America Today

Thanks to the Moonbat Messiah the sales of foreclosed homes is nearly six times the normal.
The AP reported:   Foreclosures “Astronomically High” (GWP & Moonbattery)

Palin Can!

Rush: Obama Is ‘Easily Beatable’ (And Palin Could Do It)

“Conservative Republicans make them nervous.  (you bet!) Read More »

Limbaugh Parody

Obama To Netanyahu: Give It Back!

Tingles got it all figured out:

How come they can do that and we can’t?

Obama’s bitter half  before she started liking America

Her milkshake brought all the boyz in the yard….

Michi the Moocher or ‘First Lady of Bling?’ You decide…..!

Don’t worry, its a plant!

Standards? We don’t need no *%#@ standards!