Julia Gorin: Fool Me Thrice


It’s not a matter of being stupid twice. Or three times. Or more. This isn’t making the same mistake over and over again. This isn’t serendipitous consistency or wars of opportunity reaping the same results. Something else is at work.

Shrillary Clitman praises “the achievements of the Islamic world”: HIGHLIGHTS from Hijbab Hillary’s speech to the Islamic world (Barenaked has a good list of “achievements”)

…Is Hillary so naïve as not to realize that these are not Libyan rebels in the true sense of the word? No, I believe she fully understands what she is doing and that makes for one truly frightening scenario.

The frightening scenario is much bigger than Hillary Clinton or the Obama administration.

The rebels are jihadists, murderers of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are enemies of the West; enemies of Jews and Christians and of all other non-Muslim faiths.

So are the ruling elites. Are we starting to get it yet? Which religion gets a free pass and reverence from the political class and its mainstream media? Which religion has our politicians and bureaucrats applauding U.S. newspapers for not following the European example of printing the Muhammad cartoons?

Thanks to the westistheverybest

The ruling class, the people in power and their mainstream media, promote Islam. This is why it’s getting a privileged status in Western societies. The answer to why they like Islam has something to do with Islam’s utility in subduing a populace, getting people used to censoring themselves, whispering, and not wanting to stick out. Qualities that our elitist masters and re-shapers of the universe are going to need us to have in order to fulfill their Sorosian schemes of redrawing national borders and removing the sovereignty and identity of the traditional nation-state, culminating in the elimination of traditional American values — which they despise and which are a thorn in the side of their plans. The Islamic takeover that we are witnessing — to almost zero resistance by our “leaders,” who laud the soft Islamization as “cultural diversity” that enhances our society — is part of a bigger takeover. The elites are of course bargaining, as always, on the Muslims being controllable in the process, but the two divergent end goals (secular totalitarianism vs. Islamic totalitarianism) will collide.


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  1. if the person holding this sign while wearing the clown nose is listening ,(or reading) please know that your message “WILL NOT” come to pass in “YOUR” lifetime…this is not a threat or simple hate speech. this is a good ole fashioned “american” promise !!! it can dominate “your” tiny , pathetic excuse for a world seven days a week, but “not” one day shall it exist within my family’s zip-code ! you may be able to “influence” and ignore other countries and their laws, but, we would love for you to try some of your antics on “any” main street U.S.A ! you are a cowardly people who must disguise its motives, cover your whimpering faces and utilize children to mask your spineless actions…you want your freedom you say? well, try your little rant of hate in america “pork loin”, we will send you straight to hell in a freezer bag. (twice) !!!

  2. “Peace” conference
    in Oslo

    Male muslims: Main entrance
    Female muslims: Back door

    PK media: Young and old, gathering to get “new knowledge about islam”

    Who’s behind this 3 days’ conference? Islam Net, building up network of local organizations in five main districts of the country
    Speakers, from Islamic Education and Research Academy, London, will also talk about

    – How to become clever missionaries for islam, prophecies and doomsday.


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