"Working Families"- Can’t keep them out. Can’t keep them in.

Update:   Caring & Compassionate, 24/7   –  with other peoples money….

How to get into Australia: attack a policeman

I’m sure they’ll be model citizens once we just gave them all they want:

FEDERAL police were forced to use teargas to rescue security guards under attack from rioting detainees on Christmas Island early yesterday, after a chaotic weekend of mass escapes from the troubled detention centre and stand-offs between asylum-seekers and authorities… About 300 detainees rioted, smashing gates and fences, after two mass breakouts in which many asylum-seekers walked to the airport demanding freedom. Bolt has more>>

Working beautifully

It seems a metaphor – or at least symbolic of this shambles of a government:

On Christmas Island, chaos reigns with the Australian Federal Police having to use tear-gas to control asylum seekers on the rampage. (listen here to Andrew Bolt with Steve Price)

ARMED federal police flew to Christmas Island yesterday as at least 100 asylum seekers roamed the island following a second breakout at the weekend.

And two more boats arrived in the past 72 hours.

Australia  sends in the navy…..

Reader Tony comments:

Not to kill the enemy or anything nasty like that – but to actually assist the invasion…..local Aussies on Christmas Island now have marauding bands of illegal criminals roaming the place……abusing Australia for letting them be on the island….


Australia’s next response, is to fly all these criminals to a capital city where other Aussies live – and set them free!

Whereby, they are also given free lifetime housing, free welfare, and sent on holidays back home to bring out their extended families….

And not to let it rest there the government funds local anarchists and lawyers to encourage these invaders to apply for multi- million dollars lawsuits…because they were supposedly not properly treated while they pursued their illegal activities of breaking our laws….their food was not right, they were asked to move, they were not spoken to in their native languade…and any other outrageous claim you can think of…

The government insists that there is no problem and everything is under control….yes under control of the criminals and invaders….

Millions of dollars are flooding the ethnic communities every week as the government simply hands over millions of our dollars to these invaders – to keep on invading us…and it doesn’t even rate a mention int he media – or from the Liberal opposition…..

That sure sounds like a problem to me….

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  1. Write to these Labor turds and make it plain that the electorate will bite them hard if they do no listen to the electorate.

  2. Many years ago Dr.Mahathir the P.M of Malaysia made a speech at a NAM conference and he had this to say about the free movement of people.
    “Again we see here double standards. While globalisation is interpreted as the free flow of capital and goods from rich countries to poor countries, the free flow of people across borders into rich countries is not considered consistent with borderlessness and globalisation.”
    Is Indonesia and Malaysia using this proposal as a guide in aiding and abetting the boat people across Malaysia and Indonesia to Austrailia.
    You can read his speech here.

  3. Ah yes, Mahathir Mohammed, another proponent of the Islamic one way street.

    Never held to account, never ridiculed for his imbecilic rants, never shunned by the ‘International Community’, and still…..

  4. These days, governments / politicians that want to be seen to be doing something while doing nothing or treading water waffle on about “sustainable solution” – as in:

    [JOHN STANLEY: But if those talks go on for, say, years, and they potentially could, in the meantime you’ll keep processing at Christmas Island. Will that be right?

    BRENDAN O’CONNOR: Well, we’ve currently got an orderly process, but we need to have a longer term sustainable fix for this issue.

    JOHN STANLEY: But until that happens the present situation will continue?

    BRENDAN O’CONNOR: That’s occurring to date, and we’ve managed this difficult issue, I believe, well in the circumstances where we’ve had an increase of people seeking to arrive as a result of conflicts in Sri Lanka and the war in Afghanistan. We’ve dealt with the matter well. We’ve had a much lower level of people arriving on the mainland undetected as was the case under the Howard government. But we are looking at a sustainable longer term approach, and I believe, John, it is the right way to go to engage with your neighbours and to have such a positive response by both the Prime Minister and President of East Timor to say they want to look at the detail …]


    [Now, what you and I might agree on is that we do need to break the business model of the people smugglers. We need to…

    Ball: But you’re sending the wrong signals the people smugglers.

    Bowen: …I don’t think that making the situation in Australia harsher and more punitive is sustainable solution to this problem. I think the solution is to work with our regional partners, work with the international community to break that business model.]

    (throw in a few “frameworks” / international / regional, and sit back and do nothing until booted out at next election, to be replaced by another party / politicians who can continue to do nothing, except more “meet and greet” with what’s left of the RAN fleet)

    1. ” the business model of the people smugglers. …”

      “sustainable solution …”

      “wrong signals”

      “sustainable solution”

      “our regional partners, international community ”

      Group think. Parrots of KRudd. Where do they clone these turds?

      Only the ‘working families’ are missing…..

  5. “Fresh Thinking”

    * Only the ‘working families’ are missing…..

    Along with “some of the world’s most vulnerable people”.

  6. “Cue jumpers” come to mind.

    But no one touches on the fact that Australia has no obligation whatsoever to accept Muslim welfare seekers who crash through our reefs.

    These people are not asylum seekers, they are not refugees, they are not fleeing persecution or civil war. They already passed through several Muslim countries on the way to Australia, all of which are obliged under the laws of the profit Muhammad, to accommodate them.

    An absurd, bizarre situation.

  7. An absolute farce, but it is being “managed” …

    Second night of rioting at Christmas Island centre

    [Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says up to 200 detainees destroyed closed-circuit television cameras and lit a fire.

    He says there was no direct confrontation and federal police officers were able to regain control without the use of tear gas, which was used to quell a larger riot on Sunday night.

    “What we are seeing at Christmas Island is a group of up to 300 who are determined to engage in protest action,” Mr Bowen said.

    “Clearly we have a difficult situation with ongoing tension – but it is being managed. I don’t underplay the seriousness of this event or the difficulties of this event.”]

    * Time for a new “manager”? Meanwhile, in Darwin, the Burmese detainees had an “altercation” and climbed onto the roof of the detention centre – perhaps for a better view?

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