Indonesia: "They converted out of their own free will"

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They converted because multiculti diversity is not in the Koran.

No ‘unity in diversity’ to see here.  Not even a tiny bit of compulsion in religion to see here, move on kafir. And allah knows best!

Banda Aceh. Over a hundred members of the recently banned Millata Abraham Muslim sect on Friday underwent a mass conversion to mainstream faith at the Baiturrahman Raya Mosque in Banda Aceh.

The 139 conversions were witnessed by hundreds of residents and officials, including Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf and provincial Police Chief Insp. Gen. Iskandar Hasan. The conversions were conducted by Teungku Muslim Ibrahim, chief of the provincial capital’s Ulema Consultative Assembly (MPU).

The sect’s leader, Zainuddin, said the idea to convert came to him in a dream on April 19 that he had while locked away in a jail cell. He is facing a five-year sentence for blasphemy stemming from his practice of the banned religion.

The mass conversion comes in the wake of pronounced relgious hostility in the province. On April 6, Irwandi issued a gubernatorial decree banning the Millata Abraham, along with 13 other sects, from conducting religious activities in the province. The decree carries a maximum five-year jail term for those caught practicing.

A day after Irwandi issued his decree, thousands of Muslim teachers and students took to the streets of the capital to call on the governor to dismantle the sect for insulting Islam. The sect has also been declared haram, or forbidden, by the MPU.

Millata Abraham’s devotees do not recognize the Prophet Muhammad and only pray once a day at midnight, instead of five times a day as mainstream Muslims are required. Before the mass conversion, the faith, which began in 2007, said it had about 700 members.

On Friday, before being taken to the historic mosque to be converted, the sect members were individually photographed by police and had their personal histories written down.

Police official Sr. Comr. Armensyah Thay said official statements would be issued for each of the converted confirming that they had embraced mainstream Islam.

Many of the sect members were university students, according to a man identified as the group’s leader, Zainuddin. Thirty of those converted were women.

“They come from Langsa, Bireuen and Pidie [districts in Aceh]. They were gathered up by their own leader, Zainuddin,” Armensyah said.

Before being converted, Zainuddin, who is under arrest and facing five years in prison on charges of blasphemy for practicing his faith, read a statement in front of the crowd at the mosque.

He said he was converting to Islam of his own free will, that he regretted having preached teachings that were in violation of Islam’s core teachings and that he had led a deviant sect.

At the conclusion to the mass conversion, MPU chief Teungku said he hoped the former sect members would, of their own free conscience, follow the correct path of Islam and ask forgiveness from Allah.

He also urged the people of Aceh to accept the converts back into their communities.

After the conversion, Zainuddin once again stressed to those present that he had converted of his own free will, adding, however, that the realization of his wrongdoing had come upon him during the three weeks he had spent in police custody.

“After 23 nights in detention, I prayed continuously in the correct Islamic way. I then realized that all this time what I had done was wrong. I asked Allah’s forgiveness for this. I also ask all the officials and people of Aceh to forgive us for this,” he said.

Last month, 33 members of the beleaguered Ahmadiyah Islamic sect living in Bogor decided to convert to mainstream faith, following a wave of attacks, intimidation and murder against sect members in recent months.

There has been speculation the converts in Bogor were pressured into renouncing their faith.

No shit. Speculating?

I guess this guy felt it was better for him to convince his sect to convert so that he wouldn’t have to spend 5 years in prison.  I imagine his followers thought this was the best way too since as the article says……….. Last month, 33 members of the beleaguered Ahmadiyah Islamic sect living in Bogor decided to convert to mainstream Islam, following a wave of attacks, intimidation and murder against sect members in recent months.

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  1. Aceh, hmmmm, should have let them fend for themselves after the tsunami hit them, most of them would be dead.

  2. The same thought crossed my mind, but I’m afraid we gentle judeo-christians can’t do that. It’s hard for me to remember sometimes, but they are God’s children, too.

  3. “They converted out of their own free will” Bullshit!! Absolute bullshit!

    Now they are the same as any other moslem, somewhere, sometime, they or an ancestor before them converted under threat of death or everlasting dhimtude.

  4. Indonesia: Pentecostal church firebombed

    Could this be a Catholic vs. Pentecostal Crusade Update? Or might Misunderstanders of the Religion of Peace be more likely to have a hand in this? Hmmm, which could it be?

    “Indonesia: Java Pentecostal church firebombed,” from AKI, April 29 (thanks to JW):

    Jakarta, 29 April (AKI/Jakarta Post) – Amid the massive police crackdown on terrorism, a Pentecostal church in Sleman, Yogyakarta, was targetted in a firebomb attack early on Friday morning.
    Two molotov cocktails were hurled at the church on the island of Java by assailants riding a motorcycle, eyewitnesses said Friday, as reported by

    The incident took place at 1 am local time.

    “Eyewitnesses who live opposite the church said the church was cordoned off by police [following the attack],” church priest Rev. Nico Lomboan said.

    “No deaths or injuries were reported.”

  5. “Partnership”

    We give, they take.

    Here’s the deal:

    They indoctrinate genocidal zombies with our money. We produce useful idots, believers in ‘globull worming’ and lady Gaga. We keep the doors open and don’t oppose the spread of Islam, because that would cause terrorism, and only masses of jiziya and subservience can prevent that.

    Don’t question the wisdom of those we allowed to rule over us….. and allah knows best!

  6. * and allah knows best!

    Not too many really know who is controlling the allah sockpuppet. He will introduce himself when he’s ready.

  7. That would require a change of direction by at least one major party – any politician (such as Cory Bernardi) who sees sense is promptly denounced by the rest of them. UNfunding the UN (and leaving it) should be the next step.

  8. Indonesia: Islamic supremacists disrupt two Christian worship services as police look on

    They must still be waiting for that memo from the U.N. that Muslims are persecuting non-Muslims in Indonesia. Any old excuse for inaction will do. “Cirebon: Muslim extremists disrupt Christian services as police looks [sic] on,” by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, May 19:

    Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Islamic extremist groups disrupted two post-Easter services in Cirebon, a city on the border of West and Central Java, as police failed to stop the violence, this according to Hendardi, chairman of the Setara Institute, an NGO fighting for human rights and religious freedom in Indonesia. The activist slammed police for its “powerlessness” vis-à-vis “hostile” acts perpetrated by radical movements, which interrupted religious services.
    In Indonesia, Catholics and Protestants traditionally organise celebrations in connection with Easter, including activities weeks after the main feast day. The goal is to boost the faith and strengthen friendship within the community. This is done by reciting the rosary, organising games for children (including the Easter egg), and performing other social activities.
    A group of 20 extremists, led by Andy Mulya, stormed on Tuesday the Gratia Palace and Apita Hotel, in Cirebon, where two groups, one Catholic and another Protestant, were holding services, the Setara chairman said.
    Participants resisted the invasion, saying they had the right permits from the authorities. However, police inaction allowed members of the Anti-Proselytising and Unlawful Teachings group (GAPAS) to stop the services. Under Indonesian law, police must authorise and be present at such “public” events.
    Setara archives show that GAPAS has been a major threat to inter-confessional harmony. It has attacked Christians in the past as well as members of the Ahmadi sect.
    Often, complaints filed with public officials and the police fall on deaf years. Claims by the central government and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that they are fighting extremism appear empty promises.
    In Indonesia, police collusion and inaction by political leaders undermine religious freedom. For Hendardi, the authorities should “stop making good promises” and, in a direct reference to the president, “take action” instead.
    One can’t simultaneously downplay a problem and work meaningfully to solve it. When Yudhoyono discussed prior attacks by Muslims on Christians, you would have thought he were describing a homeowner’s association dispute.

    In addition to the latest episodes of abuse, extremists have also organised street demonstration in recent months against freedom of worship for Christians as well as the construction of Christian places of worship.
    Cirebon, which lies along the border of West and Central Java, 350 km east of Jakarta, is known as the “city of Islamic students”. However, despite its largely Muslim population, it has a reputation as a “peaceful” city because it is home to many members of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Indonesia’s largest moderate Muslim organisation.
    City of “Misunderstanders” of Islam:

    Sadly, it has recently become a centre for attacks and violence, including an attack against police headquarters in April, which have undermined its positive image.
    Its image is the least of the tragedies.

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