Pat Condell Supports Israel

Support for Israel from an atheist who despises religion and doesn’t understand the significance of Jerusalem for the Jewish people? At least he’s got his heart in the right place:

5 thoughts on “Pat Condell Supports Israel”

  1. Nice one Pat. I have been saying this for a long time, but I have to admit you say it better than I do.

    And don’t forget the liberal feminist luvvies, who love to chant: “We are all Hamas now.” Yes, you stupid dykes, now go and live in Gaza, and see what happens to women under militant Islam.

  2. I suppose everyone’s enttiled to change their mind but I was astonished to hear Pat say he no longer believes Israel should give back Jerusalem.
    Then he says they’re holding it for a stupid reason – religion – in this case Judaism .. So Judaism is stupid is it Pat ? thought so ..

  3. Muslims hate Jews because Jews are more intelligent and smarter than stone age muhammedans. They are jealous of Jews and Israel.

    A few sentences from Pat Condel’s video:

    “Wherever you find progress in the world you’ll often find some Jew in there making all the difference.”

    “Jews have contributed more to humanity than any other group of people, way more than Muslims.”

    “Israel today is a world technologican leader alone in the Middle East like a diamond in a sea of mud.”

    “Compared to Jews, Muslims are passengers on planet earth getting a free ride.” How very true!

    Muslims are jealous, green with envy, spewing hate at Israel and Jews because they know the above facts by Pat Condel to be the truth.

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