Just Show Us the Bloody Birth Certificate!

Nothing but BS:


President impostor should just release full birth documentation ending legitimacy questions


Muslim brothers: Obama with chief Sheik Mohamed Hassan during a visit to northeastern Kenya in August  2006.

If Mr. Obama was not born in America, then it would serve as the final damning indictment of the establishment media’s complicity with the Democratic Party. Not only would it bring the Obama presidency down, but the entire liberal power structure as well.

The Constitution is absolutely clear that to be president one has to be a “natural born citizen.” Therefore, every major initiative implemented during the Obama administration – the health care overhaul, the massive stimulus package, the government takeovers of the auto companies, big banks and insurance firms, the sweeping anti-carbon regulations, allowing homosexuals to openly serve in the military, the nearly unprecedented expansion of state power, the new START Treaty – would be invalid and possibly illegal. It would drive a stake through the heart of Mr. Obamas regime, triggering impeachment and his removal from office. This is why liberals ferociously insist that the birth issue must be buried at almost any cost.

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8 thoughts on “Just Show Us the Bloody Birth Certificate!”

  1. Even if he shows the BC, that won’t be the end of it. There are so many other questions. Does he qualify as Natural Born by its definition during the time of the Founding? I strongly suspect he does not. Then there’s the question of his Indonesian citizenship by being adopted by his stepfather; did he ever get his U.S. citizenship back? His father was a British citizen, does that make Barack a dual citizen? Dual citizens of course cannot be President. Why is he spending millions $ to keep his records sealed? He’s a man of mystery.

  2. Yeah well Beck can just suck it. So can every other limp wristed pantywaist freaking coward on the so called right who is afraid to call for full fucking disclosure and investigations of the fraud and every single jackass who enabled it to get into the highest office in the land. Notice those weak bitches are also loathe to honestly talk about the depth of jihadi infiltration in our country. Even Beck sold his soul to some extent on it when he called Geert Wilders a fascist on his Fox show after showing him a completely different face back on HLN. Beck only now talks about islam because his Saudi masters got nervous when the uprisings started and let him off his leash a bit and now that he’s leaving his Fox show it doesn’t matter anyway.
    Shared your post at that page I run at facebook by the way. Almost all 733 of us know Barry is a scammer. Here’s the page if you’re interested:

  3. The guy’s a liar, even worse than our own JooLIAR…and it’s just so easy to tell when they lie…watch them closely when they speak. If their lips move, it means they’re lying.

    Wayne Duck (our beloved treasurer) is lying too. I saw & heard him say that there will be no increase in the GST rate. He said it several times, same as JooLIAR did when she lied that “there will be no carbon tax”. And we all know how that’s going, didn’t we?

  4. The complicit fools who call people ‘BIRTHERS” simply for asking questions are the real CONSPIRATORS and its those who are HIDING things that are perpetrating the FRAUD. But hey in topsy turvey moonbat La La Land Black is White, Truth is Lies , Right is Wrong and simply asking a question makes you a ‘Conspiracy Nut” so what do you expect. Us DOCUMENTERS dont just want to see the REAL BC we want all the OTHER Documents and records the USURPER is HIDING to be revealed also. Then the Obamanation can be judged on what he REALLY is.

  5. Oh Please. None of you birfer morons will be satisfied with the supposed “long form birth certificate.” You nutcrackers will examine that piece of paper with an electron microscope and claim that it’s a fake.

    You’ll claim that the persons listed on the certificate are fake or never existed. The bottom line is that you don’t want to believe that he was born in hawaii.

    Obama’s birf certicate issue is so nonsensical, that it defies common logic. This guy is trashing the United States, destroying its economy, raising taxes, and god only know what else. And you birfers are chasing a butterfly’s fart.

    It’s the equivalent of a man breaking into your house, raping your wife, stealing all your things, and then burning your house down. And the only thing you want to prosecute the man for, is not wiping his shoes on the doormat before he came in. Unreal.

    I’m standing and applauding Beck and Levin for this:


  6. They got Al Capone for tax evasion.

    The question of eligibility should have been asked long before the O’turd was inflicted on us, but we’ll do whatever it takes to shake him out of his tree. If its not that, than it will be something else. But go he must.

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