Pastor Jones vs Dearbornistans Sharia & Hezbo Imam Quazwini

Pastor Terry Jones now says he plans to protest at City Hall, may file lawsuit (sharia)

Make no mistake: this man is a patriot and a hero.

Diana West:

Michigan Court Establishes “Blasphemy”-Free, No-Go-Zone for Islam

Writing  at The Corner, Nina Shea recaps the latest in the saga of Terry Jones, who has been trying to take a peaceful, non-flammable protest of sharia and jihad to the sidewalk outside the largest mosque in America in Dearborn, Michigan only to be outlawed by the Michigan District Court. Like all other envelop-pushing cases, this latest incident serves as a stress test of the rule of law in our society. And, like most other such envelop-pushing cases,  it proves that the rule of law is strong –  only the law that is strong is sharia (Islamic) law.

The Michigan District Court’s egregious ruling against Jones is all about protecting Islam from criticism, rather than about protecting criticism from Islam, which is what US jurisprudence, not to mention the American Way, demands. It is sharia that the US court is enforcing.

One particularly hideous aspect of the ruling…

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KGS, Tundra Tabloids:

Hezbo Scum: Dearbornistans Quazwini Claims He Was ‘Misunderstood’ & ‘out of context……’

These people are so full of crap it’s pathetic. Imam Hassan Qazwini is a well known Hezbollah sympathizer, and friend of anti-Semite, the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakha, and someone Debbie Schlussel has repeatedly proved to be a fundamentalist.

This fake “moderate” has been given hugs and handshakes by many a politician across the political aisle, and who now stands at the center of the Terry Jones demonstration circus. This serial liar and friend to anti-Semites now says his statement about “for some Muslims burning the Quran was worse than 1,000 deaths.” was misunderstood.

Yeah, riiiiight. We are now led to believe that he was talking about how “other muslims” around the world would react to koran burning, not Muslims in the US, let alone his own mosque members. Remember folks, this is no moderate, he’s a Jew hating bigot, or at least one who loves to hang around Jew hating bigots, as well as being a Heznazi sympathizer. KGS (More here)


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  1. I do not want Sharia law practiced here and I understand what Pastor Jones is trying to do. We have to take a stand against Muslim people who practice Jihad and the violent teachings of the Quoran. We do not want men killing their wives or others because they do something wrong according to the Quoran. We want peace and doing good for one another. The Quoran was burnt because of it’s violent teachings. People here are free to worship the God that they believe in and not in a Being who teaches that theirs is the only true religion and others that do not believe should be killed. That is not how we live in the United States of America and if anyone does not agree, they are free to leave our beautiful, peace loving country.

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