Is the Australian Parliament Waging War Against the Jews?

Media release: Inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia

Media Contacts:

Media comment: Committee Chair Ms Maria Vamvakinou (03) 9309 3655/0417 541 465 (Basem Abdo)

Just in from a reader:

Just thought it was interesting when I went onto the Parliament of Australia website and clicked on the RSS feedto subscribe, It came up with these contacts:

I notice that he is also on the Justice for Palestine website?


Tues 22 June 2010, 6.00pm: Diana Buttu will be guest-of-honour at the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine dinner at Parliament House. Some 24 MPs and senators from both side of politics, as well as the Greens, the National party and independents will be attending with 10 journalists, some church representatives and Arab ambassadors. The evening is being sponsored by Australians for Palestine and the Australian Friends of Palestine Association.
For more information, contact Moammar Mashni 0419 999 773 or Basem Abdo 0417 541 465

Don’t think he will like my submission regarding Islam!!!  Then again maybe he is just a media consultant?

Blogging will be light today, I’m off to Melbournistan. Ciao!


Fighting back against the demonisation of Israel

Bravo O’Farrell for standing against a boycott that smacks of bigotry:

AN ultimatum has been given to the Greens-run Marrickville Council by Premier Barry O’Farrell - drop your boycott of Israel or face the sack.

Bravo Paul Howes, too:

One of the country’s most powerful union figures has distanced himself from more than 20 ALP-affiliated unions who support banning trade and cultural links with the Jewish state.

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Tim Blair:


3 thoughts on “Is the Australian Parliament Waging War Against the Jews?”

  1. * Is the Australian Parliament Waging War Against the Jews?

    Is the Australian Parliament Waging War Against the God of Israel?

  2. Another dot to connect in the greening of the reds:

    [Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA
    Australian People for Health, Education and Development Abroad (APHEDA) was created in 1984 as the overseas aid agency of the Australian Council of Trade Unions. …]

    * I wonder how many unionists have even heard of “Australian People for …”, and what is so special about smiling headscarfed muslimas?

  3. Arabic second-most common Australian tongue
    (AFP) – 14 hours ago

    SYDNEY — Arabic is the most commonly spoken language after English by young people in Australia, a study has revealed, with about one in eight multilingual children using it in the home.

    The Australia Early Development Index, a government-backed study of more than 260,000 children in their first year of school, found that 18 percent spoke a language other than English.

    Despite no Arabic nation making the top 15 countries of birth for Australia’s children, some 5,565 spoke the language at home, 11.8 percent of all multilingual children.

    Vietnamese was the second-most prevalent, at 8.4 percent, followed by Greek, Chinese dialects and Hindi, each spoken by less than 5.0 percent

    England, New Zealand, India and the United States were the top countries of birth after Australia, followed by the Philippines, China, South Africa, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

    “The Australian population is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse in the world and this is represented in the children surveyed for the AEDI,” the study said.

    Aboriginal children made up 4.8 percent of the student population and one-fifth of them speak a native language in the home — most commonly a creole mixing an indigenous dialect with English.

    Fewer than 100 children spoke any single local tongue, the study found.

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