"Racist Taunts" DownUnder

Once again, Australia’s excremental media machine smears all Australians with being “racist”:

A massive brawl following an altercation at a Sydney high school is believed to have started after racist taunts were posted on a student’s Facebook page. (9News)

Time for a frank report on what’s going on in these schools (Bolt)

Police arrest a (Musel-)  man outside a NSW high school.

Two recent school stabbings in Sydney, and a police station beseiged by violent Lebanese parents of children at a third school. As I’ve noted before, the failure – or refusal – to report the relevant cultural backgrounds to each extraordinary incident may lead many people to underestimate the scale of a challenge we face.

The latest case involves an alleged stabbing by a younger student who school mates claim was being bullied:

Witnesses say a student at a western Sydney high school was stabbed with a pen by another Year 12 student in an apparently spontaneous attack.

Police say it’s too soon to say if bullying was behind the violent attack on the 20-year-old victim in the school grounds on Horsley Drive at Fairfield about 2.15pm (AEDT) on Friday.

His assailant is believed to be a 17-year-old student also in his final year at Fairfield High….

The incident is believed to have been the result of ongoing bullying, Macquarie Radio has reported, although police say the attack came as a shock to teachers and students.

“It’s not clear why this has occurred at all,” Det Supt Lennon said.

“Both of the students were well behaved … It is a mystery to the teachers and the other students.”

Det Supt Lennon couldn’t confirm reports the older student was a refugee although he did say he was not born in Australia.

“I understand that his educational standards weren’t the same as what we would consider normal standards,” he said.

I do not know what the truth of all this is, or its relevance. I don’t know who was the bullied or the bully. What I do know is that after a few days, we tend to move on, leaving all these things unknown and undebated.

But each of these stabbings, and the earlier acts of extreme violence in Sydney schools by ethnic gangs, all need a careful investigation, with frank reporting, by a responsible media outlet.  I very much suspect there are problems here involving immigration, assimilation and tribalism that need urgent discussion of the kind we are not getting.

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  1. Hey, Just saw your blog on MZ’s blog list. Please check me out (I have a brand-new blog up) and link to me. Thanks a lot!

  2. A little more SJS in the high school, I see.
    Every day, in every way, jihad is getting more and more widespread.

  3. It is sad that Lebanon used to be predominantly a Christian land now infested by the muses giving the country a bad name although o large number in the are held hostages to these vile bunch and giving the whole country a bad name

  4. The Secure Schools Program: “The program is designed to provide security infrastructure for schools at risk of attacks motivated by religious or racial intolerance.”

    To get an idea of the scale of the problem here is a list of some of the schools : http://www.ag.gov.au/www/agd/agd.nsf/Page/Crimeprevention_SecureSchoolsProgram

    There are other schools not listed here that had these steel fences and gates installed possibly before the Secure Schools Program was started – the school my sons attended was one of them and the fences & gates were installed because of ‘cousins’ or ‘brothers’ roaring into the school grounds on their motor bikes or cars to beat up or threaten some Anglo kid at the behest of some Muslim kid.

    These were religiously motivated attacks by Muslims who expected to be allowed to treat non-muslims however they liked – spitting on the Anglo kids from the upper landings being one of their favourite activities.

    Re: the Hoxton Park School incident – the Aussie Muslims forum has a photo with some of the Facebook messages. Hilaly’s statement that Muslims have more right to be in Australia than non-muslims came to mind when I was reading it.

  5. the ilent majority reacts with honesty and conusion. the masses are troubled with the reality which everyone dnies. they utter th shameful truths and get tarnished, ogether with all other caffe latte denzens of white flight suburbs.
    we need other tempered approaches to I Slam which can engage the publics [intended] like the Dutch.
    please discuss privately as a satirical wbsite has its strengths. What we need is a revolutionary alternative which directly touches hearts and minds of the target goups, not the converted.

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