Muslims Conquer Rome

Arrivederci, Roma

Atlas Shrugs presents:

Good Friday in Rome: Muslims Illegally Pray at “Altar to the homeland”

Imagine if Christians tried this in Mecca. What is so utterly galling is how they demand respect  for their belligerence, contempt and violence. Islamic supremacism.

Maxime Lépante made today a new video that shows how Muslims illegally prayed on the ground in the center of Rome, this past Friday, April 22nd, 2011 :

Political muscle flexing. They should be driven from the streets, this kind of thing should never be tolerated in the West. KGS

Video description:

D̩claration de guerre РPri̬res musulmanes en plein Rome (22 avril 2011)

Those illegal Muslim prayers took place on the Piazza Venezia, in front of the national monument dedicated to Vittorio-Emanuele II, and, more precisely, in front of the “Altar to the homeland”

Therefore, those prayers were a declaration of war to the Italian homeland.

Moreover, this Friday, April 22nd, was the Good Friday : therefore, those prayers were a declaration of war to all the Christians too.

Reminds me of this. And this …takbir. They allegedly apologized — but they keep on doing it. Islamic imperialism.

And this is what they do if we don’t stop them:

Pali jihadist in police uniform shoots Jews at Jacobs tomb:


14 thoughts on “Muslims Conquer Rome”

  1. From now on, every time Muslims attack and destroy a Christian church in Iraq, or anywhere in the world, I will attack a mosque over here, in the west. I will attack and keep attacking until they allow a church to be built in Mecca.

  2. Be careful aK, if you decide to react to muslim provocation in the manner you suggest do not leave any trails, however we should first be using OUR legal systems to shut the muslim invaders down – that is the preferred option.

  3. If you are thinking historically, if Muslims do “conquer Rome,” then they will give themselves the authority to conquer the entire West. A similar thing happened when they conquered Constantinople.
    They viewed as their license to take over what had been the Eastern Roman Empire. AND THEY DID!

  4. Of course. This is why they mark Good Friday in this way, both in Milano, and in Roma. The symbolic effect.

    I can’t believe that they set up this huge mosque in Rome, and that they additionally built minarets in Milan and Rome!

  5. We Muslims will surely conquer the whole Europe . When the promise of Allah comes to be fulfilled you unbelievers would find no place to hide. When the army of Allah is raised at the time which is already so close to you , all unbelievers would be turned to dust and the Kingdom of Allah would be formed .Inshaallah.

  6. Shizan, you forgot about the part where once this is all achieved, your allah will reveal himself to all of his followers, and you will all (too late) realize that you have been conned by the devil (allah) and his messenger (mohammed).

    My advice to you is to abandon this path to destruction and learn what Jesus has promised you. Believe me, this is the only way to go…

  7. No Shizan, you will conquer nothing. You are an idiot filled with the lies you have been told and have so willingly believed. You have achieved nothing of value in this world, and when we send you to the next you will also achieve nothing of value there. You are a fool. and, like your pathetic islam, you are not wanted or needed anywhere. PS. Do you really think that a true god would require loosers like you islamists to spread a message!!!!!!! LoL !! Islam is shit!!! And you, Shitzi, are its poisonous droppings.

  8. I think we should read islam. It is not true what the media is presenting to us about islam and our problem is that we believe in media blindly. We have done very very wrong to muslims but we don’t know because our media don’t show it to us.

  9. “We have done very very wrong to muslims…?”

    “we don’t know because our media don’t show it to us?”

    You must be a genius, jak.

    Could you explain?

  10. You people are a losing disgrace.first to learn the truth about your own religion u fools which u renew every year man made bibles etc etc what a shame u pose on yourselves its no wonder your churches are empty because u follow the devil wake up and discover islam the true religion and the religion of peace.there is only 1 god and he is not beggoten nor does he beget.he need only say be and it is.

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