Germany: Visa Free Travel for Turks is Yuman Rites (or something…)

From PI:

EU’s visa policy on Turks is truly unfair – Davutoglu

Because Turks know all about fairness.

Turkey’s top diplomat on Tuesday criticized European Union’s strict visa requirements on Turkish nationals as “legally baseless and unfair.”

For the migration-political spokeswoman of the left-wing faction, Sevim Dagdelen, Turkish citizens have the right to visa-free entry to Germany. Which means that they may stay and demand equal rights and entitlements, like social welfare assistance, etc.

As if this wasn’t  the  idea in the first place!

Also OVG Berlin wants to know from the European Court of Justice whether Turkish citizens who travel for any reason (to visit without visa to the Federal Republic) are to be allowed. The MiGAZIN roars  like a  deer in heat, expecting that German courts are  dumb enough to submit their power voluntarily to the EUdSSR  apparatchiks.

Refreshing to see some signs of resistance from other nations. Germany’s far left media however are scared shitless  and the katzenyammer over “Rechtspopulismus” (right wing populism) never seems to end, what a horror!  Xenophobia and Islam-resistance from the North Cape to Sicily.

The red German press is becoming increasingly unhinged: even after 50 years of Gutmenscherei and brain washing with the mallet still not everyone wants to turn left. What to do, what to do?

In German:

Visafreiheit für Türken ist Menschenrecht

Für die migrationspolitische Sprecherin der Linksfraktion, Sevim Dagdelen, haben türkische Staatsangehörige das Recht auf visumfreie Einreise nach Deutschland. Was bedeutet, daß sie dann gleich dableiben dürfen und Sozialhilfe kassieren. Soll bloß keiner sagen, daß dies nicht die Hauptidee ist! Auch das OVG-Berlin will vom Europäischen Gerichtshof wissen, ob türkische Staatsbürger zu touristischen, bzw. Besuchszwecken, ohne Visum in die Bundesrepublik einreisen dürfen. Das MiGAZIN röhrt schon wie ein brünstiger Hirsch, wenn deutsche Gerichte so blöd sind und ihre Macht freiwillig an der EUdSSR-Garderobe abgeben. Da ist es doch schön, wenn aus anderen Ländern andere Töne kommen. Sowohl der SPIEGEL hier, als auch die FAZ da guckten sich erschreckt in Europa um und fanden “Rechtspopulismus”, Fremden- und Islamfeindlichkeit vom Nordkap bis Sizilien. Das kann die rote deutsche Presse gar nicht fassen! Nach 50 Jahren gutmenschlicher Gehirnwäsche mit dem Holzhammer will immer noch nicht jeder links abbiegen!

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  1. Turkey, Iran declare “eternal friendship”
    New BFF’s: “the resurrection of the Silk Road.” Islamization of Turkey Update: “Turkey, Iran open new border gate, declare ‘eternal friendship,’” from Today’s Zaman, April 18 (thanks to Joshua):

    Iranian and Turkish officials opened a new border crossing over the weekend, as the Turkish side highlighted the presence of a friendship for eternity between the peoples of the two countries.
    The new crossing, between Kapıköy in eastern Anatolia’s Van province and Iran’s West Azerbaijan province, was inaugurated on Saturday by Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoÄŸlu and his Iranian counterpart, Ali Akbar Salehi. The Kapıköy-Razi border gate issue has always been on the agenda of talks between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in recent years, DavutoÄŸlu said in his speech delivered at the inauguration ceremony.

    “The fundamental principle we have applied in foreign policy for eight years is deepening friendships, intensifying and growing fraternity. This is why we have a ‘zero problem policy.’ This is why we said border gates are not walls for us, but doors of fraternity. We said we will make all doors with our neighbors, particularly with Iran, doors of friendship and fraternity,” DavutoÄŸlu was quoted as saying by the Anatolia news agency. “We said that in this way, let siblings meet, mingle with each other; and let the fraternity which comes from the depths of history be transferred to the future generations. These principles have come true with the opening of Kapıköy,” DavutoÄŸlu said.

    The Turkish minister announced that a fourth crossing between Esendere, Hakkari and Sero, Orumeyeh, would be opened in June and that the Maku crossing will follow. A fifth will follow at Dilucu, IÄŸdır, in the coming months, DavutoÄŸlu added. “In this way, all doors between Iran and Turkey will be opened. In this way historical friendships will solidify and will be transferred on to future generations,” he said, calling on both Iranians and Turks to use these border gates to mingle with one another.

    “Our prime minister has set a target of $30 billion” in annual trade with Iran, he also said. “That is why we are opening this border crossing. We are declaring to the world that Turkey and Iran will remain friends for eternity. The Peoples of Van and Hoy will live as neighbors and siblings for eternity, he added. “Let our gate be the door that opens hearts and minds.” For his part, Salehi said the opening of the new border gates will help the development of border areas and the welfare of its residents. “This border is a symbol of peace and friendship and the resurrection of the Silk Road, which for centuries played an important role in making the economy of the region flourish,” Salehi was quoted as saying by Iranian media, as he reiterated the common goal of increasing the trade volume to $30 billion.

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