Australia: Apartheid, Rape & Jihad Rags….

‘Apartheid’  and Rape in Oz:

One is real, the other is bull.

UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, while on a visit to Australia, compared Australia’s policy towards asylum-seekers with the former apartheid regime in South Africa.  Brussels (also) Has “Concerns” About Tougher Dutch Immigration Policy: family reunification is meant to make people who live legally in your country feel better,’said the commissioner.

(“Human Rights” means only Muslims are human. Same does not apply to infidel sons of apes & swine)

In unrelated news, a masseur in Melbourne (Mohammed Coefficient: 100%) has been convicted of raping one of his female clients during a massage session. There’s no word on whether the victim may have been a racist or an Islamophobe.  Melbourne Masseur Jailed for Raping Client (H/T GoV)

The Promotion of the Jihad Rag

by Cassandra

There is a widespread culture calling for death to the Jews,  and  support for that culture, downunder:

Do those favouring the keffiyeh support its ‘Death to the Jews’ message? If not, why are they wearing this terrorist symbol? Surely they would have reservations about wearing a swastika round their neck, and there’s really no difference.

Pamela Geller writes about the Keffiyeh in Cultural Jihad Chic:

Imagine, if you will, how they must laugh at us. And how laughable we are. A girl wearing the keffiyeh is like a young Jewish girl wearing the swastika circa 1943. The Nazis would be laughing also.

The people who wear it are pimping for jihad. The Arafat war scarf is on sale. The keffiyeh is the icon of the global jihad. It is as iconic of jihad as the swastika is of the Nazis. Notice the advertising of the bloodiest murderer in modern Middle East history (the competition is stiff, after all), Yaser Arafat. (More)

The Gillard Government is waging a jihad against the Murdoch press:

One thought on “Australia: Apartheid, Rape & Jihad Rags….”

  1. To all Western Countries Politicians,
    You are playing a very dangerous game you have allowed the radical far left and “one world order” rich to influence your decisions and now you’re feeling a breeze of resistance of the people saying no. This breeze is not from far right wing group’s just plain mums and dads who are seeing their countries ruined by the onslaught of massive Islamic immigration. This breeze will become a gale very soon and the people this time will be unforgiving as you have been unforgiving in taking into account their concerns and wishes. In five years all western democracies will be run by far right wing governments so be careful which side you end up on.
    Remember the French revolution and the thing most people remember about is the statement “Off with their Heads” from the populous. But even when the ruling french revolutionaries might have thought an individual should be spared from this fate the angry citizens needed to be placated so in the end not one person who was seen to be a traitor was spared. Politicians do be very careful as this just might happen to you. Politicians it is time to pull out of the corrupted United Nations who now only supports Islam and to put in place a Western Democracies Coalition. Failure to do this will be seen as more of the same traitorous acts we’ve seen from you in the past and further condemnation of all of you. Now is the time to make a stand to be bold and heroic, most people in the west would rather a head stone saying that they fought for Truth, Liberty, Freedom, & democracy, than to be consigned to a footnote in history that Islam has totally erased.

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