Flotilla Frenzy: 'Our Problem Is Zionism'


To Bulent Yildirim:

Your problem is Islam,  which is far worse than any cancer, far worse than AIDS and the Ebola virus combined. And you have a serious problem with your humanity, Bulent. Just like your coreligionist Yilmaz who’s been pestering us with a steaming pile of ‘Love & Peace with Rumi’ a few days ago.


IHH Head Bulent Yildirim: ‘Our Problem Is Zionism – Which, Like a Virus, Has Infected All Humanity!’

“Our Problem Is Zionism – “

“Islamic Human Rights and Freedom” is different: only Muslims are human and freedom means to force unbelievers to submit to Islam.

At an event in the southern Turkish coastal town of Alanya, Bulent Yildirim, the head of the Islamic Human Rights and Freedom Organization (IHH), which organized the May 2010 Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, told an audience of over 1,000 about the organization’s plans to send a second flotilla to Gaza, consisting of 15-20 vessels, as well as land convoys and an airplane.

The following is a translation of excerpts from his address:

Video later (haven’t got the embed code yet)

“Until Our March to Al-Aqsa is Completed, This Sea Intifada and Land Intifada Will Continue”

“We are getting ready… There will be a ship from every country… in Europe. Our own Mavi Marmara will also set sail from Europe… Vessels will come from everywhere in the world…

“Israel will learn this: The Mediterranean does not belong to Israel… Just because we have had shahids, we are not fearful… We will not step back…

“Let all know this: Until the blockade on Gaza is lifted… and until our march to al-Aqsa is completed, this sea intifada and land intifada will continue!

“Also, it will not be only by sea. We are preparing for land convoys as well. And with Allah’s permission, our project for the purchase of an airplane will soon be realized. This way we will reach Gaza by air too.”

“Our Problem Is Zionism – Which, Like a Virus, Has Infected All Humanity!”

“What do we say to the world leaders? Do not expect us to live in peace, when people in Gaza are dying… And do not expect us to remain silent when al Aqsa mosque is a prisoner…

“We are saying this: We don’t have a problem with the Christians or Jews. Some of them were with us in our ships… But we do have a problem with one place! And we declare it with courage… without fear… We say this with no hesitation: Our problem is Zionism – which, like a virus, has infected all humanity!”

Hardly. A deadly disease called Islam has infected 1.5 gazillion brainwashed zombies, and they’re causing enormous damage to humanity and to themselves.

Realated News:

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Doctor A. Carlebach aptly described it here:

“Wherever Islamic psychology rules, there is the inevitable rule of despotism and criminal aggression.

‘The danger lies in Islamic psychology, which cannot integrate itself into the world of efficiency and progress, that lives in a world of illusion, perturbed by attacks of inferiority complexes and megalomania, lost in dreams of the holy sword.

“The danger stems from the totalitarian conception of the world, the passion for murder deeply rooted in their blood, from the lack of logic, the easily inflamed brains, the boasting, and above all: the blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world…their reactions — to anything — have nothing to do with good sense.

“They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat.

“You can talk ‘business’ with everyone, and even with the devil. But not with Allah… ”

Dr A. Carlebach, 55 years ago……

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  1. Israel was there long before Islam was ever dreamed up by the insane prophet of doom. Long before the flees on the camels arse (who call themselves Muslims). Israel will be there after Muslims are laughed out of existence. The world is getting the message about you fleas. Watch out, we are coming for you. Even the moderate Muslims who are more educated than the moronic tribes are waking up to you and embarrassed they ever belonged to such a bunch of inbreds.

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