Stuck on stoopid or desperately refusing to connect the dots?

Arid Uka was thoroughly embedded in the Salafist networks.

The “lone wolf” has a billion supporters, world wide. No, he didn’t need the internet to radicalize him.  And no again: Hollyweird crapola like ‘Redacted’ didn’t cause it either: Islam did. Jihad did. The question is simply: who are his backers. Need we look further than the next mosque?

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The hypocrisy and political correctness on the left will be the death of us

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Spencer: Germany’s Jihad Murders Point Up the West’s Denial

German media roundup: Frankfurt’s lone terrorist

What caused a young man in Frankfurt to turn to radical Islam and kill two US airmen? Newspapers in The Local’s media roundup on Friday try to make sense of a senseless act.

A top German lawmaker called Friday for the expulsion of “hate preachers” in the wake of the shooting. (Somewhere in an ivory tower, Tony BLiar must be giggling like a shopkeeper on Saville Row)
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In Human Events this morning I discuss the ongoing jihad and the ongoing denial:

A Kosovar Albanian Muslim, Arid Uka, murdered two American airmen outside the Frankfurt Airport in Germany last Wednesday. “I did it for Allah,” he explained.Like so many jihad attacks these days, this one was initially dismissed as having nothing to do with terrorism. Boris Rhein, interior minister for Germany’s Hesse state, almost immediately declared that there were no indications that the shootings had been a terror attack. After Uka’s openly jihadist statements, Rhein had to reverse himself. But his initial reaction was indicative of the general tendency toward denial of the reality of the Islamic jihad among government and law enforcement personnel in the West.

What actually would constitute a terrorist attack for enlightened liberal Westerners such as Rhein? Would the murderer have to announce that he was about to carry out a terrorist attack before he started shooting? Would he have to be carrying an al-Qaeda membership card? In the case of the Frankfurt Airport shooting, Uka appears to have acted alone. Thus German security analyst Bernd Georg Thamm noted: “We have a new … perpetrator of terrorism, the lone wolf. Terrorism experts have dreaded this for a while, and now it’s happened. And it won’t be the last case.”

Indeed. Yet it is abundantly clear that even if Arid Uka acted alone in the Frankfurt Airport, his view of the Koran is not eccentric among Muslims worldwide. Yet nearly 10 years after Mohamed Atta and his crew flew a plane into the World Trade Center out of love for Allah, we still don’t see any sustained or concerted effort by self-proclaimed peaceful Muslims in the United States or anywhere else to disabuse their coreligionists of this jihad ideology and its globalist, supremacist, totalitarian political agenda. Such an effort should not be seen as optional or incidental. Without it, the very commitment of these self-proclaimed moderates to the United States and its Constitution can and should be called into question….

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  1. Mark Steyn:

    Those U.S. airmen were killed by Arid Uka, whose Muslim Albanian parents emigrated from Kosovo decades ago. Young Arid was born and bred in Germany. He is a German citizen who holds a German passport. He is, according to multicultural theory, as German as Fritz and Helmut and Hans. Except he’s not. Not when it counts.

    Why isn’t he a fully functioning citizen of the nation he’s spent his entire life in?

    Well, that’s a tricky one.

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