Arab Spring Watch

Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  His devout Muslim accuser had  the good fortune of being sexually assaulted in New York instead of an Islamic country where she might have needed four male witnesses to corroborate her story. (ROP)


Official: At least 28 blown to Allah in Yemen explosion

Heavy fighting occurs near ministries in Sanaa; US orders non-essential staff, families to leave; Saleh says he won’t make anymore concessions.

UK: Hypocrisy, thy name is Reuters

Britain is on the frontline of the war against terrorism??  Please.  Israel is on the frontline; Britain is the terrified tot hiding behind.


“Killing  Arabs is a small matter to us”

Syrian death toll tops 1100 Syrian security forces have killed at least 1,062 people since pro-democracy protests broke out 10 weeks ago, an activist told AFP.  There are still numerous daily protests, most listed here – many with video.  Syrian death toll tops 1000 (Elder)



Senate Swing

Unlike Obama, most Americans support Israel over the Palestinian terrorist front. Now there’s word that Senate Democrats may even join Republicans to rebuke Obama on his anti-Israel proposals. ( The Hill via GWP)   But wait, there’s more: Congress Rebukes Obama: Gives Netanyahu Standing Ovation When He Rejects 1967 Border Plan (Video)



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