Saint Hilali's Word of Honor

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Sheikh Al Hilali overrules court verdict

Catmeat & Insurance Fraud Taj Din al-Hilali

The conviction of two Muselmanic criminals, sentenced to life imprisonment for the 2003 murder of Ahmed Fahda at Punchbowl (Sydney), has been quashed by the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal.

The court’s decision was based solely on the word of honour of Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali, who said that the main prosecution witness was forced to lie in the court of law by the police.

In a unanimous decision the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal has quashed the conviction and ordered a retrial on the grounds of new evidence.

The new information is a conversation between Sydney’s Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali and a key witness in the trial, Bassam Said.

“He (Bassam Said) said to me, ‘I swear, father Sheikh, what I saw with my own eyes, I did say in my first statement. I assure you and I swear by Allah to you that I did not recognise the killers, I did not recognise anyone. However the police do not believe me and the continue to insist and put pressure on me and ask me to confess that I recognise the killers’,” the affidavit said. (source)

As we all know the word of Sheikh Al Hilali is as good as gold.

After all he’s closer to Allah that an infidel jury.


5 thoughts on “Saint Hilali's Word of Honor”

  1. So that’s what it’s going to be in the future, is it?

    – “Your so-called honour, I swear I didn’t kill my daughter with an axe for going to school!”

    – “But you were found clutching the axe, shouting allahu-akbar and with your daughter’s blood all over you?”

    – “A big boy put the axe in my hand. I know where you live.”

    – “All right, you’re free to go.”

  2. Can we find the names of the idiots who released these two scum. I want them out of a job now. Also we need to keep a track of the two criminals who have been released into an unsuspecting society.

  3. Our society gives them sanction to do as they wish to us. They can lie and cheat to our police and make the victim look like the perp. It is so difficult to get our witnesses near a court room even when we are innocent. They are scared of those waiting outside, after the court hearing. They have been known to follow witnesses to their home and others are intimidated outside the court house. It is something very personal to me, it was done to me.

    The brains trust who allowed Muslims to join the police force needs to be sacked as the Muslim coppers will add or subtract what they wish – for or against us from their computer system.

  4. we should identify the hadith which states that a muslim may lie in allah’s name, so that uninformed judeges are aware of the extent to which they cannot rely on any muslim’s word?

  5. The catmeat sheik has a long public record of lying and anti-Australian behavior.

    Nothing will convince an activist judge that he is an undesirable liar, because they themselves know neither ethics or morals.

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