Sarah Palin in Israel: “Why are you apologizing all the time?”

Sarah Palin Meets With Prime Minister Netanyahu

“Why are you apologizing all the time?”

Video: Sarah Palin meets Netanyahu

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With that single sentence made to her Israeli hosts, Sarah Palin demonstrated a greater understanding of the problems confronting Israel than the collective wisdom of all the J.D.’s, Ph.D’s, and Masters of International Affairs in the Obama administration combined.

The question was profound, as simple as it were, because it addressed the narrative of perpetual Palestinian victimization and grievance.

First, it goes to the heart of Israel’s right to exist.  The recent trend, including among American Jews, is to acquiesce in the leftist-academic and Islamist view of Israel as a mistake and an anomaly, something which deserves to exist — if at all — merely by reason of historical accident.  Palin refuses to succumb to such a narrative, recognizing that the connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem and Israel goes back over 3000 years.  For millennia Jews have prayed “next year in Jerusalem,” something no other people had done until the 1967 war led to the creation of a Palestinian national identity. The State of Israel as a Jewish nation owes no apology for its creation or continued existence. (there’s more, here)

The only thing that Jews should apologize for, is letting the Arabs take over Temple Mount, Nazareth, and Bethlehem. That requires a HUGE apology.

Israel needs a rabbit proof fence:

Hamas digging ‘terror tunnels’ along border with Israel

Gaza groups now have missiles that can reach Tel Aviv, and are working on improved communications systems modeled on Hezbollah network. Hamas has split into five different regional brigades – north, Gaza City, central Gaza, Khan Younis and Rafah.

The exact number of tunnels is unknown to the IDF. (J’Post)

Palestinian sits in Egypt-Gaza smuggling tunnel
Peanut Khadr calls them ‘Defensive Tunnels’ (source)

Dhimmi Carter
In Response to Rocket Fire, IAF Targets Terror Sites Across Gaza Strip
Stand by for the whining and howling from “the international community” and other assorted loons…….

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  1. Turkey’s Deputy PM calls for bombing of Israel

    Ed Lasky, AMERICAN THINKER (source)

    Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister has called for the bombing Of Israel.

    Michael Rubin reports at Commentary Contentions

    After assuring both Libyans and Turks that Turkey was not involved in airstrikes on Libya, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Ar?nç, of Turkey, said, “We wish that the United Nations had made such resolutions and countries had taken action in the face of incidents in Gaza, Palestine and the other regions

    This is exactly the problem I thought might arise from President Obama’s endorsement of the trendy principle of “Responsibility to Protect”. In yesterday’s blog, “The Rise of Samantha Power and the risks for the American-Israel relationship,” I speculated that the rationale Obama adopted to bomb Libya bore the risks of others adopting the same “principle” to justify punishing, if not bombing, Israel.

    I wrote:

    It is not hard to envision that this R2P concept, swirling through the United Nations and in international foreign policy circles, can one day be applied against Israel when that nation is forced to respond from attacks coming from the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon. Terrorists hide behind civilians; Israeli actions to defend themselves often happen in densely populated areas where civilian deaths are almost inevitable – despite all the precautions Israel takes to prevent them.
    And noted Omri Ceren’s excellent analysis of the history of this amorphous concept of the Responsibility to Protect and how it has already been used to criticize Israel. It seems that adversaries of Israel are eager to apply this concept to attack Israel, metaphorically and diplomatically, if not militarily (yet).

    Barack Obama listened not to Congress but to the Arab League, the United Nations, and people like Samantha Power to launch military attacks. But he has also opened a Pandora’s Box by endorsing the Responsibility to Protect as an international norm that can be used to justify attacks by those the so-called ” international community” consider to be threatening civilians.

    This is yet another irresponsible action by Barack Obama – one that bears with it the risk of being used to justify all sorts of mischief in the years ahead.

    I also found it quite interesting that George Soros – a huge supporter of Barack Obama’s campaign, funds efforts to promote Responsibility to Protect as an international norm. Samantha Power (who heavily influenced Obama to launch attacks on Libya) also is a supporter of the R2P movement and played a key role at a think tank (The International Crisis Group) heavily funded by George Soros.

    The ties that bind.

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