Binnie Dead, Part 2


CNN’s new buzzword: “CLOSURE”

It appears Anderson Coopers boyfriends get all the nicest gigs at CNN

A fashionably (half-black)  TV presenter  (Jason Carroll) gets his gay buddies in front of the cameras, and magically, as if on cue, they all utter the magic word: “closure”.

Caliphate News Networx promotes the word like there’s no tomorrow. “Its over now, we can bring the troops home, because we won….”

Well, I guess that’s all it takes to get the O’turd reelected.

Back to reality:  It is shameful that it took ten years to get the miserable bastard. A guy like Osama bin Laden can’t just vanish. Binnie had an entourage of (who knows how many?) women and children, bodyguards  and assassins. It was clear from the beginning that he never lived in a cave. If he was hauled up right underneath the presidential palace in Islamabad it would have been no surprise at all.

Without a doubt he was protected by Paki secret service and powerful military figure heads, so this is no surprise either.

Spencer: Osama Gets His Virgins

My reflections on Osama’s death, in Human Events just now:

Osama bin Laden has gone to the great bordello in the sky that awaits every good jihadi.

Barack Obama explained that the jihadist mastermind was killed in a “targeted operation: at Abbottabad, Pakistan: “A small team of Americans carried out the operation. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.”

Obama also said that the killing of bin Laden was the “most significant achievement to date” in America’s war against al-Qaeda.

It is undoubtedly significant. Osama bin Laden was wildly popular in the Islamic world. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks Osama t-shirts, hats, and even dolls and action figures sold briskly in many Muslim countries, belying the mainstream media myth that 9/11 was the action of a tiny minority of extremists that had twisted and hijacked Islam, and were duly despised by the vast majority of Muslims. Polls all over the Islamic world always showed a healthy amount of support for bin Laden and, above all, respect for him as a pious mujahid.

But in reality, while the death of bin Laden is fine news, and is certainly a psychological blow to the jihadis and a confidence-booster for Americans, it really won’t change anything….


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  1. Sheik – maybe you can do us a parody of ‘Pore Jud is Daid’ from ‘Oklahoma’.

  2. Amazing,Sheik! My first thought was,”This might just get that duplicitous bastard re-elected”.I hope we are both wrong.When you think about it Obama is the most significant and powerful Muslim at this point in history so sacrificing Bin Laden(now authentic martyr with ensuing virgins) is still,ultimately,for the glory of Islam.I smell a rat.

  3. “Closure”? Now for the GZM to proceed, in the interests of interfaith harmony & diversity & healing … & closure. Jones evil, Rauf good!

  4. Hey muslim trolls… allah willed Osama’s death..

    you must believe this is allah’s will.. you have no choice


  5. * I smell a rat.

    I don’t really smell a rat, but coming in the same week the White House releases the birth certificate, and Obama jokes about the ‘faked’ moon landing … 🙂

  6. With you on your last comment Mullah – however the monkey in the white house did not plan or play any significant role in termination of bin ladin – he just took the credit.

  7. … and Obama wastes no time in standing up for muslims yet again by saying Bin Laden was not a muslim leader. So he was a WHAT leader? Now the US should take a closer look at the role Pakistan has played in the constant harbouring (and assistance, and nurturing, and creation ) of terrorists, and stop pouring money into that country. How many millions of dollars did Obama spend on translating Sesame Street into Urdu again?

  8. So the paki islamic supremacists decided that for the islamic cause it will be better when Obambi stays at his office at the cost of the old useless Bin Laden, who couldn’t stage any more terrorist attacks for the last few years. What a coincidence that this happened just after the Obambi’s birth certificate was released.

  9. Pakistan hid OBL all these in a mansion in a military area. US were played for a sucker and gave them billions and weapons for capture of this man and fight his organisation. Well we need to stop this payments to pakistan let them fend for themselves. This is such a joke.

  10. Hopefully the American people aren’t stupid enough to buy the anointed one’s posturing and vote him in again.
    The real heros are the navy seals, the CIA and GWB and the Gitmo interrogations.
    BHO is simply an islamic appeaser & apologizer at best. But in reality he’s probably worse than that.

  11. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” quote from page 261 of “The Audacity of Hope” by America’s first (and hopefully last) Muslim POTUS Barrack Hussain Obama.

  12. Поимка Осамы бин Ладена считалась одной из главных целей “войны с терроризмом”объявленной президентом Джорджем Бушем после терактов в США 11 сентября 2001 годаорганизованных “Аль-Каедой”. Однако за время нахождения Буша на посту президента бин Ладена поймать или ликвидировать так и не удалось.

    Ð’ начале 2009 года Барак Обама,сменивший Буша в Белом доме заявил,что он не считает необходимым поимку или уничтожение лидера “Аль-Каеды”. “Если мы так затянем вокруг него петлю,что он будет где-нибудь сидеть в пещере и не сможет даже связаться со своими эмиссарами , цель по защите Америки будет достигнута”- заявил действующий президент США


    The catching of Osama bin Laden was considered one of the central objectives “of the War on Terrorism”declared by the President George Bush after acts of terror in the USA on September 11/2001 organized “by Al-Qaeda”. However to catch or to liquidate so did not succeed in the time of the presence of Bush at the post of the President bin Laden.

    At the beginning of 2009 Barak Obama ,who replaced Bush in the White House stated that he does not consider necessary catching or the destruction of the leader “of Al-Qaeda”. “If we then tighten around it loop,that he will somewhere sit in the cave and it will not be be able even to connected with its emissaries,purpose on the protection of America will be achieved”stated the acting President of the USA.

    So Obama wasn’t even planning to catch bin Laden.
    Why now he pretend as he was and give himself credits?????

  13. I smell a rat too ! Obamanoid ratings are dangerously LOW.
    By the way,what is a “Half black?”
    Mud always clouds up clear water. Thanks to the media,we’ll soon have one race of chocobamacolor.

  14. Glad we got him, but if we’re gunna be racist/ Homophobic, then, we aren’t that much better than them.

  15. Britain’s reaction to bin Laden’s assassination: surely some mistake?


    William Hague and David Cameron have lavishly praised the Americans for assassinating bin Laden. Yet only a few weeks ago, when the Israelis were suspected (but never proved) to have assassinated Hamas front-man Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, Hague and Cameron were so apoplectic with rage that they expelled an Israeli diplomat from London in protest.

    This was despite the fact that Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was the person responsible for shipping Iranian weapons to Hamas in Gaza. His work posed a direct threat to Israel’s survival. In contrast, bin Laden no longer represented any kind of analogous threat to the USA.

    And here are some other differences worth thinking about:
    in the bin Laden assassination several civilians were also killed
    in the al-Mabhouh assassination no other person was harmed
    the bin Laden assassination took place in a country that is supposed to be America’s ‘ally’
    the al-Mabhouh assassination took place in a country that is a sworn enemy of Israel.
    al-Mabhouh was personally responsible for the slaughter of several Israeli hostages.
    as despicable as bin Laden was he had never personally murdered any Americans.
    And while on the subject of British hypocrisy has anybody noticed the deafening silence when NATO airstrikes kill children in Libya? Funny how the argument about ‘despots using civilians as human shields’ is used as a valid defence in this case but is never allowed to be a valid defence by Israel.

    Finally, while the news on bin Laden is obviously welcome, it has two extremely worrying long-term implications.

    It will enable Obama to claim a personal military victory that could propel him to a second term in the White House (notice his consant use of the first person in his speech today). Such a term will go a long way to achieving bin Laden’s objectives anyway.
    The media blackout of all other stories will enable Assad in Syria to crush the rebellion there with even greater brutality and speed, thereby possibly ensuring the survival of the Syria/Iran axis which poses the greatest threat to the world.
    Update: Guess who has condemned the bin Laden assassination decrying “the killing of an Arab holy warrior”? Cameron and Hague’s new best friend Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. What’s the betting you won’t hear about that in the British media?

  16. Talking about the ‘Fake’ moonlanding I was serving in the Gulf in 69/70 and the local ‘Rag Heads’ didn’t belive the Americans had done it because their ‘Rabble Rousers’ ooops!!!! Imam’s told them the moon was sacred and man could not set foot there. Which would explain all the ‘Fake’ moonlanding stories I suppose.

  17. Damn! Donald Trump has some pull. Trump says, “birth certificate”, it appears. Trump says, “we have a CIA to do these things”, OBL is taken out…

  18. Raymond Ibrahim: Did Osama bin Laden create jihad, or did jihad create him?

    The answer is clear to those who have the honesty to see it, but since so many don’t, our friend Raymond Ibrahim sets it all out here. “Osama Bin Laden: Chicken or Egg?,” by Raymond Ibrahim for Pajamas Media (via, May 12:

    To posit the significance of Osama bin Laden’s demise, we must first decide which came first — the chicken or the egg? Quaint as it is, this question is fundamentally an inquiry into the nature of cause and effect. In our context, did Osama bin Laden “create” the idea of jihad, or did the centuries-old doctrine of jihad — supplemented by Koranic verses that “strike terror into the heart of infidels” (8:12) — create him?
    It is clear what the mainstream media would have us think. Take CNN alone; its national security analyst Peter Bergen maintains: “Killing bin Laden is the end of the war on terror. We can just sort of announce that right now.” Insisting that the “iconic nature of bin Laden’s persona” cannot be replaced, Bergen suggests: “It’s time to move on.”

    Another CNN analyst, Fareed Zakaria, assures us that even if politicians including President Obama aren’t saying it yet (you know, “to be cautious”), “the truth is this is a huge, devastating blow to al-Qaeda, which had already been crippled by the Arab Spring. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the end of al-Qaeda in any meaningful sense of the word.”

    Rather than limit his analysis to pithy, sensationalist phrases and buzz words — the tools of the trade of op-ed writing — the ambitious Zakaria undermines his own position by actually trying to argue in historical and existential terms:

    Al-Qaeda was an idea and an ideology, symbolized by an extremely charismatic figure in Osama bin Laden. … History teaches us that the loss of the charismatic leader — of the symbol — is extraordinarily damaging for the organization. … With the death of bin Laden, the central organizing ideology that presented an existential seduction to the Muslim world and an existential threat to the Western world is damaged beyond repair. … That existential threat is gone.
    Indeed, nothing could be further from the truth. How many Muslim “charismatic leaders” and ideologues have come and gone only for the jihad to rage on?

    Consider the Islamist leaders of this century alone: Hassan Bana and Sayyid Qutb, founder and chief ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood, respectively; both were killed, yet over fifty years later, the Brotherhood — the parent organization of many jihadist organizations, including al-Qaeda — is today more dominant than ever, and may well take over Egypt.

    Then there is the immensely “charismatic” Ayatollah Khomeini — the original poster-boy of radical Islam, who transformed once secular Iran into a fundamentalist theocracy. Over twenty years after his death, Iran is more radical than ever, and on its way to becoming a nuclear power with eschatological visions of glorious “martyrdom.”…

    Read it all.

  19. * History teaches us that the loss of the charismatic leader — of the symbol — is extraordinarily damaging for the organization

    Don’t they keep telling us that it is better not to kill the [bin Ladens] because there are plenty more ready to become “radicalized” if the do?

    (like this in al-Guardian)

    Bin Laden death ‘only the beginning’, British Islamists warn

    [The email read: “Surely, the one who is really rejoicing right now is Osama. They claim to have found him in a large compound; may Allah give him mansions in Jannah [paradise]. They say they have arrested two of his wives; may Allah give him 72 in Jannah. They say this is the end; but it’s only the beginning.”]

    Mansions in Jannah?

    “In my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.” (John 14:2)

    allah always seeks to counterfeit that which is true – I doubt that Osama will be taking up residence in the Father’s house.

  20. Slow Jihad vs Fast Jihad:

    From your article, Mullah:

    The radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza. In private, he reportedly believed Osama bin Laden was wrong to have attacked the US.

    Which confirms again that differences amongst the ‘radicals & the moderates’ are merely about strategy. Binnie did us a favor to wake at least some of us up. Some may hold that against him, but imagine if he hadn’t been so ‘radical’ we would be sleepwalking into sharia….

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