Tony BLiar: "Challenged"

Tony BLiar is a strange creature.

Equipped with mediocre  intellect,  but quick  witted and charming as a social raiser  can be,  the totally overrated Tony BLiar shamelessly filled his pockets with whatever he could grab, always determined to sell his services to the highest bidder. Always in the hope that there is another pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

What puzzles me is this: how could this parvenu, a mere  flasher on the international stage, incompetent,  pretentious and overall clueless, receive and squander so much credit?

BLiar is like a child wondering why the house burned down after he set it on fire. The similarities with ‘Jimmah’ Carter, Slick Willie and Kevin Rudd are striking.

Assignment to readers:

You tell me: did all of these three do what  they did it out of spite, malice and stupidity, or  did any of these three,  at any given time, have the interests of their country at heart?

“Perception of Failure”

Tony Blair changes his tune over immigration saying it produced a ‘challenge’

Daily Mail

Tony Blair yesterday admitted for the first time that mass immigration has produced a ‘challenge’ which causes alarm to millions.

The former prime minister acknowledged there was a ‘debate’ over the impact of immigration and whether British generosity in allowing it had been abused.


Mr Blair said immigration had produced both a cultural and economic ‘challenge’.

He made his admission in an article in which he accepted that ‘there is a perception of failure’ over the issue. The view contrasted strongly with his stance as prime minister. In the 2005 election campaign he insisted immigrants had made a ‘huge contribution’ to Britain and condemned opponents for ‘exploiting people’s fears’.

In his 690-page autobiography published last year he devoted only one page to the controversial subject.

Yesterday, however, in Roman Catholic journal The Tablet, Mr Blair declared that immigration – 3.2million came to live in Britain during Labour’s years in power – was a matter of major importance.

He said: ‘A new type of debate is taking shape. While it can centre on immigration or protectionism, it is above all about issues to do with culture and integration – issues that are altogether more vigorous and potentially more explosive.

‘In Europe, the debate is about whether our attempt to integrate cultures has succeeded or failed and, insofar as there is a perception of failure, it is about whether our “generosity” in allowing inward migration and encouraging multiculturalism has been abused.’

Last night Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton, said: ‘What a pity that Tony Blair waited until he left office to address an issue of concern to millions of people in this country.’

And Sir Andrew Green, of MigrationWatch, said: ‘Having ignored the development of mass immigration for 12 years, Mr Blair has now discovered that Labour’s legacy has left us with huge problems, both economic and social.’

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  1. Tony Blair is a pure Fabian Socialist, through and through. Enough said about this loser!

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