Beck: Obama Alienating Our Allies (Again)

Glenn Beck TV Show (May 25, 2011)

Tonight: The President had a very rough week…it was one of the most humiliating trips by a President of all time…the gaffes just keep coming and coming…yet, the media doesn’t seem to notice! He is making America the laughingstock of the world and is once again alienating our allies! Plus, more on Israel and the situation in the Middle East. And, much more on Israel and the Restoring Courage event.

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  1. Obama negotiates Israel away

    Andrew Bolt – Friday, May 27, 11 (05:58 am)

    Alan Dershowitz on how Barack Obama betrayed Israel and delayed any peace by demanding a return to the 1967 borders, with swaps:

    There is no way that Israel can agree to borders without the Palestinians also agreeing to give up any claim to a “right of return.” As Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad Salaam once told me: each side has a major card to play and a major compromise to make; for Israel, that card is the West Bank, and the compromise is returning to the 1967 lines with agreed-upon adjustments and land swaps; for the Palestinians, that card is “the right of return,” and the compromise is an agreement that the Palestinian refugees will be settled in Palestine and not in Israel; in other words, that there will be no right to “return” to Israel.

    President Obama’s formulation requires Israel to give up its card and to make a “wrenching compromise” by dismantling most of the West Bank settlements and ending its occupation of the West Bank. But it does not require the Palestinians to give up their card and to compromise on the right of return. That “extraordinarily emotional” issue is to be left to further negotiations only after the borders have been agreed to.

    This temporal ordering—requiring Israel to give up the “territorial” card before the Palestinians even have to negotiate about the “return” card—is a non-starter for Israel and it is more than the Palestinians have privately asked for. Once again, President Obama, by giving the Palestinians more than they asked for, has made it difficult, if not impossible, for the Palestinians to compromise.

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