Syria: 12 Killed in Mosque Cleanup

See? Again Muslims show us that mosques are not sacred places after all.

The terror comes from the mosque.

Bashar Assad, Syria’s chinless ophthalmologist in chief, is well aware and informed about the clerics. Like his father before him, he knows how to deal with the headbangers.  Imagine the worldwide condemnation if the US would follow suit and raid the mosques! No double-standards to see here, move on, infidel, don’t let your heart be troubled!

Syria in Revolt (Atlas)

From Haaretz (via Elder of Ziyon)

Syrian forces killed 12 people on Wednesday in an attack on a mosque in the southern city of Daraa, site of unprecedented protests challenging President Bashar Assad’s Baathist rule, residents said.

Those killed included Ali Ghassab al-Mahamid, a doctor from a prominent Daraa family who went to the Omari mosque in the city’s old quarter to help victims of the attack, which occurred just after midnight, said the residents, declining to be named.

Before the attack, electricity was cut off in the area and telephone services were severed. Cries of “Allahu Akbar [God is the greatest]” erupted across neighborhoods in Daraa when the shooting began.

Can’t wait for the UN to condemn this.

Oh, I’m sure that Iran and Hezbollah will be on the condemnation bandwagon as well since they have been so outspoken about Arab government repression lately.

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  1. Dont be silly Mosques are ONLY sacred if a Kaffir attacks them but when Mohammedans do it its OK. Its called HYPOCRISY which is a Pillar of Islam.

  2. It seems the brother, Maher al-Assad, was in charge of the.. incident at the mosque, by troops from the Syrian army’s elite fourth division.

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