Aussies spooked by halal racket, Islamic invasion…..

Andrew Bolt

Stop this trade instantly

Four Corners last night showed repulsive video of how Australian cattle are slaughtered in Indonesian abbatoirs. I cannot believe Australians could watch this barbarity and think this trade should continue, at least to abbatoirs of the kind shown.  Shame on the people involved who knew this was going on and were blinded by the dollars.


Yes, have an inquiry – but first stop the exports:

Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig has already ordered an inquiry, saying it is clear industry reforms to animal welfare standards had not gone far enough or been fast enough and much more needed to be done.

The inquiry must be not into whether the trade should be stopped, but on whether it should be resumed.

Fun for the whole family

I am completely with Wilkie and Xenophon:

AUSTRALIA must ban live animal exports to Indonesia immediately and all live animal exports within three years, federal independent MP Andrew Wilkie and Senator Nick Xenophon say.

The halal rort on Australians: paying an Islamic religious food tax without knowing Part 1

Muslims do not require halal food at all as they are free to eat anything that isn’t deemed haram yet increasingly ALL our food is ‘halal.’   The Australian population is being ripped off with the compliance of slaughter houses and manufacturers for they now carryout processes which are inspected by a Muslim and a Muslim group issues a halal certification certificate if it complies with sharia — and YOU pay for this although YOU, the ordinary Australian does  NOT require your food production to comply with sharia and YOU do NOT require halal certification.   You may want to avoid this rort by avoiding halal food BUT many immoral food manufacturers, while complying with and paying for the Islamic certification system, lack the moral responsibility to inform the public and don’t label their food as halal.

Sacrifice Holiday: The Yearly Shame

Australia is a SECULAR nation and we should not under any circumstances be complying with the insane religious food laws of Islam or allowing sharia to be enforced over us by stealth.  How have food producers been coopted as agents of Islamization and pathways to transfer an Islamic religious food tax from unwilling consumers to Islamic groups? (Islamic religious tax Part 1)

Never too early to learn how to cut a throat…..

Submissions Express Deep Concerns about Muslim Immigration

Readers of AIM will recall that there has been an inquiry into multiculturalism in Australia. 379 submissions were made and needless to say I have not read all of them. They have been made available online. Of course the Islamic Council of Victoria has no concerns about Muslims coming here but when I started to read some of the other submissions, I was struck by the number who expressed concerns about the ability of people from an Islamic culture to adapt here. Of course there are predictable exhortations about the need for tolerance and respect. No reasonable person denies that. The difficulty is in understanding the issue in question. The question is – are there some cultures whose worldview demands a deeper assessment from us as to its ability to adapt to a democracy? It is clear that the submission which stated the following has a deficient understanding of the parameters of the debate.  (More: Submissions Express Deep Concerns)

When the soldiers of Allah march in, freedom goes out the door:

It always starts with the Jews:

26 thoughts on “Aussies spooked by halal racket, Islamic invasion…..”

  1. * I am completely with Wilkie and Xenophon:

    I disagree (with Bolt) – a ban on live animal exports would possibly lead to an increase in halal slaughter in regional Australia, with somali slaughtermen, demand for moskes, preyer rooms, special treatment and all the rest. Festina lente!

  2. Halal slaughter like this is done for both Jews and Muslims
    the slaughter you see on the streets in Muslim counties is done at Eid al Adah when Muslims give sacrifice and donate the meat to the poor in mistaken thanks for the sparing of the WRONG Abrahamic son. So many animals are slaughtered at the same that they cant all go to the normal abattoirs . But your complaints should be directed to the Western Animal Rights Societies who allow this to happen without complaint and to the Government Departments which license BARBARIC Halal slaughter

  3. Halal slaughter like this is done for both Jews and Muslims?


    Kosher slaughter is nothing like this. This cruelty is entirely Islamic, please don’t equivocate.

    Recently, kosher slaughtering has been undergoing some change in response to new scientific information. Jews have begun to alter the traditional “hoisting and shackling” to favor a pen, even though it is a much slower procedure and increases the cost of kosher meat.

    In addition to being lifted up, a ritual slaughterer must move to the animal quickly, use a knife that is incredibly sharp and without even the slightest nick, and cut through the animal’s trachea and esophagus in a single motion (at least one of these for fowl). All this is required in order to try to minimize the animal’s suffering.

    The ultimate question is whether it is possible to kill an animal without causing some pain and fear? Given the answer is not definitely positive, Judaism has endorsed vegetarianism – which does not require killing an animal – as a “higher” form of eating.

    Kosher slaughtering is the way that Jews try to minimize the pain and fear felt by animals being killed for food.

    Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner

  4. Whats the difference Sheik in both Halal and Kosher animal slaughter the animal is hung up and bled out WITHOUT STUNNING. Seems to be exactly the same to me.

  5. I don’t have any objections to Kosher slaughter …

    It doesn’t involve the conversion of much of the livestock breeding and abattoir system to accommodate it, and doesn’t involve sacrifice to false gods / idols (allah). I’ve largely stopped eating chook as so much is halal now, and while I love roast lamb, I’m more likely to eat roast pork knowing that it is not likely to be “sacrificed” to allah.

    One example – Steggles – everything halal:

    [Australian Federation of Islamic Council (AFIC) Halal Accreditation – AFIC Halal accreditation is an independent certification which recognises all Steggles products and processing plants complies with the standards and requirements set by Australian Federation of Islamic Council.]

  6. Jews don’t do it as a blood sport, or a public spectacle.

    Muslims do. And they rejoice in the cruelty and the killing. Big difference!

    Allah loves animal slaughter. He has a great thirst for animal blood. Allah even suggests torturing an animal before a Muslim slaughters it Islamically. Here are a few ahadith to gauge Allah’s love to inflict cruelty to domestic animals. (see the rest of this report HERE)

    Blood of animals is very dear to Allah…(Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3126)
    Yearly slaughtering of an animal is compulsory… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3125)
    Garland a goat before slaughtering it… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3096)
    Torture a camel before slaughtering it… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3097)
    Ride on the animal before slaughtering it… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3103, 3104)
    Garland the sacrificial camel or the cow with two sandals about its neck and brand it by causing blood to flow from its side…(Malik’s Muwatta, 20.57.191) (source)

  7. * Islamic invasion…..

    Yet another enricher having instant problems adjusting to our culture – I’m sure the Victorian “Human Rights” Commissioner will rush to the aid of any other muslims with similar problems … and curtail our freedoms.

    Libyan Almahde Ahmad Atagore jailed for string of Melbourne sex assaults

    [Almahde Ahmad Atagore, 28, had been in Australia only a month and was having trouble adapting to the Australian culture when he committed the attacks, a court heard.

    Atagore, who is a Muslim, was upset and sexually aroused at the way women in Australia dressed and behaved, the Victorian County Court heard today.]

  8. I’m trying to find out if the RSPCA is looking at prosecuting Livecorp directors for knowingly causing animal cruelty and from the investigation they’ve known about it for 20 years. I’ve an Idea no meat exports whatsoever to Idonesia. Also Gillard gave the Indo’s 500mil for education and we all know what that really is, so why not build 5 state of the art slaughter houses 100mil each should just about do it.

  9. No, it never is.

    Nothing to do with Islam, must be a pre-Islamic practice that somehow slipped under the radar.

    Perhaps Yusuf can straighten them out?

    Like he did here:

    “Perhaps our imams can remind Indonesian imams that not all vestiges of Indonesia’s indigenous pre-Islamic customs are worth holding onto.”

  10. The former Victorian Police Woman who exposed this Indonesian “Blood Fest” aka. Butchering Australian Cattle in a Pious Islamic Halal Way according to the “Holy Koran” also did an expose’ on 60 Minutes Australia,with the late Richard Carleton some years ago, documenting Egypt’s Godless Savagery 9according to Islamic Sharia Law) when dealing with Australian livestock, I have the episode somewhere on file , however it must be at least 4 years ago.

    Now I don’t want to be the Nigger in the wood pil….. whoops sorry odd man out here ,but could someone tell me whats with the outrage over Cattle when the WORLD including the 4 Corners Team were SILENT over this
    The same people doing to their fellow human beings the same Godless Atrocities as they did to Cattle in the 4 Corners and 60 Minutes Doco’s.

    If it were up to me I would allow these Godless Islamic Scum to starve to death in the fucking dark for what they did to these animals however , why do we as “civilized” people continue to apologise for and enable these Swine to do what they so Love to do, to not only Cattle but MANKIND as well?
    When is some one in the WEST going to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and wipe these Godless Swine from the Planet?

  11. As bad as this may be, Aussie, what irks me is that this obvious revulsion seems to apply only when animals are hurt, not to humans.

    After 18000 jihad attacks since 9/11 and hundreds of thousands of Christians, Jews (and dead Muslims killed by other Muslims) our society gets upset over the atrocious treatment of animals.


  12. I have noticed over the years a ‘halal by stealth’ approach. Its cropping up in so many foodstuffs and obviously driven by greedy food manufacturers keen to capitalize on the growing need for food int he muslim world. We need to boycott ALL halal food. Where are the lefty Greens and animal rights people in this argument? Answer – same place as the feminists and gay activists i.e. sitting in silence. Pathetic.

  13. Agree “TheWill”

    When confronted with a halal product simply drop it on the floor, or take it to the cashier and say °I WILL NOT BUY THIS” . Lobby the government to remove halal crap from our shelves.

    It is reasonable well understood that serial killers often start with hurting animals. So when a population stands up against ill treatment of animals this is a good sign in terms of their respect for human life. The media is responsible for the silence of comment against muslims for their abhorrent treatment of non-muslims – if the pictorial human equivalent was shown, instead of suffering cattle, by the media then there would be a very large outcry and people would probably start beating the muslim thugs into the crying babies that they really are.


  14. HALAL BY STEALTH. 70% of lamb, beef and chicken at Coles is unlabeled halal.
    We need to get the information about Coles halal meat out to the your family and friends. and do give Coles your feedback and concerns about the sale of unlabeled halal products.
    Phone: COLES:
    1800 061 562
    Between 8:30am – 6pm weekdays and Saturday 8am – 4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)
    and tell them you don’t want halal, and that you do want goods labelled if they are halal, giving you the consumer a choice of buying them or not.

  15. Are you eating ritual slaughtered meat?
    The Australian Government is turning a blind eye to the barbaric practice of ritual slaughter…
    Media release from StopTAC’s Stephanie Dyer.
    State and Federal governments have been silent on the barbaric practice of ritual slaughter for far too long. There is NO reason or excuse for this kind of blatant cruelty. Cruel ritual slaughter is barbarism; it has no place in our society and must be outlawed now!

    According to the ‘Federal’ Government, the slaughter of fully conscious animals causes pain and distress, but does the Australian government oppose this hideously cruel slaughter ritual? NO, it condones and allows it. The Australian government allows several Australian slaughterhouses to slaughter terrified, conscious animals to satisfy the desires of a few who believe that animals that have not been stunned before death are more pure, but this is not representative of the whole religion of Islam. The Australian Agriculture Minister did not want a report which states that animals slaughtered without pre-stunning can suffer “panic and terror”, to become public. It is recognised that stunning ‘removes’ the hazards of pain and distress from the last stage of the slaughter process, but does the Australian government care if animals suffer a slow, horrific death when their throats are hacked at while conscious? NO, instead it allows this abhorrently cruel ritual slaughter to continue, a practice that should never have been accepted in Australia in the first place.
    Media release from StopTAC’s Stephanie Dyer.

  16. Stop the disgusting Halal and Kosher slaughter. For gods sake, an animal dies so you can eat, do you also have to torture it before it dies, all for religion?

  17. Kosher slaughter is kinder to the animal???? What about Shechita where they rip the poor beasts’s lungs out of its throat by a sharp hook and then shove the poor beast into a barrel and spin it round and round while the blood gushes out and the poor animal is trying to bellow in its agony. As far as I am concerned, whether Jews do it for religion or Moslems do it for festival and obvious enjoyment, you both boil in the same pot. Do we really want these people in our country and in our society???? What a lovely innocent country Australia was when I was growing up and look what it is becoming. I am thoroughly disgusted, condemn all violent actions perpetuated on innocent animals and for the moron who said we care more about animals than we do for humans, needs to understand one thing and one thing only: indifference to the suffering of animals, transfers eventually to indifference towards the suffering of mankind. After all, Aushwitz happened because some people said: They are only animals. Ban Halal, ban live export and ban the moslems from this country!

    1. Get a grip, Jessica.

      I don’t know where you got your horror tales from, but if it helps you to sleep better you should know that kosher slaughter is not forced on you, whereas halal meats (just like sharia law) is rigorously enforced on us. Nearly all of the meat in Australian supermarkets is halal.

      Forget about “they rip the poor beasts’s lungs out of its throat by a sharp hook and then shove the poor beast into a barrel and spin it round and round while the blood gushes out and the poor animal is trying to bellow in its agony”- its BS.

  18. Thanks for the clarity Sheikyermani but I have seen it on Earthling so I know it is how I described it. Halal is not forced on me. I don’t eat flesh of any description, nor anything that comes from flesh: never have done. Never will!

  19. OMG!!!! Is this really the future of animal slaughter in my country???? Vile people and vile customs. This kind of cruelty cannot be defended by asking decent Australians to prioritise their care for humans over animals. That is typically side-stepping the issue. This country has never had to prioritise humans over animals because we do not as a rule see this abhorrant violence perpetuated against animals as part of a celebration. Nor do we condone any violence or this kind towards humans. It alway stikes me as somewhat odd that someone from a culture that mandates this type of slaughter, defends it swiftly by putting up the same old arguement: we care more for animals than we do for humans. Really? Is that so? Well here we do not have genital mutilations of young girls, public stonings and we certainly don’t generally engage in blunting children’s souls by allowing them to participate in horrendous animal cruelty as to ensure that abhorrent practices such as those that we see in the above images, live on to the next generation. Given that this seems to be okay with some cultures, then their ability to assimilate into our country and culture is severely questionable. I cannot express my outrage enough.

  20. Sheikyermani, In this country we do not prioritise who and what we care for. Generally speaking we Australians as a functioning society have a framework that gives support to the underprivileged, unemployed, injured, sick, battered and those with substance abuse issues, that need assistance in getting back on their feet. Additionally our collective community response to those affected by natural and man-made disasters, is second to none. Australians hold an admirable track record in how we rise to any occasion where victims of floods, fires and earthquakes need urgent assitance. So we do, as you can see, have our priorities right. We also as a healthy and functioning society, rise to meet our obligations to other sentient beings in need of help with wonderful support networks such as Animals Australia, The RSPCA, Wires and hundreds of animal sanctuaries around the country. So you see, no-one is left out. Gandi said it: the moral progress of a nation, can be judged by how it treats its animals.

    I note with continued frustration that those who seek to avert the public’s attention from embarassing scenes such as those we have witnessed above and those which show their culture as one of barbarism and backwardness, choose to do so by derailing the conversation thread as to suggest that those who care for animals, do so over and above humans. In layman’s terms: a cop-out. This cruelty is reprehensible and indefensible and shines a very dim light on the Islamic world.
    Additionally I find the image of a child involved in the brutality quite disturbing. Australians as a society do not generally teach our children how to be cruel to defenseless creatures. You see, it is not in our culture. Generally speaking we prefer to shield a child from such disturbing activities so as not to damage the child’s psyche. Islam the beautiful religion???? I can’t for the life of me see that beauty anywhere in the images above but I guess it is all a matter of perception.
    I will be posting this up on Animals Australia facebook page which has nearly 30,000 followers, my facebook and the facebooks of my entire network of animal activits, so that they are aware to look out for supermarket prouduct labelled as halal and stay clear of it.

  21. Tina,
    Great – the more we can do against the imposition of backwards islamic practices on our laws the safer our kids will be. We need ALL people to actively campaign against all thing sharia. Additionally do some research and you will find absolutely nothing that is positive about islam. Note that many companies have stepped onto the halal train without informing their non-muslim customers – amongst these you can include Kraft. Also be aware that we are fighting a multi-headed monster, and we need to carry that fight on all fronts.

  22. Tina said ” This cruelty is reprehensible and indefensible and shines a very dim light on the Islamic world.”

    When it boils down to it – what we have is a country (Australia) who hides its slaughter, packages bits of dead animals in styrofoam, wraps the body parts in a petroleum based plastic – labels it and we pay the price. We raise our children to a) be kind to some animals and b) eat other animals, and are taught (kindly?) that some animals (but not cats and dogs) are put on earth as food and they never see the reality of what that actually means. For 49 years I ate animal body parts, their flesh and never once gave a thought to the animal life who died to feed me – then that changed, it changed because I opened my eyes and mind. The only person in this whole discussion who has advocated for vegetarian diet is Jewish and states vegetarian is a “higher” form of food intake and that this is advocated for in Jewish practices. My 49 years of eating the hacked off bits of animals killed for just this purpose… That would have been thousands of animals, slaughtered. Whether someone enjoys the act of slaughter – or someone enjoys the lamb roast and rosemary… the animal died, a gruesome death. In Australia though, it is just behind abattoir walls – and no cameras. When you want to get on a moral high horse – lets not pretend that Australian sheep killed for Australian tastebuds/stomachs are somehow less freaked out and alone and die a more noble death because they are killed for the Aussie Sunday Roast.

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