Anti-Muslim will deemed discriminatory

Its come to this: you can’t even give your money away to  those you favor.

Brisbane Times

A man who instructed the funds of his estate be donated only to non-Muslims may have his wishes overturned by the Queensland Supreme Court.

Abraham Werner, who died in Brisbane in 1989, has had his will deemed discriminatory in several states.

The estate executor, Perpetual Trust, has sought a court order to allow them to distribute the funds outside of his strict conditions.

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Mr Werner’s will bequeathed almost $700,000 with conditions the executor “first consider destitute male orphans of Asian parentage without any known relatives”.

Further conditions were that his money not go to followers or devotees of Islam, those not in “good health and mentally alert of good intellect and of good behaviour” or to anyone older than 21.

He also wished his funds not to go anyone involved in “using or marketing any form or drug of addiction” and that beneficiaries “must speak English adequately or undertake to learn to speak English within two years”.

Mr Werner, who was originally from Holland, had never married nor had children.

He donated his body to science.

In documents filed last month in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Perpetual Trust says between 1991 and 2001 it managed to grant funds to charities which fell within Mr Werner’s conditions.

But in 2002 lawyers advised the organisation the criteria they put forward on Mr Werner’s behalf could be unlawfully discriminatory in three Australian states and the ACT.

Lawyers considered the exclusion of “followers of Islam” was unlawful in Tasmania, Western Australia, the ACT and possibly unlawful in New South Wales.

Andrew Thomas, of Perpetual Trust, wrote in an affidavit the organisation “had difficulty identifying potential benefits because it could not advertise for applications given the discriminatory nature of criteria to be applied”.

“Charities that assist disadvantaged children could not provide any assistance to Perpetual Trust as they either could not distinguish between individuals on criteria such as those set out in the will, or were not prepared to,” Mr Thomas said.

He said the organisation ceased dispersing Mr Werner’s funds in 2005.

Almost $600,000 remains in the estate.

The court documents seek an order from the court to allow Perpetual Trust to distribute the remainder of Mr Werner’s money to The Smith Family.

Perpetual Trust say the charity would then pass on the money in a manner as near as possible to Mr Werner’s wishes.

Mr Thomas said Mr Werner’s funds would go to a program The Smith Family operates to assist disadvantaged children.

“Negotiations with The Smith Family .. confirmed it is not able to confirm the religion [of children] and it’s not its practice to collect such information,” he said.

“Perpetual Trust considers that it now has no other option but to make this application to the court for an order to apply the income from the trust [as close as possible].”

The case has been adjourned will return to court on a date to be fixed.


13 thoughts on “Anti-Muslim will deemed discriminatory”

  1. Allah forbid you use your own money as you see fit, no, dhimmies must pay the jizya. (eyeroll) Stupid suicidal Aussies, they are getting as bad as the Eurodhimmies.

  2. Even the dead can’t have their wishes granted, damn stupid. So much for the Democracy.

    To think here in Australia we’re coming up to ANZAC day a time where we commemorate the sacrifices of so many, but sadly sacrificed themselves for what. What we suffer today is a shame and disgrace.

  3. Aussies rapidly becoming bottom feeders, huh? And the guy died 22 years ago? Good grief! He should have just donated it to World Wildlife Fund or had some sort of stipulation that if laws changed to disfavor his wishes that all the money be given to medical research immediately.

  4. We must immediately organise a demonstration, this is ageism (anyone older than 21), geekophobia ( good health and mentally alert) and misogynistic (destitute male orphans)!

    Oh no, of course I forgot – this is just muslims whining again.

  5. p.s. to Mr Thomas re:
    “confirmed it is not able to confirm the religion [of children]”

    Tried asking them? If they are too young to know then they are still atheists.


  6. The reality is there will be more wills in the future that explicitly exclude moslems, you can bank on it from mine!

    Lets face it Mr Werner passed on a while ago, he must have been quite astute to be aware of the evils perpetuated in the slam , or knew his history and a bit about religions.

    But every day I go out of my way to avoid putting money into moslem hands for any reason. We all must do this where ever possible. Don’t support their existence in any way you can possibly avoid.

    Until the bounty is proclaimed there is little more I can physically do.

  7. They better get used to it because lots more wills in the future will explicitly exclude moslems.

    AND Damn right Ironside, I have an uncle’s buried in Berlin, Lae and Beirut war cemeteries and a few that made it home, one with a DFC from Gallipoli, when I consider whats happening I don’t know whether to just weep or be angry or both.

    Every things gone to shite and yea I am peeved! Raise that Sydney Gallipolli moske to dust!

  8. As I repeatedly tell my Progressive friend (A nice well-intentioned woman): we know Bill Clinton has a bent penis – a condition called Peyronie’s syndrome! One of his many bed-partners revealed this. If we know everything about every other President, why is Obama permitted to keep the details of his life a secret? Maybe he thinks the American people don’t have a right to know everything about him, as we know about all other American presidents. The MSM permits this coverup to continue. He needs to be relentlessly pressured to reveal ALL!

  9. Perhaps there is nothing to reveal..but why would anyone shell out several million to lawyers if there wasn’t something to hide.

  10. Lost for words! As our country sinks into the despotizm of our stupid governments the last will and testament of any person goes back to the Magna Carta and for any court to overturn the wishes of any dead person who worked all of their lives for their money, deserves to have his wishes carried out. How dare any person in this land say this is ok. It is not ok. They commit treason against their own citizens past and present.

  11. ridiculous! muslim charities/communities routinely practice discrimination without any oversight by the courts. politicians. maybe we should respect the donor’s request. many groups discriminate in favour of their ‘flock’ or ‘cult’ or ‘religion’.

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