Ivory Coast & the "Duty to Protect"

More ‘kinetic action’ needed

We’re facing a serious ‘overseas contingency operation’ which could turn into some kind of ‘man made disaster…’    Where’s Eric “my people my people” Holder and the Obamessiah when you need ’em?


The West Will Protect Muslims, But Not Christians

Here is the record:

In 1967 the Christians in southern Nigeria — mainly the Ibo (or Igbo) but not limited to the Ibo — in response to repeated massacres of Christians by Muslims (chiefly Hausa and Fulani) in central and northern Nigeria — declared the independent state of Biafra. Many Christian Nigerians flew home to join the fight, one that Colonel Ojukwu, the leader of Biafra, correctly characterized as a “jihad” against the Christians.

Fighting in Abidjan appeared to be reaching a bloody climax. Gun battles have left most of the city’s five million residents too terrified to leave their home

Nasser sent his Mig bombers, with Egyptian pilots, to strafe — at will — Ibo villages. Tens of thousands of those who can truly be called “helpless civilians” (unlike those who have taken up arms against Qaddafy) died from such Egyptian raids. The Muslim pilots were sent by a Muslim government to kill Christians, on behalf of other Muslims. ]

The Western world declared an “arms embargo” on both sides. But as we know now, the government of Great Britain sent twelve timies as many arms as it had before the war — sent all of them to the Muslim-run military of Nigeria, that was suppressing the Christians of Biafra.

In the southern Sudan, according to the estimates of many organizations run by black Sudanese, 2.5 million non-Muslims have been killed, or deliberately starved to death, by the Muslim Arabs of the north. This has taken place over many decades, in slow motion. It was observed by Gaston Biro, the U.N.’s Special Rapporteur, and by many international aid agencies. The West did nothing. It might have sent a dozen planes to strafe the airports of the Muslim north. It would have cost the West nothing. But nothing was done during all those decades of mass slaughter.

It was only when the Muslim Arabs started to attack the Muslim non-Arabs of Darfur that various forceful statements began to be made, though still, there was no intervention — say, strafing a camel-column of Janjaweed, to make sure a message was delivered that the mass rapes, pillaging, and murder had to stop — by the West. Not with a single plane, not with a single helicopter, not a single missile loobed, not even a rifle shot.

But just because the West did nothing to intervene in the Sudan — southern Sudan or Darfur — or in Nigeria, where Christians and animists and then non-Arab Muslims were the victims — doesn’t mean that the West hasn’t intervened.

It intervened in Bosnia, to save Muslim lives.

It intervened in Kosovo , to save Muslmi lives.

It intervened in Kuwait, to save Muslim lives from other Muslims.

It intervened in Iraq, to save Muslim lives from the Muslims running the regime of Saddam Hussein.

It intervened in Libya, to save Muslims who wished to throw off the yoke of Qaddafy, and whose views are still a mystery to the very Westerners who decided to bomb and shoot first, and find out later if they would be getting more, or less, Islam in Libya if Qaddafy were overthrown.

Now in the Ivory Coast, where Muslims who are not citizens have been entering the country in the north, which has been in “rebel” hands for some years, and where, therefore, it is unclear who voted in the last election, the Christian, Laurent Gbagbo, lost by a little, when the votes were counted, to a Muslim, Mr.Ouattarra. No one knows exactly what happened when the voting went on in the north — it was off-limits to representatives of Abidjan.

For the West, the issue was clear-cut and did not admit of any other considerations: Gbagbo had to go, Outtarra must come in.

And now, as the Western powers have been sending in planes and raining missiles down to save “civilian lives”  of Muslims who are being attacked by other Muslims, to avoid a “massacre” which so far has apparently not occurred in any of the cities held by Qaddafy’s forces — for if there had been such a massacre you would certainly have heard of it, over and over and over, in the Situation Room and suchlike — a real massacre has occurred, by Muslims, of Christians, in the Ivory Coast.

Make of that what you will.

Jan 4, 2011 … We are witnessing an Islamic takeover of the Ivory Coast. And the French (and the UN, US, and Europe) are helping them.

January 4: We are witnessing one of those watershed moments in history: Ivory Coast is about to toggle from a (mostly) Christian country to a Muslim country. The winner of the election is a Muslim — the head of the Muslim rebel forces in the north of the country — and the loser is a non-Muslim. Ivory Coast is on the verge of officially joining the Ummah.


Muslims do not need to be in the majority to force Islamic rule on a country. They simply need to be present in numbers sufficient to terrorize, threaten, bribe, and defraud their way into power.

And  slaughter. So it begins………… Of course leftist shills and UN propagandists took issue with my reportage. Perhaps this slaughter should be laid at their feet. I wonder how Mark Leon Goldberg will frame this massacre:

Muslim Troops Slaughter 1,000 Civilians in Ivory Coast Massacre Business Week

Troops loyal to Alassane Ouattara, the Muslim opposition leader, slaughtered 1,000 civilians in Duekoue last week. The victims were mostly men who were shot as they fled the city.
Business Week reported:

Charity workers who reached Duekoue said it appeared the killings had taken place in a single day, shortly after the town fell to troops loyal to Alassane Ouattara, the man internationally-recognised as having won last year’s presidential election.

The apparent massacre came despite the presence of United Nations troops and – if confirmed – will cast a shadow over Mr Outtara’s assumption of the Ivory Coast’s presidency after a four-month battle to oust Lawrence Gbagbo, the former president who lost the November election but refused to step down.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said he was “gravely concerned” by the violence and loss of life in Ivory Coast and added: “I am determined that all alleged human rights abuses… must be investigated and those responsible held to account…

…The International Committee for the Red Cross said its staff discovered more than 800 bodies of people who were clearly local civilians. They were mainly men who had been shot and left where they fell, the organisation said, either alone or in small groups dotted around the town, which lies at the heart of Ivory Coast’s economically crucial cocoa producing region.

The charity said it had been told by locals that intercommunal violence erupted soon after Mr Ouattara’s forces took control of the town on Monday. Thousands of people left their homes to escape the fighting and an estimated 40,000 sought refuge in a nearby Roman Catholic mission’s compound. The priests who operate it are running short of food, clean water and medical equipment to treat those they say arrived with gunshot wounds.

The bodies are thought to be of those who did not reach sanctuary in time. They were killed despite 200 United Nations troops operating what it said were “robust” patrols from its base on the outskirts to protect civilians in and around the church.

Jan 4, 2011 … We are witnessing an Islamic takeover of the Ivory Coast. And the French (and the UN, US, and Europe) are helping them.
Jan 5, 2011 … Yesterday I posted on the troubling trend in the sweeping islamization of Africa . Latest victim: the Ivory Coast.
Dec 31, 2007 … Look to Bosnia, Kosovo, the Ivory Coast …………… look to where the jihad is succeeding and see how it’s done.

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  1. We must be the next to overthrow our corrupt govt obama is just one more dictator in disguise may the True and Living G-D help us to destroy the work of these anti-Christ world leaders who have their agenda to take over the world with their evil plans read Psalms 83 focus on Israel but G-D has HIS plans and HIS plan will be fulfilled for Israel and her enemies will finally be destroyed the Bible tells us that a one world govt will be established the godless leaders of the world will fall for this as they follow satan because they chose not to follow YESHU’A (JESUS the Christ Messiah of Israel) they believed satan’s lie of power that they know more than the True G-D read the Bible you will find the Truth if you seek after it

  2. I just don’t get Christian nations leaders. Do these ‘leaders’ hate Christianity so much that they like to see Christians killed? Even that damned Clinton (I think it was him anyway..) helped the stinking muslims in the Balkans. Maybe he was hoping that they would kill him last, huh?

  3. Shrillary Klintoon leaps into action:

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, responding to reports that more than 1,000 people were massacred in the western part of Ivory Coast amid a succession battle, said Sunday she is “deeply concerned” about the violence and called on the entrenched incumbent to step down “immediately.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/04/03/clinton-concerned-ivory-coast-violence-calls-election-loser-step/#ixzz1IY2GqDot

  4. The Ivory Coast.

    Sultan Knish

    There is a civil war in the Ivory Coast between Muslims and Christians. Unsurprisingly the EU has chosen to back the Muslim side. France is using armed force to insure that the Muslims take over.

    Islam came to the Ivory Coast via Berber slave traders. Now it is trying to take over with mass murder and the backing of the ‘international community’. The post-colonial Ivory Coast was a success story. But Muslim immigration has turned it into a nightmare.

    The media narrative on the Cote D’Ivorie crisis is that Muslim thug Alassane Ouattarra is the legitimately elected leader of the country. But Alassane Ouattarra had a Birther problem of his own. Under Ivory Coast law, the president and his parents have to be native born. Alassane Ouattarra was born in the Ivory Coast, but his father wasn’t. That legally disqualified him from holding office. He tried for it anyway despite a Supreme Court ruling barring him.

    Ouattarra tried to present forged documents, resulting in a warrant for his arrest. He ran for office yet again. But this time he brought large numbers of Muslim immigrants who were not legally qualified to vote to the polls. Numerically he won, but the invalid votes were thrown out by the Constitutional Council. The ‘international community’ chose to back Ouattarra, who had no legal right to even stand for office, and his illegal Muslim voters. Now they’re doing everything possible to put him in power.

    Let’s be clear about what is going on here. Gbago is no saint– few African leaders are. But Alassane Ouattarra and his Muslim thugs are trying to turn the Ivory Coast into another Sudan filled with the bodies of Christians and Animists. Backing an Ouattarra takeover means backing another Muslim genocide against Christians and Animists.

    The Obama Administration has pushed for the replacement of Gbago with Ouattarra. The UN has used mostly unproven war crimes allegations, that smack of events in Yugoslavia, to conduct a war to put Ouattarra and his Muslim thugs in power. Meanwhile the UN did not intervene military when Muslims were engaged in genocide in Sudan. UN peacekeepers serve as Ouattara’s private bodyguard.

    Despite all the lies about acting on behalf of Ivorians– the UN is acting on behalf of Muslims. On behalf of Ouattara and the Muslim immigrants drawn by the wealth of Côte d’Ivoire.

    The numbers tell the tale. In 1957, Muslims barely made up 20 percent of the country. In the 90’s, they were already half the country. The boom has come from migrant workers. Many of whom were enlisted to vote for Ouattara.

    This civil war hinges on the question of whether Muslim immigrants should be allowed to take over the Côte d’Ivoire. The UN says yes. Obama says yes. France says yes. But this is a preview of coming attractions for Europe and America as well.


  5. Ivory Coast Genocide Proves Responsibility to Protect Doctrine a Fraud


    A battle is being waged in the Ivory Coast for control of the nation. Alassane Ouattara, a Muslim, apparently defeated Lawrence Gbagbo, a Christian, for the Presidency of the small African nation. Ouattara is supported largely by the Muslim north of the country while Gbagbo is supported by the Christian south. According to President Obama, Ouattara won the election freely and fairly. That may be up for debate. Gbagbo is refusing to give up power and the two sides are currently fighting for control of the nation.
    We have discovered that over the weekend Ouattara’s troops massacred 1,000 Christians. This despite the presence of the UN, which apparently did nothing to protect these people. Perhaps because the UN supports Ouattara. This isn’t the first nation where Muslims have massacred Christians, it has happened in Sudan and elsewhere. Christians have been persecuted throughout the Arab world, even in Iraq after Saddam was removed.
    The situation in the Ivory Coast creates an interesting dilemma for the Obama administration. Obama’s top advisor Samantha Power created the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine with George Soros. The doctrine has been largely adopted by the UN and the Obama administration. This doctrine is what Obama used to justify American air attacks in Libya. After all, we had a responsibility to protect Libyans from their brutal dictator Gaddafi. According to Power and her doctrine, the US had no choice but to bomb Libya.
    I’m left wondering whether the United States has a duty to bomb the Ivory Coast. We have a very clear example of a brutal attack carried out by the forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara. We have a very clear group of people who are threatened by the newly elected, if not installed, leader of the Ivory Coast. If Ouattara is put into power, it seems very likely that thousands of Christians will face attack and certain death. Samantha Power’s “Responsibility to Protect’ doctrine dictates that the US and in fact the world has a moral duty to intervene to protect Christians in the Ivory Coast from certain genocide.
    What do you want to bet that Samantha Power and President Obama will not even consider doing anything in the Ivory Coast? In fact, would it surprise anyone if the Obama administration backed Alassane Ouattara even though his forces have massacred over 1,000 people in one town alone? Opposing Ouattara would mean backing down from the glowing statement of support issued by Obama just last week. The administration doesn’t seem to have a problem supporting brutal Muslim killers so long as it suits their current interests.
    The Responsibility to Protect doctrine is and always has been a fraud. Samantha Power and President Obama have no intention of applying the doctrine across the board. If they did, they would be getting the bombs ready for the Ivory Coast. The fact is, Power and Obama are selective in the enforcement of this doctrine, thus rendering the arguments they’ve made favoring it irrelevant and arguably a fraud when it comes to Libya. Either the US and the world have a responsibility to protect all people from brutal dictators and/or genocide or they do not. We cannot have a responsibility to protect those living in Libya but not those living in the Ivory Coast.
    The situation in the Ivory Coast shows us all what a fraud Obama’s Libyan argument is. It shows us what a fraud Samantha Power’s “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine really is. What’s amazing is that Power is rumored to be the next Secretary of State or National Security advisor if Obama is re-elected. Obama’s lack of action in the Ivory Coast is proof that he has ulterior motives in Libya. It proves that he is in bed with radical Islamic socialists, all of whom hate Gaddafi. Obama is doing their bidding and hiding behind the Responsibility to Protect doctrine created by Power. When the Muslim Brotherhood has no interest, or where their interest is in favor of genocide, Obama is silent and so is Samantha Power.

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