Free ciggies & condoms for asylum fraudsters in Australia

A series of riots began at an asylum-seekers’ detention center in Australia after several inmates climbed to the roof of one of the barracks in protest. The aggrieved migrants were angry because their asylum applications had been rejected, and additional inmates soon joined them on the roof in solidarity. Other culture enrichers rioted and set fire to buildings. (GoV)

Andrew Bolt

If bribes are necessary, then these new citizens are not

Is this right? Can we really be this insane that bribe asylum seekers to take up our kind offer of sport? To do their duty to this new asylum and learn its language?

Detainees in Australia, including those in WA, are entitled to claim battery-operated grooming gadgets, cigarettes, phone cards, snacks and confectionery by using reward points earned while playing soccer, volleyball and table tennis, and attending English and art lessons.

Entitled? WTF entitled them?

If bribes are necessary to get asylum seekers to show a willingness to join in at a time when they most need to impress, then I suspect that joining in will never be high on the agenda of our wanna-be new neighbours.

No wonder, with such goodies on offer, that two more boats have been “intercepted” in just two days:

… a boat with 80 asylum seekers on board was able to make it to the small Indian Ocean territory of Cocos Island.

The boat is one of two detected in the area in the last 48 hours.

The other one was intercepted north-west of Christmas Island yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, the protests by detainees widen as the Gillard Government gives up all pretence of control over this farce:

The Immigration Department says it cannot confirm whether asylum seekers are on a hunger strike at the Curtin detention centre in Western Australia’s north, insisting it is a ‘’peaceful protest’’.

The department’s comments followed a claim by refugee advocate Ian Rintoul that a hunger strike and sit-in involving about 300 detainees had begun on Saturday morning.


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  1. This is a disease afflicting all of the West. Why are you allowing the koranimals to settle down in the West. They want to impose sharia on you. What happened to Pastor Jones in Dearborn Michiganistan should be an eye opener to everyone in the West. Deport everyone of these koranimals to their choice of 57 sharia compliant hell-holes.

  2. How about just a free one way plane ride home?

    As a side note, anyone paying attention at Anzac services today would have noted the values soldiers have fought and died for, these are completely at opposite to the sharia.

    The same sharia these “immigrants” propose to bring here and expect us to tolerate and respect! The same sharia of the Turk Ottoman empire and Hitlers muffti mate’s WW2 SS divisions.

    Its better they return to their own lands which the Anzacs called lands of “SIN, SAND, SHIT and SYPHILIS”

  3. “How about just a free one way plane ride home?”

    I still got a problem with that, Sri…my (and your) tax dollars will still be paying for it, and they’ll demand a whole bunch of compensation money to go with it. To fund their next illegal visit.

    These cretins in the ALP should not have let it all get this far, they should be turned away at the border back to their last port of call…somewhere in Indonesia, usually…

  4. Sri,
    They protest and burn detention centres, they sit in the rain until they are deported. They hurt an Australian security person and the entire camp is executed. Fair enough I think.

  5. Rossco, I totally agree with you but there are some who might think my proposals for “turned away” are, somewhat, “unkind”.

    Malaysia is the real problem, thats were they all fly in unhindered.
    If Australia was as smart as Indonesia and likewise refused them entry, any possibility of residency and benefits the problem would disappear.

    Affected Indo locals hate these cashed up “arab” illegals on UN handouts in their midst, strange a few fishermen and more Aussies are not the same. Aussi’s don’t even spit at them in the street like Indos.

  6. Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Australia: “Insider” dumps a load, on Asylum seekers massive use of Condoms in MALE only Detention Centres

    Starving Middle Eastern “Refugees” prepare for “processing” after illegally entering Australian Sovereign Territory,and been “escorted” onto Australian soil by officials.

    Sydney’s number one rating mid morning radio show host,2GB’s Ray Hadley,dropped a bombshell on his show (April 20) reveling he had been contacted by an “insider” at the illegal entrant detention center at I believe he said was Christmas Island.

    The Insider claims that the detainee’s are demanding and receiving large numbers of Condoms.

    What’s the big deal I hear you say, well the vast overwhelming majority of illegals are male.

    You see they abandoned their wives, children and presumably girlfriends, leaving them to fend for themselves from the manifestations of Islam in the various Middle Eastern / Islamic countries they ran away from.

    In the instance referred to by the insider, the inmate population is 400 males only, what do they want condoms for ?

    Well unfortunately a lot of “unaccompanied “ young boys are mixed in amongst the inmates, and are reportedly been used by older stronger males in the same way young boys are used for homosexual sexual acts in many of the Islamic countries they ran away from. See Videos below titled “Islamic Boy Love in Pakistan” and “Warlords Tune 12&3”

    This, added to reports of Illegal Muslim entrants throwing women and girls off boats on their way to Italy so as to make them “less crowded and less dangerous” as reported by Bare Naked Islam,will send alarm bells ringing for any Australian or other citizen of a Judeo Christian Western Democracy these illegal entrants are flooding into, as they abandon the manifestations of their Islamic Religion and its Social and Cultural depravities, or that’s the spin they spin, however, it appears that old cultural and religious customs die hard, and they are demanding the right to continue their vile putrid Religious and social customs in Australia.

    Australia Lock up your Sons ?

  7. * They protest and burn detention centres, they sit in the rain

    “I’m sitting in the rain
    I burnt Villawood again
    And the mug Aussie taxpayers
    Don’t want to build it up again

    But the Reds, Greens and Browns
    And the refugee advocate clowns
    Will raise it from the ground
    So I can do it all again”

  8. if they go on a hunger strike, that will save taxpayers’ the cost of the food. all this is the fault of the liberal woosie morons in power-if they refused to cater to this rabble, and stood firm, this couldn’t happen. look at america’s southern border situation. if there were no more giant neon flashing billboards every 2 feet across the length of the border screaming out “come on over! free hud housing, free food, free medical care, free education, everything is free! just give birth here – free social security for every child for 18 years! you are entitled! if you feel like working, we’ll give you jobs instead of to our citizens! voter registration made easy so undocumented workers can vote themselves more entitlements! we’ll change our societal norms to cater to yours! your language is our language! if we challenge you in any way, sue us and get rich! we will redistribute our wealth to you willingly-anyone who disagrees is a racist! please enter now-criminals ok too!” mexicans would be crazy not to come over.

    can you imagine what it would be like if all mexicans converted to islam? our nation might exist for a few minutes, then poof.

    as for all these muslims invading lampedusa, italy, and europe and australia and whatever western nation, if we stood firm, embraced our own culture and religion, said no loud and clear, and backed up that statement with our might, this multicultural pc mess would not happen.

  9. It is our governments that are funding and enabling this “multicultural pc mess”.

    Note where the funding for this comes from:

    [It wasn’t just Australian media that made a meal of it; all world media broadcast it including CCN, CNN and the BBC. The racist blogosphere was in full swing, the image of what is to African and South Sudanese was 100% tarnishedof the violence .
    And this long Easter weekend Melbourne is flooded with up to two thousand south Sudanese youth from all over Australia.
    The community in Melbourne are worried that there will be a repeated of the last year violent.]

    * And there was a repeat of last year’s violence, but it is “racist” to blog about it as Bolt did:

    [this is what one of the biggest melbourne racist commentator who seem to have a grown overtime special hate to sudanese, had to say, after last night after-party fight

    Andrew Bolt]

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