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Border-less Dream Fizzles

Europe’s doors are swinging shut

It’s all unravelling, this dream of a borderless world and a world culture:

THE DREAM of a borderless Europe – in which passport control has been abolished across the Continent over the past 25 years – is in tatters amid a row over North African refugees.

Document checks are being hastily reintroduced in France, the Netherlands and Belgium in response to Italy’s decision to hand travel papers to at least 22,000 Tunisian migrants, allowing them access to the mainland of Europe. Austria and Germany also indicated that they would toughen up border checks amid the dispute that threatens to undo a quarter of a century of painstaking efforts to create a passport-free area from the English Channel to the Aegean sea…

The dispute erupted when Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, flew into a rage at fellow EU nations’ refusal to take a share of refugees pouring into the Italian island of Lampedusa from Tunisia.  ( Bolt: swinging shut)

Today’s ‘Revert’

She’s not even fuggly. So what made her convert to Islam?  (Barenaked)

African Invaders:

“You take them.” “No, YOU take them.” “NO, YOU take them, damn it.”

We’re coming to blow you away:

Italy: Over 750 Muslim invaders land on Lampedusa from Libya

The land belongs to those who can defend it. If Europe doesn’t grow a pair and starts defending itself, it has no future. (eye on the world)

Rome, April 19 (AKI) – A fishing boat with 760 African refugees on board landed on Italy’s tiny southern Lampedusa island Tuesday, prompting Italy’s foreign minister to point the finger at embattled Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi.More…

Now we know why we don’t see women among the thousands of Tunisian illegals flooding the Italian Island of Lampedusa

To prevent the overloaded boats from Tunisia and Libya headed for Lampedusa from capsizing, young males on board have been throwing the women overboard, most of whom apparently drowned. This could partly explain the virtual absence of any women among the Tunisian masses invading Lampedusa every day now….  (source)

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  1. * It’s all unravelling, this dream of a borderless world and a world culture:

    If they had studied the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream they would have known that the iron & clay feet didn’t alloy. it was never going to succeed.

  2. Guards retreat as detainees set Villawood alight

    [Mr Daoud said the detainees who started the fire were frustrated by the lack of care the Department of Immigration and Citizenship showed to two men who were protesting on the roof of the centre for much of yesterday.]

    * They got frustrated, so they burnt the place to the ground. I wonder if the poor frustrated followers of allah burnt any blasphemous korans in the process.

    Either ACT, Julia, or GO! DO IT NOW. Enough is enough.

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