Victorian Muslims 'too scared' to assimilate

Flogging Dead Donkeys: Muslims  are  Victims of ‘Racism’.

Nobody does grievance theater better.

Because assimilation is ‘a crime against humanity’.

The progressive socialist solution: throw money at it  and hope they won’t blow us up….

That’s what Turkey’s PM Tayyip Erdogan tells us. And then there are the verses in the Koran, sira and hadith that tell Muslims to hate unbelievers, to bite their time, to lay low until they have the upper hand, and to show no mercy to the kafirs, to not let them escape.  A truly great recipe for integration, just like mixing ice cream with feces.

The Islam Monitor calls it Another clumsy attempt of taqiya

They separate from us apparently because the rest of us are “racists”.

They simply fear us and this is why they cannot befriend us, they have to live in self-imposed isolation, wear ridiculous clothing, hide behind veils, impose halal food on all of us and demand more and more mosques and Islamic schools.


As always, the useful idiots are quick to save the Muslims from ‘racism’.

THE Opposition says news that Victorian Muslims feel threatened by racism needs to be addressed.

Victorian Muslims say many in their community feel forced to live in enclaves in order to protect themselves from racism.

And they have made a plea that Australian society be more tolerant, allowing them to be free to wear burqas and build mosques.

Opposition leader Daniel Andrews said all levels of Government must work together on the issue.

“It’s important all members of our community feel safe,” he told this morning.

“Australia has a proud history of multiculturalism and all levels of government must work together to ensure we remain a country that promotes and celebrates diversity.”

Melbourne suburbs like Broadmeadows, Coolaroo and Meadow Heights have high Muslim concentrations, according to census data.

But in a submission to a federal parliamentary inquiry into migration, Victorian Islamic Council president Hyder Gulam said Muslims did not set out to create enclaves.

He told the joint standing committee on migration a fear of racism was a key reason many Muslims congregated in certain suburbs.

“The Government recognises that housing affordability, access to multicultural services and a fear of racism is one of the reasons certain Muslim communities (but not all) congregate in specific suburbs (that is, Lakemba, Broadmeadows) and not that there is an intent to create separate enclaves,” he said.

Mr Gulam said that the fear and alarm over multiculturalism was more about Muslim integration and assimilation.

“We feel that the public discourse needs to be more clear about what that means as we believe that in a tolerant and multicultural society, one should be able to observe halal, wear the burqa and build places of worship without hindrance (subject to the law of the land),” he said.

Go back to sleep, infidel:

Mr Gulam said some Muslims found it hard to feel part of a wider national collective because of a perception that Australian society “does not respect individuality with respect to religious practice”.

“The overwhelming majority of Australian Muslims want nothing more than to get on with their lives and make meaningful contributions to this wonderful country,” he told the inquiry into multiculturalism. “Constantly being singled out and problematised makes this so much harder to do, especially when done for political gain as seen by recent comments by certain federal parliamentarians.”

South Australian Liberal senator Corey Bernardi has branded the burqa as un-Australian and called for it to be banned.

Victorian Liberal MP Kevin Andrews has expressed concern about religious enclaves and has criticised political leaders who fail to speak out against the rise of extreme Islam.

Yesterday, Mr Andrews said: “Australia’s great achievement has been to balance diversity and integration. Diversity is celebrated, but without integration we will not maintain social cohesion.”

Ratepayers Victoria president Jack Davis said that councils pandering to Muslim groups by providing women-only swim and gym sessions was ridiculous.

“People should be able to keep their customs but they should integrate when becoming Australians,” he said. “To demand things be provided exclusively by ratepayers is wrong.”

Freedom of speech irritates Muslims:

Islamic Council secretary Sherene Hassan said: “Our biggest qualm is how we are depicted by some media outlets and some politicians. There’s constantly that focus on those Muslims who are on the fringe.”


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  1. “… promotes and celebrates diversity …”

    That particular delusion may be the death of him. Hand in hand with the rainbows and crystals and unicorns goes the sword of cleavage and planetary cleansing. allah may be appeased with this crap – not so sure about Gaia.

  2. Quote:
    Because assimilation is ‘a crime against humanity’.
    end quote.

    So is Islam.

  3. no one plays the victim card so better.

    can I have another cup of steaming Taqiya please.

  4. Don’t know what they mean – when I see someone wrapped in a black bin liner I ALWAYS feel like sidling up for a chat.

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  6. Iron doesn’t assimilate with clay, no matter how much jizzyah & herbs and spices they throw into the furnace.

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