Glenn Beck: Know Where You Stand on Israel


More on the situation in the Middle East and how it is being coordinated by Syria, Iran and even those here in America. You do not want to miss tomorrow’s show on those who wish the destruction of the Western way of life and those who are actively plotting the demise of the West through Israel. What are their worst fears? You will love it…that’s tomorrow. Tonight, more on the Middle East and Netanyahu’s speech to Congress last night. It is very clear where he stands, where Glenn stands…and where the President stands. But where do you stand? And how many times has Beck been right? Find out tonight!  Plus, much more on Israel and theRestoring Courage event.

One thought on “Glenn Beck: Know Where You Stand on Israel”

  1. A Future New York Times front page headline.

    Imam Obama agrees to take 28 million muslim migrants…. he is also qouted in saying we dont need to do normal check any of these immigrants because Islam is a “religion of peace”

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