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Hillary Clinton: We Want to Help the Rebels. We Want Them to Win… We Just Don’t Know Who They Are.

Good grief.

The Obama Administration wants to help the Libyan rebels. They want to put them in power. They want them to win. They just don’t know who they are. (GWP)

Figures. Now the Obama Administration Wants to Bomb the Rebels Too

Now we know what a “kinetic military operation” really means…
The Obama Administration is talking about bombing the rebels too.

Willary: Syria’s Bashir Assad is a “reformer”

Appearing on Sunday’s Face the Nation on CBS, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dismissed the idea of U.S. military action in Syria, claiming that unlike Libya’s Qadhafi, Syria’s Bashir Assad was considered to be a “reformer” by “many of the members of Congress.

As usual, the enemedia fails to report it. We don’t.