German Nato commander injured in Taliban suicide attack in Afghanistan

Bomber in police uniform

Police commander for northern Afghanistan killed by suicide bomber in police uniform

Afghan policemen inspect the outside of the governor office in Takhar province

War is deceit,” and a top representative of law enforcement in a regime deemed to be insufficiently faithful to Sharia had to go. Therein lies a perpetual source of tension and potential violence in an Islamic state, once a government’s character and right to rule are defined by having Sharia as the highest law in the land. Since Islamic law encompasses all areas of life, public and private, the possibilities for implementing more enforcement are only limited by resources, local demands, and firepower. “Afghanistan: Suicide blast kills top police commander,” from BBC News, May 28:

A Taliban suicide bomber attacked a provincial governor’s compound in Takhar, killing the police chief of northern Afghanistan and seriously injuring a top Nato commander. Two other Afghan officials were also reported to have died in the attack. Several international servicemen were reported injured by eyewitnesses. (Grunard)

Who cares what they call themselves?

U.S.: Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba as dangerous as al-Qaeda

Perhaps more so. They are sheltered and sponsored in Pakistan even more than al-Qaeda, which is a foreign group, while LeT is homegrown, and owned and operated by the ISI. And they have already “plotted mayhem and murder from nondescript locations in the United States.”

Mumbai Jews Massacre:

Pakistani intel officer ordered jihad massacre of Mumbai Jews

“Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews…” — Qur’an 5:82

“Witness: Pakistani Intel Officer Ordered Hit on Mumbai Jews,” by Sebastian Rotella for ProPublica

Nuki Nuki

Taliban: No, we’re not going to attack the nukes, we’re just going to take over Pakistan

And the nukes would be theirs. They certainly don’t have the wherewithal themselves to reinvent the “Islamic bomb.” On the other hand, they may change their minds if they decide it suits them — “replace it with something better,” as it were.

“Taliban aims to take over Pakistan, its nukes,” from the Press Trust of India, May 28

Six US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan by Obama’s Jihad “Peace Partners”

As the political elites bow and scrape to the [stealth] jihadists in America, they are killing our boys in Afghanistan.

The Taliban, the devout Muslim group and Obama’s desired “peace partners,” claimed responsibility for the attack. Under Obama, US deaths have spiked month to month, every year since the infiltrator took office.