Shocked by learning


Tony Biar: I knew little about the Middle East as PM compared to now

Tony Blair, the former prime minister, has admitted he was “shocked” about the amount he needed to learn about the Middle East to tackle his current role as envoy to the region. (Tony Bliar)

KRuddish Learning Disability

At least some of the Labor figures who tried hardest to foist Kevin Rudd on us have finally learned what he’s really like:

‘’Kevin doesn’t change, doesn’t learn,’’ a former confidant says. ‘’He would have to admit he was wrong, and Rudd Inc can’t admit they are wrong….’

Perhaps KRudd’s former allies should say sorry (Bolt)

Enemedia Strikes Again! Reuters Scrubs Cries For Bush from Libya Reportage

You’ll notice that Reuters buried the lede.

“Bring Bush! Make a no fly zone, bomb the planes,” shouted soldiers

Imagine that. Ayatollah Obama has achieved what would have been thought to be impossible: worldwide calls for the return of George Bush. They pleaded for Bush in Iran, too, when they were being slaughtered in the street while Obama ……. ate ice cream. (Atlas Shrugs)

Bobby Brown concedes he is normally economically irresponsible

Superannuation millionaire Greens leader Senator Bobby Brown has achieved a level of self-awareness that may well have come from years of navel-gazing, bong-sucking and transcendental meditation. On the 7.30 Report this week hedeclared:

“Let me say this again: economists and business want the certainty of knowing where we’re going with carbon pricing policy. Tony Abbott is the wrecker. It’s a strange inversion where the Greens are being economically responsible and Tony Abbott, from the conservative side, is the irresponsible force for uncertainty into the future.” (Source)

Out for Lunch

JULIA Gillard will sit down to lunch with Rupert Murdoch in New York on Thursday.

JULIA Gillard will sit down to lunch with Rupert Murdoch in New York on Thursday. The Prime Minister will dine with the News Corp chairman during a week-long US visit.

She will visit News Corp for the lunch that will also be attended by the Australian-born Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal, Robert Thomson, and a senior executive, Joel Klein.

Ms Gillard leaves Australia today for Washington and talks with President Barack Obama. Several topics are up for discussion including Afghanistan and events in the Middle East. (source)

Vote right, vote white:

An election is being held for the new faces of Aboriginal Australia.

Only Aborigines may vote or stand:

Aborigines to choose who will negotiate with the whites (take a look!)

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  1. Politicians are the dumbest bastards in the world, especially if they have been in politics for a long time. They don’t have a clue as to what is really happening in their own backyards and even less as to what is really happening on the world stage.
    These dumb asses listen to their minders who are influenced by powerful men and the money they receive to promote their business agendas.

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