Geert Wilders Plans Muhammad Movie For 2012

Yesterday Wilders ratched up the anti-Islam rhetoric by describing the Muslim Prophet Mohammed as an “insane, paedophile, rapist murderer” just two weeks before the opening of his trial on charges of inciting race hatred.

“An unhinged paranoid personality with an inferiority complex and megalomaniac tendencies” who “starts having visions that lead him to believe he has a cosmic mission, and there is no stopping him”.

How many Mohammedans have we known who fit that description!


Rumor has it that Geert Wilders is coming to the American heartland next month. That will no doubt lead to howls of protest from the local Muslim Brotherhood affiliates. We will let you know the dates and venues when we are provided details.

This week Wilders had an op ed in the Dutch magazine “HP de Tijd” about the figure whom the Jewish Sage, Maimonides, described as “Mohammed ha meshugga” – “Mohammed the crazy one” in Hebrew.  It was entitled,“Time to Unmask Muhammad.”.

Here is an excerpt:

There has been much analysis of Muhammad’s mental sanity. In spite of all the available research, it is rarely mentioned or debated. It is a taboo to discuss the true nature of the man whom one and a half billion Muslims around the world regard as a holy prophet and example to be followed. That taboo must be breached in the West, and here in the Netherlands.

Ali Sina is an Iranian ex-Muslim who established the organisation for apostates of Islam Faith  Freedom International. In his latest book he posits that Muhammad is a narcissist, a paedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter (*). Sina has offered 50,000 dollars for the one who can prove otherwise. Nobody has claimed the reward as yet. And no wonder, as the description is based on the Islamic texts themselves, such as the hadiths, the descriptions of Muhammad’s life from testimonies of contemporaries.

The historical Muhammad was the savage leader of a gang of robbers from Medina. Without scruples they looted, raped and murdered. The sources describe orgies of savagery where hundreds of people’s throats were cut, hands and feet chopped off, eyes cut out, entire tribes massacred. An example is the extinction of the jewish Kurayza tribe in Medina in 627. One of those who chopped off their heads was Muhammad. The women and children were sold as slaves. Confronted with the lunacy of Islamic terrorists today, it is not hard to find out where the lunacy comes from.

Wilders  announced today the launch of Fitna-2 in 2012. This news release from his Hague office explains what the short film will address- the madness of Mohammed and the  courage of those who have left Islam by personal choice.

Geert Wilders launches Fitna 2 in 2012

In 2008, Dutch MP Geert Wilders released the 17-minute documentary Fitna, which demonstrates how the Koran encourages acts of terrorism, anti-Semitism, violence against women, homosexuals and infidels.

Today, Mr. Wilders announced that next year he will release Fitna 2.

The topic of this new documentary will be the figure of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Mr. Wilders wants to expose the barbaric, murderous behaviour and mental sanity of Muhammad, the man whom one and a half billion Muslims around the world regard as a holy prophet and example to be followed.

With his movie Mr. Wilders wants to express his support for the brave men and women who have left Islam and who, according to Islamic law, deserve the death penalty. “These people are heroes. They deserve our support,” Mr. Wilders says.

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  1. Geert Wilders will face more trouble & for sure we can expect more violence from fanatics.
    OMG! when are we going to live in peace ?

  2. And how meshugina are M’s followers? Just because one guy was crazy, what’s with all of them listening to the idiot? They all are insane and our leaders are meshugga for letting them in our countries in the first place. Or else it’s done on purpose to keep us down. Geert is brave and that is something in today’s dhimmi, cowardly world.

  3. Muslim Mindset: ‘The hatred is in Muhammad himself’


    To Westerners and moderate Muslims shocked by the radical form of Islam now topping nightly newscasts, the efforts of liberal-minded Muslims like Tawfik Hamid, Italian Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi and a handful of others may seem like the perfect solution. Not so for Ali Sina, who has a different suggestion: destroy Islam. Sina, who runs Faith Freedom International – an Internet forum dedicated to debunking Islam – calls himself “probably the biggest anti-Islam person alive.” The publication of his latest book, Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet, will likely cement that position. In it, Sina suggests that Islam’s central figure suffered from a series of mental disorders, including narcissistic personality disorder, temporal lobe epilepsy and obsessive compulsive disorder. “These disorders,” he says via telephone, “can explain the phenomenon known as Islam… which is nothing but one man’s insanity.” Sina grew up a non-practicing Muslim. Raised in Iran, educated in Pakistan and Italy and now living in Canada, he began jousting with believers in the 1990s. What bothered him, he tells The Jerusalem Post, was not the penchant for jihad and intolerance that certain fanatical Muslims displayed, but the foundation for such ills in the Koran and core Islamic texts. (Through the Faith Freedom Web site, Sina lists canonical references to Muhammad’s actions and offers $50,000 to anyone who can disprove Sina’s charge that Islam’s prophet was “a narcissist, a misogynist, a rapist, a pedophile, a lecher, a torturer, a mass murderer, a cult leader, an assassin, a terrorist, a mad man and a looter.” Respondents relentlessly attack Sina’s motives, but none has won the prize.) With violent conquest and contempt for non-believers central to the tenets of the faith, Sina argues, attempts to forge a moderate form of Islam are doomed. “The idea that Islam can be reformed is a fallacy,” he scoffs. “It’s like saying we can reform Nazism and it will be a wonderful party.” No, says Sina, “The only way to reform Islam is to throw away the Koran; 90 percent of it should be thrown away. You also have to throw away the history of Islam, and you have to completely disregard the Sira” – the Arabic term used for the various traditional Muslim biographies of Muhammad, from which most historical information about his life and the early period of Islam is derived. For this reason, Sina says, Western suggestions that extremism in Islam can be eradicated if certain imams are quieted, or if Muslims are encouraged to embrace the universalist elements of their faith – but without addressing the extremism inherent in the religion’s texts – are based on a mistaken comparison of Islam to Christianity. “In the West, people ask whether Islam can undergo a reformation like the one that Christianity underwent. That’s a poor parallel,” he says. “In Christianity, it wasn’t the religion that needed to be reformed, but the church; what Jesus preached was good.” On the other hand, Sina continues, “In Islam, it’s not the community that is bad, but the religion. Islam has nothing like ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’ Islam is full of hatred, and the hatred is in Muhammad himself. I argue in my book that Muhammad was insane – and that Muslims, by emulating him and by emulating his ways, his insanity is bequeathed to them.” BY NOW, CRITICS of Islam are fairly common in the West. And there are more than a few former Muslims who have rejected Islam in favor of Christianity, citing the difference between their former religion’s overwhelming focus on hatred and their newfound faith’s central teaching of love and forgiveness. But, like Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the handful of other apostate Muslims demanding that Muslims reject the negative aspects of their religion, Sina’s critiques are especially problematic. “People have to dismiss me some way, they have to put me down in one way or another. I’m a Jew, I’m a Christian, I’m a Hindu. I’m whatever people want to say in order to discredit me,” says Sina, who closely guards his true identity because of the death threats he receives. “But they can’t ignore my questions.” Sina has little patience for those who believe they can temper Islam with reason and mutual respect, or for those who remain cowed by the masses of Muslim devotees around the world. “Islam is the biggest hoax, the biggest lie,” he says. “Yes, a billion people believe it. But truth is truth. People will eventually see it. Believe me, there is no other answer. We will pay a great price until we realize that this is the solution – to undermine Islam itself, to show Muslims that this religion is not from God, that Muhammad was a charlatan and a liar.” Sina knows that his blunt, outspoken approach can be “problematic.” But he is confident nonetheless that the force of his arguments will ultimately prevail. “I am sure that, with time, I will convince millions and millions of Muslims, and the foundations of Islam will collapse,” he says. Already, he continues, Faith Freedom has attracted an impressive amount of attention. “In Iran, my site is banned. In many parts of Pakistan, it is banned. The list goes on,” he says. “Despite this, I have over 10 million readers in just over two and a half years. And I have received letters from Muslims from all over the world. Muslims everywhere are paying attention. I believe that Muslims everywhere are realizing that something is amiss. “If I didn’t have so much success in convincing people, then I would not be so confident. But I see that truth works. So many people who are now writing for me and putting things up on Youtube; seven or eight years ago, we were having fierce debates. Now, they are my greatest allies. There are many people who have seen the light after reading FFI and many of them are now working on my side, trying to help others to see the truth. “This is the way to fight evil. I do not want to kill the enemy. I want to win them as friends and allies. That is the real victory. In this way, we win because we eliminate our enemy, and our enemy wins by eliminating his ignorance and hate. That is why I believe in my cause. That is why I think I am an instrument of peace.”

  4. Jacqueline, There is only other choice join the savage bandwagon of islam or stay as a dhimmi even if they spit on your face. that is not the real peace that anyone would like.

  5. was trying to get in touch with G W but could not find a link. he actually comes across as rational and reasonable and yet is facing charges of racism and incitement. maybe this site should take some cue from this. we need a reasonable tone so that our satire is seen as acceptable and not distance politicians and media [like Greg Sheridan] who could prove useful if they were not afraid of association with extremely shrill voices.

  6. Many of us support u GW , save us of islam and make this movie to reflect the real personality of Mohamed

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