No Outrage When Muslims Burn Bibles in Ottawa

Vlad Tepes Blog:

Michigan prosecutor files to stop Koran-burning pastor

DETROIT (Reuters) – A Detroit prosecutor has filed a petition in district court to stop a Florida fundamentalist Christian preacher, who recently caused riots in Afghanistan after he burned a Koran, from holding a rally outside a large Michigan mosque.

“Jones caused riots?”

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said the threat of violence was too great to allow Terry Jones to hold the planned gathering on Friday near the Islamic Center of America — the largest U.S. mosque — in the heavily Muslim Detroit suburb of Dearborn. (source)

Jones will pack heat:

Koran-burning preacher Terry Jones says he’ll demonstrate outside a Michigan mosque no matter what this Friday – and he plans to pack a pistol for the protest.

“I have a .40-caliber semi-automatic and a concealed license permit, and I will be wearing that,” the fundamentalist Florida preacher told Reuters.

“There will be no provocative actions from us,” he continued. “We are coming in peace.” (source)

Terry Jones is head of the small Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla

Riots in Nigeria After Christian Wins Election:

Lets blame the Joozz:

Iraq: no outrage

(ME Forum)
What does it say about Islam when religious minorities in Iraq were better off under Saddam?

UK: 70 days

False Condemnation:


6 thoughts on “No Outrage When Muslims Burn Bibles in Ottawa”

  1. I strongly oppose the idea of burning religious books. However, it is interesting to see that if something like this happens to the Muslims, the media tend to make a big story out of it, but when someone burns Bibles, you can hardly find a few articles on this.

  2. the media, whoopi goldberg, the president (well obama for now) the liberal fumb ducks and all else who “cry” like children when they feel burdened to sympathize with “islam”, could not be stupider !!! who do you think muslim cowards “respect” the most? the “first thing jihad wants to witness from the west is “EXACTLY” what these dip shits are handing to them…they dont need a reason to kill. they “need” a reaction to kill ! by burning a koran, paster jones “did not” give these idiots a “reason”… the reaction from the above stooges towards the “killings” said to have been “caused” by the burning is what fuels these breast fed pricks ! if muslims, during a recreational “jihad” had two buildings surrounded, one being occupied by joy behard, whoopi, various spineless media unknowns, the c.i.a, a.t.f , f.b.i and the obama administration..the other occupied with average, everyday citizens whom utilize commonsense and “reality” to prepare for the unknown.. “WHICH” building do you think would be hearing “allah akbar” infidels first????????????? the muslims might be stupid crack wiping fools but, they certainly would choose the “politically correct” dwelling first…and if smart, they would ignore the other altogether…what liberal bone heads cannot come to terms with is , these radicals are spineless cowards who “WILL” kill each and everyone of them even while their kissing ass…they are laughing “RIGHT” now at the likes of C.N.N , the view and all sympathizers to their “profiling” ! dont know about you, but , i wouldnt “submit” to this kind of rhetoric from “ANY” form of “ANY” government, let alone a people who informs me i must “submit” or die ! as we continue to see our rights dwindle and our gov. increase- ill be taking as many of these “critters” as tactically possible right along with me !

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