Geert Wilders’ Film on Muhammad May Spell Death To Islam

Call me cautiously optimistic: I don’t share  Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari’s optimism, but we all support the heroic Geert Wilders in dragging the vampire out in the open.

Geert Wilders’ Film on Muhammad May Spell Death To Islam

“The cruel leader of a band of plundering, murderous, rapist robbers from Medina” – that’s how Dutch MP Wilders says he wants to depict the  prophet. (Not. That’s a fact.)

Internet is a threat to Islam:

In a previous article, it has been pointed out that the advent of the Internet has become a serious threat to the survival of Islam. Through internet, it has been easy to unmask the true face of Islam and its originator Muhammad. It has enabled critics to overcome the taboo of telling the truth about Islam and Muhammad. As a result, gradually more and more people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, are being able to comprehend the true face of Islam. This is obviously spoiling the well-guarded image of Muhammad. There is no need to utter any derogatory word against Muhammad and it is enough to expose his true color by exposing his deeds. This will lead to weakening the central doctrine of the Islamic faith, the Kalema Taib, that says: La Ilaha Illallah, Mohammadur Rasulullah (Allah is the only God to be worshipped and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). And this may spell the death for Islam.

For this reason, more and more Islamic countries are blocking many Websites that are striving to expose the true face Islam and its founder Muhammad.

I have many Muslims students in my class and by talking to them I have been astonished to know that the so called educated Muslims even do not know what Muhammad really deed. They don’t know that Muhammad, at the age of 52, married Ayesha when she was a child of six. The clerics and the mullahs craftily guard this and other nasty deeds of Muhammad like his marrying the wife of his adopted son Zeid, massacring the Jews of Beni Kouraiza and Beni Nadir en masse and so on and so forth, So, there is no doubt that the projection of life and deeds of Muhammad would play havoc for the evil creed called Islam.


In his recent article The Passion of the Vampire-Prophet, the author Sujit Das writes, “Often a question arises in our mind, why the Muslim clerics are reluctant to make a movie on Prophet Muhammad to promote Islam?…. The answer is simple. Islam is a barbaric religion which is completely devoid of spirituality. There is only deception, hate, murder, bloodshed, rape, delusion, terrorism, crime, suicide-bombing, honor-killing etc…etc. … In spite of this, if a film is produced on Muhammad’s honest biography, it will be a horror movie – a vampire movie that is set in background of extreme lawlessness of seventh century Arabia and Prophet Muhammad being the vampire itself.” [1]

But the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, gives a long list of 15 movies made on Muhammad and Islam [2] Out of these 15 films, 3 are based solely on the life and deeds of Muhammad. These are (1) The Life of The Last Prophet (This Islamic historical movie was labeled as one of the greatest movies about Muhammad ever made.) (2). Muhammad: The Last Prophet (An animated historical film about the rise of the Islamic religion) and (3) Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (A documentary that explains the life of Muhammad from birth to death and his contributions to the cultures of the time.) [3]

But there is no doubt that these films have presented a sugar-coated Muhammad by concealing his cruel and demonic deeds. Had any of these films projected the true color of Muhammad, Muslims across the world have demonstrated violent protests, as they are now protesting over the incident of burning a Koran by an American Pastor, in Florida.

Tariq Ramadan

How the shameless Muslim authors try to project Muhammad as a great humanitarian? For example, Tariq Ramadan, professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, believes that the life of human prophet Mohammed can teach us many lessons. In his book In the Footsteps of the Prophet: Lessons from the Life of Muhammad (2007), he depicts Muhammad as a deeply spiritual man with a great respect and love for women. According to him, Muhammad, was not without faults. But he was tolerant to other faiths. “And unlike his followers, he allowed Muslims to abandon their religion, and personally permitted an Abyssinian Muslim to convert to Christianity”, says Mr Ramadan.

Film on Muhammad By Geert Wilders: [4]

It is really encouraging that Mr Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP, Chairman of the Dutch Freedom Party and the creator of the revolutionary short film FITNA, is going to make a film on the life and deeds of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. In a recent article Time to Unmask Muhammad [5] he has explained urgent necessity of disclosing the true face of Muhammad. On April 1, 2011, Mr Wilders announced that he would be making FITNA-II in 2012, about “the barbaric life of the sick mind of Muhammad”. Sixty-five percent of Freedom Party voters said they approved of the proposed FITNA sequel.

Geert Wilders

On April 2, the RNW News Desk published an article Wilders’ Mohammed: rapist killer or compassionate activist? by Klaas den Tek and Myrtille van Bommel [6] “A barbarian, a mass murderer – that’s how Dutch MP Geert Wilders says he will portray the prophet Mohammed in a new film. Hirsi Ali sees him as depraved, the Pope as tyrannical. Others think of him as elusive or an invention, and some consider him a tolerant philosopher or a human rights activist. Six views to assess Wilders’ claims about Mohammed”, the authors say.

“The cruel leader of a band of plundering, murderous, rapist robbers from Medina” – that’s how Dutch MP Wilders says he wants to depict the prophet in his new film, due in 2012 as a sequel to his 2008 anti-Qur’an short FITNA. To support his view Wilders cites a biography of the prophet written by Flemish psychologist Herman Somers: “The sources describe orgies of savagery in which hundreds of people were strangled, their hands and feet chopped off, eyes pricked out and entire tribes exterminated.” Wilders says he wants to “unmask” Mohammed so Muslims can turn their backs on Islam.

In September 2006 Pope Benedict XVI compared Mohammed with a contemporary jihadist. During a lecture at a German university the Pope quoted a 14th-century Byzantine emperor as saying: “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” His comment triggered a spurt violent protest by the l angry Muslims around the world and the Pontiff eventually apologized and declared that he had not intention to insult anyone but had meant to start a frank dialogue.

Pope Benedict XVI

“By Western standards Mohammed is a perverse tyrant,” said former conservative Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali in an interview in 2003. “If you don’t do what he says, you come to a bad end.” The Somali-born feminist and publicist also speaks of the prophet’s “posthumous blackmail.” “Mohammed says a woman should stay indoors, wear a veil, is not allowed to do certain work and should be stoned if she commits adultery.”

There is no doubt that, Geert Wilders’ film FITNA-II will portray the true life of Muhammad – his hatred towards the non-Muslims, his bloody massacre of Jews and Arab infidels, his infinite lust and sexual perversity, his pedophilia and all other demonic deeds without any sugar-coating. Sujit Das has rightly said that such a film would be a film of “bloody stories of Muhammad’s trail of violence, hatred, deception, delusion, narcissism, sexual exploitation and bloodshed, would be the ‘beauty, honesty, virtuousness and high morality’ of that movie. Such a torture-porn-horror movie would be truly scary movie which will leave the audience screaming and hiding behind the seats during the scariest scenes.” And it will serve a death-blow to evil Arabian creed called Islam.

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  1. Well the internet is doing most of the job in opening the eyes of people to the barbarous mohammad and the evil koran. This will top off the list to educate more people to what a monster mohammad was.

  2. Seeing as all Muslims idolise and still hold the sunnah in high regards shows the calibre of 1.6 billion who still follow this filthy human today.

    Personally I think a film depicting the true necroMo would be used as a recruiting tool for all the whackjob mussos out there.

    This might very well backfire. Appealing to the bloodlusters is dangerous.

  3. Ironside.

    Maybe – but then WE have to fight back !

    We have to stop islam in the Western countries – rather now than later .

    Shall our children live as dhimmies in their own country ?

    If not – then we have to fight !

  4. Vivi,
    The only way to fight back against Islam is to use the same brutal tactics as they use and frankly I cannot ever see ‘us’ using their type of barbarism to destroy their ideology.

    Our biggest downfall is our humanity, respect, love for life, common decency and a fair go attitude this unfortunately is seen as weaknesses to be exploited by Islam.

    We are our own worst enemies and the Mohammadans can see that.

    Why do you think the Serbs reacted the way they did against the Muslim aggressors in Kosovo. Because that is the only language that Islam understands.

    Making films about the death cult and burning Qurans will do nothing but drive them harder. They will NEVER give up.

  5. We have dear, dear friends in the UAE, Saudi, Egypt, and Kuwait. All Muslim, all have lived at our home in the U.S. at different times for months up to a year. I can assure you that this film will do nothing to convince them to abandon Islam. They will believe it to be lies perpetrated by unbelievers. Islam is not only their faith, it is their complete identity. Only the quickening of the Holy Spirit in their hearts will do otherwise. It is the love of Christ, lived, shown and shared wit the enemies of Christ, that will bring these dear people out of Islam and into the Truth.

    BTW, I love Winds of Jihad by Sheik Yer’Mami. It is my first stop every morning and last stop every night before bed. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you, ZigZag.

      “I can assure you that this film will do nothing to convince them to abandon Islam. They will believe it to be lies perpetrated by unbelievers. Islam is not only their faith, it is their complete identity.”

      Point taken.

      But the truth about Muhammad must be brought out in the open. How many people do you know who believe Islam is “just a religion”, no different from Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism etc?

  6. The latest phenomenon is a little lady by the name of Ann Barnhardt, from the mid-west USA, who tells the absolute truth about Islam.
    You can check out her latest video at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace.

    Note: This is Part 1.
    Part 1 is politely mild, all things considered.
    You must see Part 2to feel the spiritual energy.

  7. if the internet has changed muslims views I ahve not met one. they are defensive. I self censor. my children also are ignorant and they are n0ot interested. politicians in oz also distance themselves from any asertive initiatives to expose this. how have they been changed by the internet availability of these fringe sites. the media recently tried to crucify the Q party’s spokespeople when they cam on daytime TV [for housewives.] if they have not shown that they are aware of the net, let alone have taken up these messages, how successful are these sites which I ahve eben reading from 9/11 till today. they only preach to the converted.

  8. I cannot believe humanity is so degrading people like you defected deranged lunatics don’t have the first clue about their own identities and religion should have a say in any other. Further more it should carry a death penalty if you let these morons comments to be displayed

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