,000 people have died in the conflict over the past four decades, according to the military, and sporadic clashes between Muslim rebels and government forces continue to claim lives.

The MILF and the government last month began a fresh round of peace talks.

(Is there anyone in the Philippine government who understands that there cannot be peace with Islam? The most they can achieve is a hudna, which the soldiers of Allah can declare null and void whenever they see an opportunity to advance the cause of Islam, so what’s the point?)

Gaddafi’s sons tried to get Islamic clerics to denounce uprising as un-Islamic

But they were unsuccessful. Now, one would think that if the uprisings were really entirely secular and democratic, as goes the media meme, these clerics would not be so quick to endorse them. “Gaddafi’s sons tried to get Saudi cleric help – TV,” from Reuters, February 28:


7 thoughts on “Philippino Muslims Praise Gaddafi for 'Crucial Diplomatic and Military Support'”

  1. I am intrigued by how Libya managed to get the weapons delivered to southern Philipines. I am definitely sure they didn’t ship or fly the arms to Australia for transshipment to southern Philipines. Food for thought.

  2. Nothing is easier than that. The Libyan’s have their own ships. There are hundreds of islands around Mindanao, nothing is easier than dropping off weapons. The same is happening in Thailand’s ‘restive south’.

    30, 40 years ago, they were all Thai, proud and brave. Then came the money and Islamic indoctrination from the Arabs, and the Gaddafis were supplying the arms, and the training.

    Now its 2011, more than 4000 are dead, the killing goes on, the schools are closed, the females are wearing hijab, and the Thai government already promised them autonomy under sharia.

    Its the same in the Philippines. The greatest folly is, of course, that by giving in to Islamic supremacism the ideology becomes more firmly established. The demands will never end, and the jihad continues.


  3. Gerald,
    Through Malaysia which is a focal point for islamists and their activities relating to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Phillipines.

  4. you are very liar
    I dare you to bring news of a reliable source for your words, O false
    Gaddafi uses Africans from Chad and Mali from the gangs and murderers
    You want to attribute anything lousy Muslims

    If you are the owner of a certain position of the issues of insulting people and torture them had a discussion with you has become feasible
    But to hate everything and devote the whole of your time to attack him, even if this thing for his friends and convinced him not entered by you and you are required to love him. But not have the right to hate and vilify his friends and mimics the
    Unfortunately, a discussion with you does not help and should not waste our time faithful
    But I say it to you in the end
    If you’re really religious you do not have to leave your faith and ordinances is going for insulting others

    But if you consider the ball and the contempt and insult others thought of the duties of your religion

  5. Even i’m not a Muslim, I still support Gaddafi because he had sense of real nationalism than any other leaders today. He don’t want his country to be like the atheistic USA who undermine all religions as fanatical. Gaddafi’s Libya is one of the few real nations who still preserve their culture and nationalism

    I do hope that Gaddafi defeats the NATO devils.

    Long Live Gaddafi !!!

  6. * the atheistic USA who undermine all religions as fanatical


    * Long Live Gaddafi !!!

    “Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:” (Ezekiel 38:5)

    I suspect he’s about to pass his use-by date.

  7. NATO has no right to attack Libya. It’s plain and simple , it a waste of money on USA and France & so on .

    Libyans don’t know a thing about government .

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