‘The West Are Terrorists’: Gadhafi Vows ‘Long, Glorious War'….

Gee. For a moment I was worried we’d face another ‘mother of all battles’.

The Arabs sure have a way with words. So does Tim Blair: NO MO ZONE

It could have been a beautiful friendship. Instead, Barack Obama is raining Tomahawks of justice down upon Muammar Gaddafi, who vows to fight it out:

“We are getting ready for a long, glorious war,” Gaddafi said in an audio message broadcast on state television.  And take this, infidels: “They shall be exterminated.” Read More »

Michael Moore is on your side, Muammar. Of course, the last tyrant he supported ended up being cruelly underpanted and then executed, so you might hold off buying any unripe bananas. Can Mo survive?

“Blue Eyed Slaves” Appalled:

U.K. Foreign Office: Backseat-driving Arab League leader “claimed he had been misquoted, or had put his criticism more strongly in Arabic than in English”

Don’t worry, the ‘human shields’ are on the way:

An update on this story. “Gaddafi may become target of air strikes, Liam Fox admits,” by Patrick Wintour and Ewen McAskill for The Guardian, March 20

Cry me a river:

Arab League criticizes airstrikes on Libya, says civilians have been killed

Yesterday, Marisol wrote: “Tomorrow, or soon, they will pillory us again as the ‘world’s policeman.'” And here we are. These strikes against Libya are disastrously wrongheaded and play into the hands of Islamic supremacists, but that doesn’t stop the Arab League from using them to play the victim card and try to stir up a little defensive jihad.

Arab League criticizes allied airstrikes on Libya,” from AP, March 20 (thanks to JW)

Flip-Flop: Obama Admin Sends Signals That Gadhafi Can Stay in Power

Hey, its not like we wanna hurt somebody………

‘Big Misunderstanding’: Gadhafi’s Son Says US Is on Wrong Side, His Father Won’t Step Down


Hey, why didn’t you say so, Seif…..?

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  1. * “We are getting ready for a long, glorious war,” Gaddafi said

    All we need is Benghazi Bob to report the glorious victories and deny that the crusader infidels are attacking …

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