France Cracks Down on "Racial Hatred"

Don’t laugh: civilizational and cultural suicide is all the rage in EUrabia.

French interior minister facing legal action over Muslim comments Telegraph via ZIP:

Claude Gueant, France’s interior minister is facing legal action after declaring that the “growing” number of Muslims in France posed “a problem”.

No problem, we only occupy the streets…… what’cha gonna do about it, kaffir?

“It’s true that the increase in the number of faithful in (Islam), a certain number of behaviours, poses a problem,” he said on Monday.  Singling out the “problem” of Muslims praying in the street, he said that France’s secular law dates from 1905 when there were “very few Muslims”, while their number today is between five and six million. The anti-racism group SOS Racisme said it would be launching legal action against Mr Gueant for inciting racial hatred.

Islam is not a race. Conflating Islam with race is the suicide of France’s secular democracy….

French police warned not to arrest Muslim women covering up near mosques as country prepares for ‘burka ban’

The apologies  resemble the fear of the Muslim “backlash”

“The aim of this new law is not to cause humiliation, or even persecution. It is to make sure that people do not cover their faces in public in a manner which will upset others.’

Police in France have been warned not to arrest any women wearing Muslim veils ‘in or around’ mosques.

Protests: Muslim women took to the streets of Paris over the weekend to voice their opposition to the ban

The strict instructions, from Interior Minister Claude Guent, are contained in a nine page circular issued to officers prior to a full-blown burka ban coming into force next week.

With tensions running high within the country’s six million strong Muslim community, people have already been warned not to perform ‘citizen’s de-veilings’.

This means that members of the public will not be allowed to take the law into their own hands when they see a woman hiding her features in a public place. (Daily Mail/H/T Tundra Tabloids)

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The proposals discussed last night included banning Muslim mothers from wearing headscarves when accompanying school field trips, and preventing parents from taking their children out of compulsory subjects like gym and biology.
UMP leader Jean-Francois Copé denied the debate was an attempt to woo National Front voters. “They denounce (Muslim practices). We are making proposals” to ease social tensions, he said.
Mr Gueant’s interior ministry predecessor Brice Hortefeux was also charged with racism after being caught on camera saying of Muslims: “When there’s one that’s OK, it’s when there are several that it becomes problematic.”

He was later convicted and fined £2,300.

The row of Mr Guéant’s words came as the ruling UMP party held a controversial debate on Islam and secularism in France. It came up with 26 proposals, including a possible law banning people from rejecting doctors because of their sex or religion.

Muslim leaders refused to take part. Fouad Alaoui, president of the Union of Islamic Organisations in France, said Mr Guéants comments “show once again that the logic of the (far-Right) National Front is taking over”.

Several polls put Marine Le Pen, the new National Front leader, ahead of President Nicolas Sarkozy in a hypothetical first round presidential election. The real elections take place next year.

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  1. Idiots, so they seriously believe that by shutting ones eyes a problem disappears!!!

  2. They believe the muslim line that the media causes _____. Don’t tell the press, no-one hears about it, so the problem is solved. Like the alchemists of old, they work day and night trying to transform lies into truth, but when it doesn’t work they ban reporting of the lies and make it a crime to videotape criminal acts & put it on Youtube. Delusion is a growth industry.

  3. There IS a new mosque not far from the Rue Myrha (photo above), but the fidels.. are demanding more mosques by “showing the need for more mosques” by occupying the streets, so this new mosque seems to be rather empty at Friday “prayer times”.

  4. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Mediterranean, “praying” in the streets are forbidden in Tunesia

    – The Interior Ministry will no longer authorize occupation of public streets in the intent of praying, other than at cult premises, The Interior Minister announced Thursday. “Such a phenomenon and behaviour, is unheard of in the Tunisian society,” according to the French paper Le Figaro.

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