Who dunnit?

Wouldn’t surprise me if Muslims did this:

Sikhs often are mistaken for Muslims and have been the subject of occasional violence across the country since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Useful Idiot Watch

Stockholm bomber no ‘lone wolf’ after all:

Tahir-Sharif, 38, is charged in the U.S. for allegedly supporting a terrorist group that took part in a suicide bombing in Iraq that killed five American soldiers in April 2009. (source)

Usama clubbered

Usama made a movie called “Nice Bombs.”

“I was pretty scared, and I felt like I had gotten myself in a bad situation,” Alshaibi said.
Read more: UPI (somehow I don’t believe he is a victim….)

Turns out that Usama is just another Mohammedan agit prop gatecrashing a party and getting beat up in the process. A publicity stunt to make Americans look bad? You be the judge:

IOWA: Iraqi filmmaker named ‘Usama’ crashes party, gets beat up – a publicity stunt for his anti-America documentary? (UK DAILY MAIL thanks to Barenaked)