From Chicago to Oz, via Lahore

Climate change,  your entry ticket to Islam and Muslims:

all the diversity a ‘green blogger’ needs. Be careful, this one might hurt your head, from Arwa Aburawa. Tim Blair notes that  WAARMING IS HARAAM

Zaky prefers crowded places

Abbas off the hook:

“I think she was scared because people have a bad view of taxi drivers,” Mr Abbas said.

Suhail Ahmad Khan Durani, 35, is on trial in the Perth District Court on three charges of indecently assaulting the woman by grabbing her breasts and two charges of sexually penetrating her with his fingers.

Robbers dressed as nuns hold up bank

As ‘nuns?’ In Chicago?  Gimme a break! Don’t they know how to spell burqa….?

Honorable Drug-lord: our man Karzai

Karzai Issues Last Warning to NATO: “Stop Supporting My Corrupt, Illegitimate, 7th Century, Narco-State, and I mean it this time!”

In response to an unforunate air strike which left 14 civilians dead Hamad Karzai has issued his last warning to NATO forces:  “leave us to rot in our own juices“.

Paki’s Prefer Absurdities:

Pakistanis blaming U.S., India for jihad violence

Militants are normally referred to as “miscreants” and there is no serious effort to discredit their extremist ideology….

Now why is that?

There’s more:

Pakistanis blaming U.S., India for jihad violence

Hey, what about the Zionists? Conspiracy Paranoia and Projection Alerts, and more thoughts on this story: “Amid bombings, Pakistan turns to conspiracies,” by Chris Brummitt for the Associated Press, May 29 (thanks to JW):

No wonder:

Pakistan: Former navy commando and brother arrested for providing maps to jihadists in base raid

It was obvious the handful of jihadists who destroyed multi-million dollar aircraft and held Pakistani forces at bay for 16 hours had help. They knew exactly where to go and where to find what they wanted. But these two are only the tip of the iceberg whereinfiltration is concerned, as military and police installations in the country have seen a wave of attacks, including one where a 300-kg truck bomb passed through 50 checkpoints.

An update on this story, after one more question: Who’s watching the nukes? “PNS Mehran Airbase attack: Ex-Navy Commando Kamran Malik arrested,” from The Nation, May 30

Back to sleep, infidel:

Pakistani jihad group has sleeper cells in U.S.

Are U.S. government and law enforcement authorities sleeping as well? More on this story. “COMMENTARY-Lashkar-e-Toiba: Global Outreach,” by Shrideep Biswas forSouth Asia Intelligence Review/India Blooms News Service, May 30, via JW

Reconstruction is un-Islamic:

Afghanistan: Jihad/martyrdom suicide bombers murder five in attack on Nato-led Provincial Reconstruction Team base

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