Moving to Montana Soon…?

You might not meet a dental floss tycoon, but a bunch of far left loons who are eagerly peddling sharia.
One could get the idea that Montana is one of the states that is somehow targeted by the soldiers of Allah. But not to worry, go back to sleep, kafir. Negative thoughts are ‘counterproductive’. This is all  about  “removing misunderstandings and hatred”, nothing to do with stoning of women, chopping off limbs on opposite sides or killing  homosexuals. Nothing but ‘myths’ concocted by greasy Islamophobes to give Islam a bad name. Right?

Check this out:

State Dept imports devout Muslim to teach Montana kids Arabic, Islam (Creeping Sharia)

Taxation for Islamization in Montana. Where else in the U.S. are imported, devout Muslims indoctrinating our kids under the guise of Arabic language skills? via Missoula teacher seeks to dispel Muslim myths |

Mother Jones: Anti-Sharia Bill Sponsors Are Kind of Clueless

Well, yes. They are indeed ‘kind of clueless’, but that can be changed. Clueless is not hopeless, like the retarded cult-(ure) of Islam.

But  don’t you fret, Montana: all misunderstandings and myths about Islam will be removed, shortly:

University of Montana to Teach Islamic Law Next Semester…

By Erin Cole

Earlier this semester, Jeff Renz, a law professor at The University of Montana, appeared on a conservative radio show to discuss the myths and realities of Islamic law. Accompanying him to Missoula’s KVGO studio were UM professor Mehrdad Kia and Robert Seidenschwarz, president of the World Affairs Council of Montana. (WTF is the “World Affairs Council of Montana.?”

According to Renz, the talk stirred up a fair amount of debate.

Nothing but myths:

“It was an interesting conversation,” he said. “A lot of the myths were repeated and we talked about those as well as a lot of the accuracies that are negative.”

The appearance was a launching pad for Renz, who plans to expand the conversation this fall semester by teaching an Islamic law class at UM.

This development adds UM to the growing number of American universities offering classes on Islamic law, ranging from the University of Minnesota to Yale. Islamic law, also known as Shariah law, guides the daily behavior and actions of Muslims while influencing the legal code of Islamic countries.

The three-credit class, ANTY 491, will meet three times a week and is open to UM undergraduate, graduate and law students. Renz said the course will examine the development of Islam along with the four principles of Islamic jurisprudence and will address the challenges of applying Sharia law in the 21st century.

Renz said Shariah law is not monolithic and that legal codes vary from one Muslim country to another and are often intertwined with tribal law.

“The most important thing they’ll learn is that what people perceive to be Islamic law is really local and national law rationalized, and falsely rationalized, by reference to the Quran,” he said.

Renz said that Shariah law’s core values are dignity, equality and justice, principles that were overshadowed in the midst of Islamic imperialism and European colonialism. Today, Renz said that Shariah law is in “enormous ferment” with regards to women’s and human rights and that he wants to explore both the negative and positive aspects.

Renz developed an interest in the subject due to his travels throughout Central Asia. After years spent studying books and journals on the topic, last fall he attended a week-long Islamic law and human rights conference in Salzburg, Austria. The conference solidified past talks with UM’s Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center about creating the class.

“Somewhere along the way we said we had to do it,” Renz said. “Once the decision was made to do it, things moved fast.”

Seidenschwarz, who participated with Renz on the radio show, said he’s glad UM would offer the course.

“I would greatly encourage anyone to take this class,” he said. “There’s so much misunderstanding and misinformation about what it is and there’s no uniformity in the Islamic world on interpretation.”

He said that many fears revolve around the question of whether Shariah law will either supplement or subordinate the current U.S. legal system.

Despite experiencing “not a peep” of backlash, Renz contends that there might be some disapproval of the class, and he does expect there will be controversy in the classroom.


It is good to see that there are a growing number of such bills all over the country. They will always be challenged by claims that they infringe upon Muslims’ religious liberties. But they wouldn’t exist at all, of course, were it not for the political and authoritarian aspects of Sharia. Backers of such bills need to familiarize themselves with those aspects and be ready to answer those challenges. “Bill would ban courts from using ‘foreign law,'” by Michael Biesecker for the News & Observer, April 29


7 thoughts on “Moving to Montana Soon…?”

  1. Islam may not be ‘monolithic’ but they tend to have agreement on a couple of things, e.g.:

    a) Apostasy from Islam is punishable by death (i.e no freedom of religion)
    b) Women do not have equal rights to men
    c) Non-muslims are treated as second class citizens to muslims
    d) The Quar’an is immutable and cannot be changed

    Some muslims try to whitewash these, such as claiming that they would support a ‘moratorium’ on the death penalty but no sane muslim would dare claim that Sharia does not require it.
    Questions should be asked of these Sharia experts, on such as the issues above.

    ““A lot of the myths” ???? WTF????
    What myths?
    NAME ONE.”
    ‘Shariah law promotes justice.’

    Oh, you meant the myths AGAINST it….?

  2. why is this avenue always traveled through our educational system? we as parents, citizens and concerned americans have left this door “unchecked” ! the public school system & our lovely liberal multi-cultural campuses have become vehicles for “everyones” political agenda. meanwhile our children (even early on) must adhere to “whatever” opinion certain educators feel to be “unquestionable” ! people “MUST” start removing their children from these dens of “stupidity”! we must take the “time” to insure our “greatest” resource has complete immunity from this confidence killing virus. if we are to “caught up” in our “own” lives , our jobs , our mid life “poor me” syndromes, then whatever gains or headway we deem worthy and justified, will sadly become the object of “our” DEMISE ! this country,not to long ago , pitted ” brother against brother” , in an effort to make “all things” civil… do we as parents , grandparents and role models wish to “pit” ourselves against our own children? with their opinionated, arrogant, union fed “elites”? why is it considered racism, or hateful for a parent “even to” consider any other option “except” the government school system? if we as parents “cannot” educate our very own kids, at least to the pathetic standards of almost every “failing” institution across this country, then we “SHOULD NOT” be parents period ! the sacrifice we make “now”, will certainly decrease the burden of sacrifice “WE WILL” be making in the very near future…sharia law, islam(so mis-understood) socialism , radical liberal citizens etc., are not going to simply stop their agenda. they “MUST” be stopped at any cost and individual sacrifice…dont let them “capture” the minds of our children with false hope,false dreams or false flags. forget the mind, but “A CHILD” is a terrible thing to waste…

  3. Hey All
    Lets go an attend the Islamic Law Classes I am sure we will be most welcome.

  4. First they change the laws … then they change the times (Daniel 7:25).

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