Today's O'Turds

Holders “Egyptian Clients” are Obama’s Favorite Terrorists:

O’Reilly Screws Up Again

Sick of this dumb f*#k! Just sick of this brain-dead buffoon:

No facts, all spin.  Typical for Billies ‘no spin zone’. You are better off here:


“Shared Prosperity”- (GWP)

Hussein Obama knows what made America great:  Redistribution and Entitlements.

From the White House Website: Obama’s Budget Plan Is Framework for “Shared Prosperity”

Can we call him a socialist yet? This was posted on the White House website today.

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  1. What is it going to take to get our lazy populace mobilized? Oklahoma passed an anti-sharia law, 71 per cent of the people voted to STOP this cancer, while on dumbass judge struck it down! Will of the people, my ass!!One has to just look around…mosques are popping up everywhere in the U.S.! Britain is nearly over-run. Now , more than ever our liberal government is trying to disarm the public! Don’t believe that the “moderate”moslems want to co-exist peacefully..there are NO moderates. They want us ALL dead or it’s dhimmitude.Time to arm yourselves, being our nutless government can/won’t any longer protect us! Anyone with half a brain can see whats coming. We need to blow up the mosques and send this islamotrash back to where it came from. Not in my country! Take them out. Read the quran if you don’t believe me and many, many like me>

  2. Reminds me of that loser Bob Hawke,”Take from the rich.and give to the needy” [whatever happened to the “deserving”] What could be fairer ?
    Instead of dragging everyone down to poverty,it would be better to elevate everyone’s standard of living,too hard for the loser I reckon,look at what happened to ACTU solo and Burke’s department store.I rest my case.

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