Diversity Means All Truth is Equal….

~Utah Church Offers Free Korans in Easter Gesture~ (Logans Warning)

“This book was donated by the leaders of Wasatch Presbyterian Church who are not afraid of truth wherever it can be found.”

He said the giveaway was a response to Terry Jones, the leader of a fringe, fundamentalist church in Gainesville, Florida.

The response should have been for the Church to stand up for freedom of expression!

“We’re not promoting Islam, ” said Scott Dalgarno, the church’s pastor.

We beg to differ. He is promoting Islam, because he is to cowardly to condemn an ideology that is hellbent on destroying our political system, democracy, all other religions and and our laissez fair lifestyle.

Sudanese cultural enrichment:

We have a problem, and not just with African beauty pageants

Can’t trust the police. Not even in Alaska.


As the enlightenment continues, expect more of this: Cult Escaped

Pali  jihadist in police uniform who opened fire on Jewish worshippers was U.S.-trained

Shameful. An update on this story. “Barak condemns Nablus shooting; orders IDF probe,” by Yaakov Lappin and Tovah Lazaroff for the Jerusalem Post, April 24 (thanks to Pajamas Media)

Then you wonder why there is a Marxist Muslim POTUS and a ‘hafiz’ (Rashad Hussein, a Muslim who memorized the Koran) in the white house. What happened to intelligence?

Gitmo Leaks Fizzle:

The suicide stunts at Gitmo revisited (Michelle Malkin)

Raw data for “the worst of the worst” very raw….(Wikileaks still leaking)

Wikileaks: Gitmo files on David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib. Maybe Wikileaks doesn’t deserve credit. Greg Mitchell

Hicks “possible leader for any extremist organization”

David Hicks has been a minor celebrity of the Left, honored even by having his white-washed autobiography published by the fawning Melbourne University Press.

The activities and interests of David Hicks have been outlined in various documents, but never so beautifully as by the gentle people at the Sydney Writers’ Festival:

David Hicks was in the Pakistan/Afghanistan region undertaking training to help the people of Kashmir when the September 11 attacks changed everything, leading to his imprisonment in Guantánamo Bay.  He Was Only Helping (Tim Blair)


Generous UK:

Warming shysters exposed – $5.7 billion too late

The inevitable:

Labor runs out of cash

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of (other peoples) money……

Judges are impartial, fair and balanced:

So you thought judges didn’t have agendas?

Colleague praises judge on a class action mission

The firm’s very proud of his achievement. He’s really pioneered class action litigation in Australia.